Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Few Flea Finds! (Say that 3 Times Real Fast)

From time to time, I try to share a few thrift/flea finds here at the Shed.
On a recent trip, this little "reinbear" came home with me.
We made eye contact and .....that was pretty much it.

Then, came along another barn star.
So it's bent a little... that's okay. I'm not wild about the colors? My friend Tracy introduced me to colonial red and three spray cans of colonial red are now under our sink-- just waiting to be used. Barn star: Turquoise... robins egg blue, ......or red? Turquoise ..., robins egg blue,...
or red? Help! :D
This is my favorite find so far. It's carved on both sides and hey; it's not just every day you come across a carved bunny rabbit head right? ;D
A vintage tray to sort ... - yeah you guessed it: vintage buttons of course!
The spice rack was a steal and I've been looking for one for quite awhile now!
On this particular day the price was right: More like: ElCHEAPo!!! ... now I have lots more little jars for seed saving at the potting shed.
The pantry jar with the red lid is a pattern I haven't found before. The lid says Nash's coffee but I'm not positive it's thee original. These old jars sure work great for baking supplies. Glad my Sister got me hooked on them.
The one on the left is... iffy. I think it's a crisco jar and it's nothin fancy but although you can't tell it in the photo, it has a slight pink/purple hue. I think if it's set in the sunshine it just might turn purple. Might make a small terrarium out of it in the Spring at the shed. -- The little spicers to the right... - yep... I can see love lies bleeding seeds in them already can't you?
You can't? Squint a little.... bite down... try harder!
See? You see it now too don'tchya.
Last but not least is this platter. Happy sigh.
What can I say.
Vintage pink roses. And it came from such a special store to me... with so much sentiment of my dear Angel Mother. -- I can't help but remember to:
"Look into the flowers... as they're my glimpse of heaven."~


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Love it all!!!!

Trace4J said...

What beautiful treasures Friend!
Just love the tray for sorting buttons and the old jars..oh my!
The flowers I see..:)
Love & JOY

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

HI Lea,

Oh, LOVE all your vintage finds...LOVE 'EM ALL :) :) I wish we could go vintage shopping together. We'd have fun and come home with a car full of stuff :) :) I found some vintage tins at this little shop in Pacific Grove called The Farm Hen. I'll post about it soon :) :) One is a vintage glass coffee jar...Butternut coffee or something like that ;) :) Have a great weekend. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

Paula said...

Aloha Star Chicklet!
Your just getting your morning going and I am just getting to bed! HA!
Good eye on the flea finds. Girl you sure can spot the good deals.
This time of year we need to see lots of flowers around us. BEEG hugs to you dear Friend
Aloha Pj

From the Heart said...

You find the most interesting things. I love the last one.

Paula said...

Well the red color really makes that star pop!Your reinbear and bunny oh so cute. The flowers made me swooooon soo pretty. Today when I was baking and fumbling with the flour bag, I can see why you like your jars. They are so practical and pretty. have fun with your sweet finds Lea
Merry CHRISTmas :-)

Debbie Johnson said...

You found some wonderful treasures! Loved seeing them. That would be a tough choice as to what color to paint the star-they all sound pretty!