Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dec 4, 2010

Greetings and Holykisses,

This morning, behind day 4- I found a tiny birdhouse inside the potting shed advent calendar. This is a fun addition to the daily commitment of getting up and reading the word. A few days ago, I also started the book: Immanuel- Praying the names of God through the Christmas season by Ann Spangler. Myguy gave it to me for Christmas almost 3 years ago now, and I'd like to re-read it every year.

Speaking of books; thought I'd share today a few random things I've been enjoying this Christmas season. Books seem to be a great place to start; and aside from the Immanuel book, I just finished reading The Snow Globe by Sheila Roberts. I thought it was a pretty good read. There are a two other Christmas books on the nightstand: Christmas Treasury, by Louisa May Alcott. (Thankyou Merry Bema!) And also, White Christmas Pie by Wanda E Brunstetter. Have any of you read them?

As for Christmas shows; when our tv has been on; it's been on the Hallmark Channel. They've had the best movies on lately and our DVR is getting a real workout! The Christmas Card is still our favorite.
Christmas lights will always be at the top of my enjoyment list during the season, but I'm finding the crown of thorns at the top of our tree, is also something I've come to love and enjoy. After trimming our tree this year, I looked around to see if another treetop, along with the crown would perhaps look better but.... decided to leave it the way it is. It reminds us all the most of the "who" we are truly celebrating.
I know it's weird but thee older I seem to get... the gawdier I kinda like things. If it's shiny, sparkly, glittery, or doesn't match at all.... I probably love it. This silvery wreath reminded me of the old silver Christmas trees from my childhood. My Aunt and Uncle had a tree like that and I just loved it. So coming upon this wreath at walmart.... well; let's just say it ended up in the buggy.
Then back at the ranch,.... the glue gun came out from it's hiding place. And a few shiny balls somehow got glued to the wreath, as well as this aqua ribbon. Walaaa.... Will someone just tell me if I've lost my mind please. Could be I need some serious help.

Christmas scents have also been on my happy list. This peppermint twist wallflower .... well; let's just say I could take a bite.
As for other decorations; the thrift shops are sometimes a real score. I think this strand of tinsel garland is an oldie. It feels much different than the others in our house, and I'm thinking it won't get packed up in January. It kinda whispers Valentines day to me. Did you hear it too?
A serious guilty pleasure: Christmas flannel sheets.
I'll admit that we've been spoiled with one set of high thread count cotton sheets in the past. But during the winter, flannel can be a much better friend!!! I don't care if these snowpeople will match our bedding or not..... they're happy! -- So now you know I'm seriously challenged in the decorating dpt -- I think it's ok tho.... coz with these sheets I'm "comfortable" with that. :)

Food indulgences are common for many people during Christmas time. Thankfully, God's been helping me get out of my over eating rut, but I still have a thing for peppermint candycanes. I haven't eaten any "yet." So far I've been content to just look at those pretty little candycanes. I love their shape: J for Jesus. Tomorrow, I've decided to eat one. Just one.
Another random thing I enjoy at Christmas time is seeing *people* wear Santa hats in public.
You probably won't get a bah humbug from one of them. It's been my experience that people who wear Santa hats are generally very happy people. I love em!
Okay, we've had about enough bloggy fun for one day, and I'm sure I've bored you to tears.
This last photo holds a few tears of my own. These two bags contain the clothes I can no longer wear after my weight loss. Happy tears.

How many times have I lost and gained the same 30 pounds.... I don't even know? Many. And I realized something the other night; ... that I've always hung onto my large clothes after losing weight. I talked to Myguy about it and told him that I feel like keeping them, feels like I'm giving myself permission to gain the weight back sometime? Or else, could it be that because I've went up and down in the past I automatically think one day I'm gonna go back to my old habits again. I dunno? But, Myguy listened and then encouraged me to go through the closet and get rid of everything that I can no longer wear. I tell ya; it was kinda hard... kind of a mind thing. But I did it. And it feels great! --This afternoon, I'm taking all these clothes to the salvation army and leaving them there. God's been so good to me. These two bags represent the 30# victory God gave me, and although they'll be dropped off at the Salvation Army; in my heart .... I'm leaving these bags at the foot of the cross today. -- Okay, I better get the lead out.

Have a great weekend!
Smoochy holykisses,


Bob West said...

I enjoyed reading your blog.
Very interesting and I have now become a follower.
Hopefully you will get a lot out of mine also.
God Bless, Bob

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

My Mon had a giant silver tinsel tree one year when I was little, funny how it's retro now! LOL I love the blue and red the best, and Lea, you could never be gawdy girl! lol

From the Heart said...

I love to hear and see the things you are doing. I like the Hallmark Movies. I like The Christmas Card also, in fact I like all of them.

katie said...

Way to go and good for you Lea.
Get rid of those cloths they are no longer a part of your thinking. You now are reconciled to a new healthy life style.
Go girl.

Jill said...

Congratulations on the weight loss, that's a great accomplishment! I love the Hallmark channel too, such great movies! I enjoy reading very much, but haven't read those titles yet. Going back to college again has kept me very busy. Lovely post.
Have a great week.
Jill said...

What great photos. Made me feel all 'Christmassy'.I just stumbled across your blog and loved it. I think this is a great idea you have here. I am your latest follower and look forward to reading more.
Carol from

Anonymous said...

Hi Lea! I just love the pattern on your flannel sheets... you know I love those snowmen. Valentines???? Your killing me, girlfriend! I love your tinsel garland and so wish I had a small silver tinsel tree for General's Harley ornaments. Wouldn't that be cool? I would put it in the den... think I will start looking for one. Glad you got rid of the "big girl" clothes.... it will inspire you to "keep it off". Have a great day.

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Forgot to give you a big hug on the weight loss thing. I, too, have a few bags of clothing here as I've now lost close to 100 lbs. I know the feeling of looking at those bags. . . .!!!!!!