Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Roosters n Relatives?

Greetings and holykisses,

I don't know how many weeks the "rooster cupboard" was on lay-a-way; ...several!!
But finally, ... it's home in the barn.

Maybe it was the hand-painted roosters?.....
Maybe it was the mustard and black, crackled n peelin paint?...
--I don't know?
Must admit; I wondered what Myguy would think when he first saw it? The poor man heard about it for weeks, and also saw a picture on my phone, so I guess he kinda knew what to expect. And he was cool with it! He did wag his finger at me somewhat over "how" I got it there by myself.*

So here's the rest of it.
I know it's missin the porcelain top. -I'm hoping we still have an extra one in the shed. If it doesn't fit - that's okay too. The vertical board on the bottom door also needs a dab of black paint so it doesn't stand out so much. -- And ya never know; ... in time; the whole thing could turn turquoise/robins egg blue? Just think of all the possibilities?!!! For now; I kinda like it "as is." The shelves and cubbies will be filled with olde crocks, and chicken waterers etc.
Now; if only we could train Olde Percy the guinea to quit pacing around the coop and kickin up so much dust. It's enough to dust the furniture in the house let alone in the barn as well!

Now onto the relatives! I came upon another find this week and I'd like to share them with yall. "Vintage relatives photos"
I found a whole case of them at the thrift shop and I thought some of you might like to use them in your Art and crafts too. Here's the first one, and I'll start adding them under the soul journaling tab above. Feel free to use them however you like! I plan to photocopy them as well to use in my journal pages.

I'd add a few more right now but tonight is our Sisterchicks bible study here, so I better get busy.
Our lesson and homework was all on forgiveness, and I'm anxious to hear everyone's thoughts and what they learned this week. --There's a possum pie chillin for them in the fridge but I still need to rustle up some dinner for Myguy before they all get here!

Have a blessed day everyone,
Holykisses xoxo


Trace4J said...

Girlfriend I JUST LOVE IT!
I mean love..Just the way it is..
Oh how I wish I could come to the Sister Chicks Group!
Possum Pie? Please share? Like what it is? Stinkin awesome.
Still Growing..Seeking His Joy!
Hugs Friend

Cora said...

I hope that barn door is locked because I'm coming for that cupboard!!!!!! That is just the neatest thing I've seenin a long time!!!! LOVE the picture and will be saving that one. Thank you for that. Wish I could be there with the Sisterchicks!!! Sounds like it will be a wonderful evening ---- except for the possum pie thing! REAL possum????????

Sherry said...

Oh, I love it! Roosters and all. Those are some really cool pictures Lea! I think I asked before...but what is this Possum Pie? haha Hope your Bible study was a good one. xo

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I LOVE it and can see why you just had to have it! Love the colors too! And I can picture you dusting in the barn, so funny!

maxie said...

That cupboard would look real good in my kitchen with all my other roosters!!! If you ever want to get rid of it I know of a good home for it!!!! LOL I missed the possum pie again!!!!! Hope it was good and you all had a good bible study. hope to see you at the next one.