Monday, February 28, 2011

Garden Finds, First Planting and Another Stray?

Greetings and Holykisses,

It was a wonderful weekend and I hope yours was too!

The temperature has been a real tease!
uP, ... and doWn. But spring is right around the corner. The daffodils are sayin so!
Look who showed up at our place today.
He acts like a drop off.... and is very unkept; poor baby.
He's kinda skittish; but a total sweetheart. And I'm tryin hard... oh so hard to not look back into those big, beautiful, chocolate brown eyes.

Francois is so jealous; and is beside himself.
He just barks his fool head off at Benji-boy here. --I can't keep him,... right???????? I'm so scared I could wind up on one of those animal hoarder shows.

Well; over the weekend I happened on a brand new- to -me 2nd hand store and it is the absolute bomb. I mean it. Look at the cool L Wolff bottle I found. I'm telling ya; it just had my name on it! (ROFL)
This hard wood basket was also there.
It's the perfect size for gathering eggs.

This little bird bowl was yet another find.
Just right for a shabby olde potting shed.
This little tray with *Roses* was practically free! I guess since it has rust on the edge, the owner thought it could no longer be valued; but to me... the rust only adds charm.
That's why these jars stole my heart.
The lids are rusted to sweet imperfection.
But the honey glass *gets me* too.
I love to save seed every year, and jars like these with lids are just the ticket!
Looky here;.... it's the new kitty. (Yep, she's still here.)
It must be going on two or three months now since she first showed up.
I've been callin her "Emma Rose."
She still lives under the potting shed and Merry Pearl still can't stand her.
(Merry Pearl is Queen Bee... and that's just that!)

One thing I've noticed about little "Emma Rose" is that she loves to roll.

I guess she didn't roll up tight enough this past week because it looks like something tried to pull her tail off. She has a patch of hair missin on her back too. That's at least two lives she's lost since she's been here. The other was when , Myguy started thee olde 66 Chevy and didn't know she was under the hood.
The near death experiences haven't slowed her down though.
Here I tried to take pictures of the latest flea finds and she just had to get in the middle of it.
She saw that twine and had to check it out. I'd set her back on the floor and up she'd go again.
See what I mean?
I probably took 20 pictures of her.
? egads. Don't worry,... I'll spare you a few. This time.
Back to what I'd started to show you. ;)
The cute lil aqua pot! It *and* the scissors were both at the new second hand shop!
I look everywhere for vintage aqua pots and they've become so collectible and hard to find.
The scissors are "Wiss" and have the most gorgeous color of depression green paint!

The old spool was yet another find. It has a new lease on life for garden twine.

Ohoh... there she goes again.

She's demanding....
but who can resist her.
Then last but not least, I found the coolest book.
It has so many delicious ideas.
Thank goodness we get to "spring ahead" soon!
Because there are so many things in it I want to try, plant and do!....

So I began by opening my Garden Journal.
I emptied the 2010 file folder from my garden journal and began recording for this new season!
I'd noticed a few strawberries were up in my peony bed, so I planted a bag of 10 for starters.
I think I have more ordered at Gurneys but they haven't arrived yet.
The seed basket is getting full, and I'll try to hold off til the first part of April. But it's hard isn't it?! (I said try.) Don't try to hold me to it if the weather warms like crazy at the end of March and Mr. Weather man gives us a go ahead!
That's why it felt so great to plant ten lil strawberry crowns.
Isn't this one cute? And look at all that hair! After planting I covered them up with a little straw just to be safe.
Someone asked me thee other day what all I'm going to plant.
.................................As much as I can!
--I do have a long list of fruits and vegetables but if you're like me, with every trip to town... I tend to come home with one more packet of seeds, 1 more bag of bulbs or 1 more potted plant. Isn't there always room for just one more?


Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Oh my!!! My heart goes out to poor little Benji guy! Buster would tell you to keep him, no matter what! Like you said, what's one more? There's always room, isn't there?????

That tray looked so familiar. I think we had one of those when I was a kid! You are my kind of shopper, Lea! But I couldn't go with you or I would have to play "finder's keeper's" with you!

Have a great week!

Simple "T" said...

Emma Rose is just dusting off your cabinet for you, a sign of her affection for taking care of her...

Oh no, look in those sweet brown eye one more it... Now you are hooked! You have to keep him. Like I said before, God gave you the place so you can take care of his creatures... YEP... :)

I hope you will take loads of photos of your garden so us city folk can see all that country goodness. I will be planting in pots I fear, we do not have the go ahead to be able to water a large area for gardening.

You have some of the neatest places to visit and oh so neat finds.

That is right, we spring forward soon!

Hope your week is a good one!

Irene said...

Oh man.....I would LOVE your new second hand store! Let me know if you get a segment on one of those hoarding shows, the animal hoarders seem to be the most interesting!!....hahahaha ♥

katie said...

Loved your garden post today. We are just not that far along.
Bluebird bowl is wonderful along with some of your great flower pots.
It is only 43 here today hoping Springs hurries.

From the Heart said...

I just enjoy reading about what you are doing. You are like an open book, and so energetic. Mine left a long time ago. Would love to have it back, but since I probably won't, I'll just enjoy listening to what your doing - having so much fun. Yep, you should keep the new little guy.

Blessings to you, AE.

Sunnyside Up said...

Welll....Ive been WONDERING about your "other" kitty...and I LOVE her! She just looks so sweet & lovie! Emma Rose is a Puuurrrrfect name for her!

You always find THE NEATEST things on your hunts...sure wish I would have found some treasures on mine! Of course Im a lovin that cute lil aqua pot!

And I can HONESTLY tell you...I have NEVER saw a strawberry crown! I didnt even know that is how you start to grow them...prob cause I am HIGHLY allergic to strawberries! Bummer huh?!

Its getting to be an exciting time around the Shed...I can just hear it in your voice! ;) good things are gonna be poppin up all over the place....SOON!

Auntie Bliss said...

I LOVE all your finds and would have bought all of that myself! Especially the bluebird bowl which is valuable :) If I tell you we kept a stray this week, would you also? We got Maya :) a bashful little mutt. Emma is so cute!

I'm so glad you stopped by!!!

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Loving all your rusty finds, and I agree, the rust does add charm! No worries, you will never become a animal hoarder, your heart is too big and good, maybe this doggie found you for some reason yet to be told? Hugs!!