Thursday, May 24, 2012

Gratitudes 33 In Photos

Greetings and Holykisses!

I missed posting last week's random blessings, so I really wanted to make sure
I made time to do it this week.  It's been more hectic here than usual because I've been 
at our Mechanics shop alot.  Our son who works there,
has had a bad case of the crud, but he's back at work this morning and so he starts off
my list of sharing a few random blessings.  

-I'm thankful today that our Strongheart is finally on the mend.
-And for medicines like anti-biodics. 
-I'm thankful for time working alongside  my Sweetheart this week.  
 -And that he gets  a day off this weekend afterall.   

-Charlikin's- purple morning glory seeds sprouted.
You can see one of the baby's just under the vine.

 -I'm thankful that even though it's been so dry here and our pastures are turning brown...
 the lack of rain, does seem to help with one thing:  fighting that  bamboo.

-For a really good deal  completely out of the blue on  hay!
Another God thing. 

--For baby Cukes that are soon to be peeled and salted....  Ooooh... I'm truly thankful.  With little rain... everything is still growing!

For striped  visitors.  I think this one's a  Monarch

 The other night I was walking around at my Happy Place.  As I
passed the flagpole that Myguy made for my Momma, I reached up and touched the rope that hung
down; blowing in the wind.  I noticed something ...on the flagpole?  I wished  I had my camera to capture it, and 
thought about going to get it because it was amazing.  A fat caterpillar was attached to the  flagpole and was a perfect match in color.  You'd have to understand how odd colored the pole is.   It has  peeling  silver paint ... and has some rust and seriously that caterpillar blended right in.  It was a new thing!   
Thank you Lord for so many beautiful creatures and giving me 
eyes to see..
For an orange pop and leaves of  lightning.

For squirrels,  morning doves, cardinals, bluebirds, geese, and so many
woodpeckers.... every day is like
... a brand new song.

 For the word, that came after sinking in the mud at the corn patch.  
If I then, your Lord and Master, have washed your feet; ye also ought to wash one another's feet.  

 For ....merry hearts!  (More medicine!)
His  word never returns void... and I see it again and again ... 
in some of the most surprising ways. 
 Even a plastic green daisy.   

For the four blind mice I accidentally raked up in a mulch pile.
Fretting over what to do with them...-

Through them, God  spoke to me about all my own  worries and concerns.
Things I can't help or do anything about.  
......Things that haven't even happened yet!!!!!!!!!!!    
"Consider the ravens: for they neither sow nor reap; which neither have storehouse nor barn; and God feedeth them: how much more are ye better than the fowls?"  Luke 12:24

 For water. 
 Water I use drinking, bathing, sprinkling.. washing... flushing.. --forgetting on...
...I'm thankful. 

For 3  face to face encounters  with Mr/Mrs. Ground hog.
  Even though he/she trampled the irises and 

over-turned  a clumsy  gnome that my friend Frannie named Happy Jack;- wheelbarrow and all.  
I'm just glad it wasn't me... and thankful groundhog ran under the shed,
and not in  it. 
Oh how happy I am to have that door!
(I don't have a picture of ground hog... we were actually both trying to get out of eachother's way.)

These are just a few random  blessings through photos taken  this week.  

Thank you Lord for my dear family and friends!
 Thankyou for my every thing.



From the Heart said...

Lea, you are the only person I know that is so down to earth and truly loves it and all that it gives. We all should be more thankful for God's green earth that He gave us with everything to feed us, and lots of beauty to gaze at.

sweetvintageofmine said...

God given LIFE...all around us, even in the smallest of things. We are entertained just stepping out our back door. There is beauty in whatever and wherever you look. Sweet Blog! Had to laugh about Mr./Mrs. GroundHog...too funny! from one sweetie to another..Roxie

Rebecca said...

Oh, Lea! Your muddy feet and hands holding the four blind mice give me a WHOLE 'nother side of you!

Anyone who finds lessons in the likes of these is a friend of God indeed!

(Glad you're MY blogger friend, too!)

Fran. said...

Oh no I hope "Happy Jack" will be ok!! What an amazing post of Gods beauty!! I don't know how you can hold those mice in your hands!! LOL I would freak out!! Trying to be a farm girl as much as I can but mice! Yuck!! That caterpilar that is striped is so beautiful!!! Looks like God is watching over your flower beds and fields for you!! I put your little gnome by my Moms rabbit. I stuck it under the mums and he looks so cute there!! I'm diggin in my gardens and planting like crazy!! LOL Take care sweet Lea!! XOXO Love, Fran.

Lea said...

Alice, thanks for the love! Roxie, I can tell you really enjoy the beauty around you as well!! Rebecca, ... it's a good thing I'm washable isn't it? lol Frannie.. the little mice aren't that bad, --really! I once tried to pick up a grown one though. -- it bit me on the finger and wouldn't let go. I'll never do that again. :) Thanks for naming Happy Jack! He loves his name!

Sherry said...

My goodness. I just loved visiting this post today. I haven't been very faithful at my blog reading or writing 'cause my focus has been on other things here at home, but you always are able to inspire me. I can get enough. Love you far away friend. xo

Sunnyside Up said...

Squeezing with delight over those lil Morning Glory sprouts! Precious post & actually those mice look pretty cute & harmless & you know how much I hate mice!!

And friend...I would totally wash those muddy feet!!! ;)

Thanks for sharing your blessing with us...thank you Lord for list like these that cause us to stop & count our own blessings...& for my precious shabby heart friend!

Anonymous said...

Lea, I love your photos, your gratitudes are awesome. The stripey caterpillar is sweet and those baby mice, oh just makes your heart melt. Your posts are just rays of sunshine. Thank you for sharing that God can speak to us through those tiny creatures.
Praise His Holy Name.

Jeanie xx

GodsOwn/Bernice said...

I'm happy i came over Lea! To see BEAUTY and listen to a Thankful Heart and what God is speaking through you....
Love it hve a great sunday and week!