Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gratitudes 34

Greetings and Holykisses,

Stopping today, to count and share 
just a few random blessings.

-- Moon and stars watermelon vine.
(I'd forgotten I planted them and walking by thought something was "wrong.")
Looking closer, I began to notice  the beauty in all  the yellow flecks.
Ya see; they're created
 to be ... different. 
You mean it's really okay to be different?!
I'm chewing and chewing on this. 
I remember when the seed package came from Ebay I was 
disappointed because there were so few seeds.  
One hill of watermelon is all there is from one package.
I want to say there were only five seeds in the pack.
--As in five loaves and two fishes.  
More than enough.
A vine with 
unique purpose.
Thanks God.

 -For the  cross 
in a grapevine
that had to be moved because of the bamboo.
Matthew 16:24
Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.
-For a beautiful wild bunny
that posed 
just right....
reminding me of Angel Mother's bunny statue..
and memories full of sweet dragonfly kisses.

For corn patches hanging in there 
without rain.
--For little hairy ears.
and Hope! 
Our corn has struggled.  
Especially the other corn patch.  
Recently I turned on the sprinkler and ... forgot all about  it.
It was rather windy that day.
When I remembered ... and ran to turn it off, I found all the corn
lying down.  I waited two days to let it dry out a little and then began
picking each stalk back up and repacking the soil around it better.
So far... they seem  happy again.  But it's been  a rough go of things.  
My hope is inspite of everything... it will ignore 
the heat, ...drought... and forgotten sprinkler.. and 
just make some sweet corn!
(Cmon corn... we have hope and faith.
Everything's going to be alright lil babes!)

-For family meals- all together!
--And holding hands around the table 
to give  thanks.

-For  time the brothers spent with one another this past weekend.
Just  like old times.. except they were new times

-For laughter.
And ties that bind; and knowing they 
love me and I love them without condition.

-For getting to go shoe shopping and just hanging out 
with Michelle.  
-- girl time.
-That I get to be a help meet to Myguy.  

-For freedom in our country,
and the men and women who sacrifice for me.

-For a dream I had and the  knowing that it  was a gift.  
It was all ...about more grace.
The setting was a hospital type triage and there were sick and 
dying people everywhere.  
It was quite a dream and I'm glad I wrote it all down coz I can't get over
the many lessons in it and I even got the words
"Just TALK to Jesus."  
For a friend who said 
she liked my boots, and commented that she didn't have any.--
Then she said, "Well, except my combat boots of course."  
God bless her!! 
(and yeah; her combat boots are real)
-Sweet peas straight off the vine for breakfast.
-The first cucumbers...
a ton of zucchini... already!
and greenbeans for two... even though I didn't cook them long enough
and were hard. lol
-For finding favor after being 
disappointed from driving a long ways to pick up an iron bed for 59.00.
The clerk said a lady had already put money down on it.  
... but-  On the way home, I found another for $ ten.

-For a long motorcycle ride up hwy 7.  
-Feeling Myguy on the seat in front of me..the warm wind
blowing through my opened face shield.
...and knowing our Immanuel was
 with us. 
Thank you God for all these gifts... 
and thank you 
for my every thing. 



Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I just love these!!! Esp the bed bargin! lol

From the Heart said...

You write the most beautiful gratitudes, things that I would never even think about. God has certainly blessed you and your sweet family.

Rebecca said...

I love hearing ALL of them recited...but especially the iron bed one and the dream one. I've often found meaning in what seemed to be a bizarre dream when I began to write it down!

Thanking God for YOU -- a friend who sees the hand of God in everyday things and gives Him thanks!

♥ Rebecca

~Pam~ said...

Hi Lea,
Sorry I haven't been around to visit lately. I will have to make sure to visit more often.
What a beautiful post today.
God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Lea, A wonderful message today. The love of family and time spent with them is so precious.

Hope you have a great day.


Fran. said...

Oh Lea you got a bed!! Oh yay and a good price too!! I replied to your email alittle late but I wrote you a long reply!! LOL Darn wish we could sit and have coffee together!! I am havin coffee right now trying to catch up!! LOL You inspire me girl!! I see the bunny on your gardening bench!! Oh my gosh it is the same one! Can you believe it!! Cool beans!! LOL And I would have messed up the beans too lol just cuz I would have been so excited!! Well better get to gettin thanks for sharing once again!! XOXO Love, Frannie

Dee said...


Sherry said...

Beautiful things. I've been praying you'd get some rain...lots of it. Your pictures make me feel peaceful. xo

Debra said...

Awww-this just melted my heart...It is a fantastic way for me to start my day today. First, reading your beautiful thankfuls-then going to my room and telling Jesus how much I love Him and need Him...your thankfuls just set the stage for my time with God. Thank You-for being my friend. I love you, Lea.