Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gratitudes 3

Greetings and Holykisses!

Counting a few random blessings......

1. I spotted this flower growing in the woods across our long driveway. I'm not sure what it is yet; but it's beautiful!
2. Blooming calla lilies that are bigger than ever!
3. The miniature hollyhocks are blooming as well. This pale yellow one is like a short glass of lemonade. ;)
4. Fresh eggs in funny places.

5. Brand new zucchini.... and today thee aroma of fresh bread will be coming from our kitchen!
6. Our sweet corn that was blown over in one of the latest storms... miraculously picked back uP.
7. Blackberries are coming on strong, while visions of cobbler dance in my head.
8. The soothing sounds of running water while weeding.
9. The bluebird house has baby sparrows.
And again ...I'm in love.

Psalm 84:3
Even the sparrow has found a home, and the swallow a nest for herself, where she may have her young— a place near your altar, LORD Almighty, my King and my God.

10. Another visitor stopped by the shabby olde potting shed. He said he's just passing thru, but... I noticed he's extended his stay.
11. I met Mrs. Swallowtail dining in a lovely butterfly weed in the back pasture.
12. And before the photoshoot had ended; I met a happy Milkweed Bug.
Is God cool or what?!
Remember awhile back I shared this picture of the bluebirds that moved into Momma's mailbox?
Mrs. Bluebird set about feathering her nest......
13. Discovering this home tweet home was a heavenly {hug.} Can you see all the string piled up near the front? I wonder if they pulled it out of the wicker basket I leave out full of nesting materials or if they gathered elsewhere? --Every time I go near this mailbox I make my presence known ahead of time and the Mother would leave.

So a couple days ago I grabbed my camera and carefully reached inside to see if anything was in there....
17. four beeeautiful blueish eggs!
18. Today... the camera revealed this instead! Trent took this picture on his cellphone and emailed it to me. Awww!!! You just cannot imagine what joy was brought to this lil heart of mine.

19. It's been a wonderful week with blessings overflowing... even in our mailbox.

Thanks God.
Psalm 86:12
I will praise you, Lord my God, with all my heart; I will glorify your name forever.


Trace4J said...

Wonderful blessings. All the pictures are beautiful.
Thanks for sharing dear friend!
Hugs Trace

Yolanda said...

those eggs are beautiful!

By the way, I've been doing most of my posting at "Joy Comes In The Morning".

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I don't know what kind of wild flower that is either, but I'd love to have some! LOL First thought was a foxglove? Sure did enjoy this weeks walk about, what a lovely farm you have and the baby birds in the mail box sure beats bills! lol Thanks for sharing your place with us Lea, it's really lovely, just like you!!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

How did I miss this post last night??? My sidebar is not updating right. My favorite picture of the day???? It has to be those eggs in the wagon. Just a perfect place, isn't it? And those little peeps in the mailbox. Just too precious. LOTS of baby feeding going on here. I love spring and all it brings. (except the heat!)

Denise said...

Such precious blessings, love you.

Heidi said...

How in the world do you grow such wonderful and productive gardens? Oh, yah, you have warm weather! Growing things on the coast is challenging!

I adore #13...the tweet-sweet home in your Moma's mailbox! Tender and touching!

Getting settled in at Pinterest, I see!

Beemoosie said...

What incredible pictures~ You have reminded me of a time about 5 years ago when God told me that He would show me something beautiful every day; I remembered to look for a very long time. Lately I have forgotten, it's time to get back into that habit! :)

GodsOwn/Bernice said...

Such an beautiful pictures Lea!! I'm missing a lot of good reads here i noticed.....Mostly i overlook your blog in my google reader b/c the post are only opening with some sentences......
Today i came to your blog and started to read.....Close all other "windows" b/c i have still "freezing problems" with some blogs...don't know how come.....But today only your blog open made it possible to read and see all.What an JOY...Also the lyrics of the song.......The Holy Spirit grabbed my heart also and i'm leaving here full of Thanks and PRAISE!

Thxs lea have an awesome and blessed pentecostal sunday!