Wednesday, July 27, 2011

~The Rooster Thing~ and Scripture Picture

Greetings and Holykisses,

How could anyone ignore him? He'll get right in your face, trot behind you and make you think he's going to walk right over you, and when you stop... he tries to crawl in your pocket; if you have one. Spoiled... that's what he is. He doesn't love me... he loves carrots and apples, and range cakes and bread, biscuits and fresh corn on the cob. He's a foodie.

And so is his Momma "Violet." They love to be brushed, and petted and oh yeah... smooched on.
Yes, ....I smooch em. Wouldn't you????

Today it was 103, and even though it's hot, I've been spending alot of time outdoors. I keep a fan going on my chickens and keeping fresh water in their bowls and basins. Today was the first day that I opened the doors to all the banties and gave them free range. They weren't sure about it at first, but by evening they were almost out of the barn.

The rooster above is a Quail Antwerp Belgian and he is my very favorite rooster. He's so regal for a little fella and I love his comb. I think my Momma would be so happy because she adored roosters and even collected them. She had cupboards with space up above and she had roosters tucked all over her. I think what she had... is hereditary and I've come down with... the rooster thing.
The problem is mine are all live ones and aren't getting along so well. We have pens so that when the banty hens start laying I'll be able to keep two breeds separated. The Belgians and also Mille Fleurs. This one is the only one we have of the Belgians so I'm kinda protective of him. He crows so pretty and look at his little saddle feathers... what a nice swoop huh?
I ordered 25 chicks and they send you one free surprise chick.
This was my surprise! All this time I thought she was a little pullet but today she crowed.
Another rooster. I was disappointed, ... and yet he's soooo cute! I love his fluffy rear end.
This is the favorite rooster with one of his hens. (He needs a good name... any ideas?) I just noticed in this photo that the pullets eyes look kinda funny. I'll have to check tomorrow. I have noticed one of these little hens is kind of a slow poke. Maybe she can't see much?
Today's scripture picture has my heart and was also the main verse from our Sunday's sermon. The Lord is good! We learned about His character.
I've had the most amazing lessons this week. I'd gotten a little behind doing a bible study with a friend: Duty or Delight. But today... everything I read was so for my moment. I love when that happens!
If it ever cools down, I'd love to start reading and studying at the old farm table on the porch.
I did use it finally to fold clothes this week. It started to sprinkle so I ran and got the clothes off the line. Usually I stand at the clothesline and fold them as I take them off. But this day, I threw them in the basket and ran to the porch! It didn't sprinkle long but I really enjoyed just folding clothes outdoors!
Have you noticed the possum belly?
This is the one I had in the potting shed. But guess what? I found another cupboard! I'm so excited. It's still at the antique store but I put it on lay away. I took a couple pictures but they're on my phone and I can't get them to send to my email address for some reason. Anyways the cupboard is really primitive, and is alot like this but the thing is... it has roosters painted on it! Yes for real! It will go in the barn when I get it home. It's so nice having an antique store that does lay a way.
I think this is one of our favorite things on the new porch. These are windchimes that are actually tuned to sound just like church bells. And they really do! It's so soothing and just takes a little breeze to get them going.
I think Hairdoo is really lonely. I feel so sorry for him. He's... the lone ranger! His whole family has been eaten by wild animals and he's all alone. I can't catch him... he's a fraidy cat to the max.
You say Boo and he runs for the pond. But every afternoon he sneaks up here behind the house and gets into our fish pond. It's very hidden with bamboo and I think it's where he feel safe, and he can sleep for a little while. Then he looks around real good, and if the coast is clear... yeehaaa he makes a run for it, back to the big pond!
Mrs. Potter hates this heat. I've thought about bringing her inside but I just know our Grand dog Roxie would never leave her alone in her cage. Mrs. Potter seems to love her hutch and feels safe there. So I try to take her cold carrots and apples. I think they're like getting a popsicle to her.

Speaking of popsicles, that sounds pretty good doesn't it?
Think I'll have one for a bedtime snack. The Schwans man brought us rootbeer flavored popsicles that have an ice cream center. They remind me of the old A&W drive inns where you could get those ice cold mugs filled with rootbeer floats. Weren't those the good ole days?

Stay cool,
and holykisses xoxo


Rebecca said...

I wanted to comment on every single paragraph here, Lea! But I can't remember them all don't have the time to go back and forth :)

I ♥ the idea of folding wash on the porch...can't wait to see your new cupboard...would really like to hear those wind chimes...and can identifying with God's Word being SO for my moment!

Sounds like you're keeping busy & enjoying your summer days.

Stay cool yourself! I'm off to prep for trip to pick up grandsons for a short visit.

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

Now those are faces to kiss that is forsure, I would be so tickled to have one here.
I think your rooster needs a name befittin' him. He looks like "Sir Charles Strut" to me.

You had a stray dog once that was pretty feisty with the cats, is he gone?

I SO love your porch and the hutch, that would be something I would like on my porch.

I pray it does cool off soon, at least into the 80's, I could live with that.
GOD bless and keep you all safe.

From the Heart said...

You should write a book. You have a neat way of telling about your animal "family".
Blessings, AE

Lea said...

Thanks for visiting yall! Sir Charles Strut... that's funny! He does strut too! Love Sir Charles. He looks like a Charles!

Yolanda said...

Did your boys inherit your love for animals?

Hugs to you-

Joy said...

Oh wow, you brought back some great memories when you mentioned A&W... those mugs were sooooo cold! I like your old furniture, sure like your big front porch. You know it even looks dry there. Lots around the country are just fryin' in this heat. I feel for the people that have to work outside. Hairdoo is funny. Maybe that chicken has cataracts? And are those mules? Do they bite? I'm always afraid that when horses follow so close behind you they might get an 'attitude' and kind of run ya over. Kinda scares me to have them behind me. Going to look around a bit more now. Now you've got me wanting an old cupboard to display my old dishes in--don't have any room for a cupboard, though. Stay cool!

Trace4J said...

Oh I love Sir Charles. I could not comment yesterday..Blogger bugs..I was gonna suggest Dick Van Dyke..I loved his show was I was young.With Mary Tyler Moore. Guess I will have to keep it for my Roo!! hehe
Are they your sweet donkeys? I dream for day!
Hugs Friend, Trace

Paula said...

Poor Hairdo, My heart goes out to that adorable duck. In my minds eye I see him a lookin and a lookin the a waddling to the big pond. Kinda can relate to him on some levels. Looking at that laundry pile I got a chuckle, in that you and I have similar taste in tablecloth's :-) Got the same one. Adorable picture of the donkeys. I'd smooch those velvety noses anytime. So sweet. Thank you for posting the scripture from Nahum. A small book in the old testament that is many times overlooked but holds a comforting message of Gods love, and power. A message I never tire of. Love you Dear Heart, have an awesome day in Jesus

Auntie Bliss said...

I think "Cappy" for that rooster :)
Hairdoo is just so cute...I know you'd love to snuggle that one!
Somebody gave us a hen this week...they said it was an that a breed?
Your mom visited me this a.m. out the french door. :)

Ozjane said...

Oh you would love to swap temperatures with me for a day.
18c is top tomorrow, that is the highest for a while.
But you can keep those hot days over there.....hope this does not mean a hot summer for us.

Attic Clutter said...

Howdy Lea..
Your banner is just so cute ~!!

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Where are thou? lol

Joy said...

Hey girl, how ya doin'? Hope things are going well and you have a break in your temps! We've been down to 59 already--in August!