Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gratitudes 5

Greetings and Holykisses!
Had to run in the house to say hi to yall and jot down a few random blessings today. I've been really busy, but don't want to get so busy that I can't stop and give God my thanks n praise. It's a beautiful day! The sun's shinin, the sky's a glorious blue and I even felt a little bit of a breeze at some needed times. Can't get much better than that!

I hope this finds yall well!? I'm so sorry I've not been online much. -- While loading these pictures, I sat reading your notes on the slide and I enjoy your little messages and pictures so much! Thankyou for taking the time to do that. Yall rock!!!!!!!!
That said; my first random blessing is:
1. All of you! Yall enrich my life so much~!!!!!.... -- thankyou Lord for all these wonderful people! I am so blessed that you crossed my path with their path. Thankyou for that!!!

2. For my cute husband n sons. I know I say that alot. But dang... I love em! -- I even got to see our youngest boy again last night with his girlfriend. They stopped in and brought me my granddog Roxie! She's gonna be staying with us for awhile... maybe a long while. Tony's moving into a new apartment, so we get to watch our grandgirl. Most of you have seen pictures of her- she is our dogs' sister- out of the corgi pups I used to raise. Anyhow, ... I got really attached when she was here the last time and was kinda bummed when she had to leave. So ...

3. The third random blessing is that goofy dog who smiles alot and jumps on the couch when I sit down on it even though she knows we have a new rule: No dogs on the furniture. (except our bed) lol Roxie ignores the new rule and I mean... how do you get onto your granddog? -So she cuddles up next to me and lays her head on my lap. Myguy shakes his head... coz I think he thought it was a pretty good rule. (I should work on that. ) Because writing that outloud, ... I felt convicted. Yeah, I better work on that. Definite conviction. ;) (Thanks for that too Lord... another lesson in submission- mine!!!)

4. The first, vine ripened tomatoes I ate on my bologna samich yesterday. You know; juicylucy, drip off your chin, oh so red, deep bodied tomato flavor... - yeah.* Definitely number 4.

5. That orange lily up above! I was out snapping pictures yesterday and walked past it. Then I stopped, and went back. I take my ruffly daylilies so for granted! Shame on me! I've had them for years and years and they multiply like rabbits. I've gotten so used to having them that I've stopped appreciating their beauty. And they really are beautiful. Plus I'm really diggin that shade of orange these days. Scroll on up to that picture and just take a breath and let your eyes rest on that flower. I see a disciple praying... what do you see? It's that part of the flower in the very center. It looks like a robed man slightly bent over with his hands together praying.... - okay you can call me nuts now but ... I do see it. Someone please tell me you see it too. (sorry; I like to gaze at clouds like that too.)
So I know this picture is totally blurred. I walk on eggshells around this mailbox and soon as I click publish on this post I'm running back out there and going to try to get a really GOOD picture of the bluebirds in the mailbox. They will probably be leaving soon and I really want a crystal clear photo. They hunker down when they see me coming now like they think I can't see them. Notice the baby blue feathers on the left!
6. The baby bluebirds are number 6. I know I keep chattering like a magpie about them but I can't help it! Watching them hatch and grow has been amazing! (Thankyou Lord!!!!!!!!!!)
7. This cool spiderweb that I nearly stuck my head in while watering the blackberries. I just love spiderwebs when I'm not in one that is. They're so delicate... so beautiful, and intricate... and I love how they kind of shimmer when wet.

8. New bloomers, like cockscomb, and marigolds, morning glories, and mums.

9. The roofers came today- they said they're starting Monday. With the tornadoes that went through apparently it's taken longer to get the trusses made. Anyways, we're happy they showed up today and grateful to get half a new roof soon. Thankful for our roofers!

10. Last but not least....-- are you sitting down for this one? ....A letter in the mail from my bone donor's wife! She sent a beautiful card with butterflies all over it, and told me all about the wonderful man who donated his bone to me. He was old enough to be my Dad, and woodworking and photography were his hobbies. She went on to tell me more about him and ... I ..can't find the words to express my gratitude ... and what it all makes me feel like? I am forever grateful.
Some of you have asked me before what the bone was for... I had lost so much bone in my bottom jaw from teeth I lost when I was a kid, so I had bone grafts to build it back up and then dental implants. Anyway, ... "Bob" and his wife, are my number ten. Thankyou Lord!!!

I better stop there, .... and go blow my nose. ;)
I'm off to till in the garden. Yall have a beeeautiful day!

Psalm 40:3
He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear the LORD and put their trust in him.

Have a beautiful day yall!
Holykisses xoxo


Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

How sweet, funny, cool and everything good all at the same time ;) :) I love how you're documenting all that you're thankful all counts, even the so-called silly things...which I don 't think are silly at all :) :) Oh, those baby bluebirds...if they only knew what a trusted friend they have in you...and that mailbox is their refuge for now ;) :) :) Where did you get the idea to document the things you 're thankful for? I think this is great ;) :)

Have a lovely day, Lea ;) :) My personal favorite was that letter you received from the wife of the bone donor. That was so sweet...and to learn more about the man...awesome :)

Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

From the Heart said...

Beautiful gratitudes and I do see a disciple praying in your flowers. It always good to read your writings, sorta perks me up.
Luv ya, AE

Anonymous said...

I see the disciple praying to. He is facing to the right with his head bowed down and his hands are folded in prayer. He is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


Cora from Hidden Riches said...

It's always good to stop by here, Lea! I go away with my own heart filled with gratitudes and my mouth singing a "new song!" I needed a new song, believe me, so that verse was for me.

We have one chair that was designated for Buster and he knows that's his. In fact, it's called, Buster's Chair. It's covered with an old quilt and has his "snuggie" in it. He flops into it like an old man with a grunt and and groan, and claims his place.

Thanks for stopping by today! It was great to read your comment. We would have had a good time shopping together, wouldn't we?????

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics. Isn't God so majestic? He creates such beauty for us to enjoy.
No other words...just PRAISE for all the gratitude you've shared.
I'm grateful to have found your little corner of the world.

Til next time...
God bless you.

Paula said...

ALoha Dear Heart!

How wonderful of your frilly daylily to house your praying disciple!! Yes, I do see it! Lovely gratitudes, and I am so happy you get to spend time with your grandpuppy. I know it is difficult to ignore a puppy cuddling session, but the furniture will thank you in the long run and it will save time cleaning. I will be praying for you :-) Have a beautiful weekend my dear Friend

Dee said...

I love your Gratitudes Lea..especially the birds in the mail box and the spider web. Reading you got a letter from your bone doner put tears in my eyes.Donors are very special people.


Lea Love the new banner, font ..all you nice messages and so glad all is going well for ya (:)