Saturday, November 20, 2010

Oh What A Day

Greetings and Holykisses,

Hi Yall!
It's been a busy week. So much has happened; I don't even know where to start.
We've had some beautiful, "warmer than usual" weather so we've all been taking full advantage of it. Merry Pearl on the other hand is a little less motivated. The warm weather just makes her sleepy. I had to snap a picture of her because she finally went in her new carrier. The porch off our kitchen doesn't have many dry spots, so I thought this little bed would help some. But come nightfall; she's ready to go to the shed. She expects her canned kittyfood and I think she just feels safer there. When she hears the screen door open at dusk; she knows it's "time." (Didn't really think I'd get so attached to another cat again but this sweet kitty now possesses a definite space in my heart.)
Thee other day; I finally got around to mowing the last of the zinnias that died after the first frost. Then; fired up the old tiller and got everything turned under. I was so happy Myguy was home because he had to come to my rescue. For some reason I couldn't get that thing started by myself this time. My shoulder was ready to scream from pullin the rope. Anyways, he took something apart and found a mud dobber nest in it and after he whacked it out; she fired right up.

Last Fall, I didn't plow up the garden and I'm here to tell ya, this year's weeds were so much worse. When I tilled it all up in the Spring it was plumb awful. I'm hopin this frees up some weeding time next year.
The Potting shed is a royal mess and I can't even get inside the doorway. I had to throw a straw bale in there thee other day and everything has just continued to pile up. That will be my next project after Thanksgiving. Too much going on this week to worry about any of it now. Wasn't going to show a picture but .... gotta keep it real right? Even the "flowers" sign is askew.
One of my dear friends, sent me a gift certificate to White Flower farm for my birthday this summer. I drooled my way from cover to cover through the catalog and finally decided on tulips since she and I share a love for them. --I ordered them fairly late as I knew I'd plant them in the Fall. "Today" was their day!

I was going to plant them in front of our rocking chairs along the new porch. But; after looking the situation over today I decided it was too shaded. So after tilling the garden; they found a new home next to hollyhock plants that my friend Deena sent me as seeds.
I've been so excited to plant these beautiful little apricot tulip bulbs. Did you notice the color?... -apricot! One of my very favorite shabby-chic flower colors.
They're now planted all the way around the wooden post.
And even "Mrs. Potter" our sweet bunny "contributed." ;)

Remember the two guineas I raised from little chicklets this past year? This picture is when they were little ones -- they are the two funny lookin ones on the left side. Well thee other morning I went outdoors and both of them were MIA. Then I found a big pile of feathers on the ground. Shortly after that; .... by our chicken coop I saw what I figured was the two culprits. Our neighbors dogs. We actually drove up to their house and found the remaining pile of guinea feathers right at their doghouse.

The other guinea is still alive but was frazzled beyond belief ; poor thing lost alot of feathers, and was hiding up in the rafters of the barn. I finally caught him and he's now in the chicken coop. It all kinda makes me sick. We'd already asked this person to please keep his dogs home before.
But ...I guess what's done is done.
Onto some good news.........
Our wrap around is finished; all but the roof. And more good news; we "might" be able to get the house all re-roofed sooner than we'd thought. We're sure hoping so; coz then the new porch will be covered as well. Do yall think the treated wood should be stained, or leave it?

Last night, I had a Stampin Up party at the house. We had a good turn out and I hope the ladies had fun making cards; I know I sure did!! The Demonstrator was very gracious and let us each make two cards. One of the Christmas cards we made; we also filled out and will be mailing to American soldiers in Afghanistan. The other style card, some of the ladies took home. Everyone did such a good job, and I just enjoyed all their company so much!

Well, I think I'm gonna head out to our shed and start carrying Christmas totes to the house!
Hopefully, I can talk Myguy into helping me get the Christmas tree down from it's hiding place and into the living room. I'm in the mood to decorate! Hopefully by sundown our house will be twinkling.

Have a great day!
Holykisses xoxo


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I LOVE your wrap around porch, how nice esp once you get a new roof to match! I love the natural look of wood but I have seen some stained and painted too, so I guess it's just up to you!lol Happy Thanksgiving Lea and I hope your day is full of blessings, bright and bold! Hugs!


apricot tulip bulbs-- oh sounds so pretty
I hear ya Lea on the Christmas decorating excitement!!!! too
BEEN doing tree yet but other ''red'' your post

♥ Kelley ♥ said...

Wow you have been busy!
Did you get my card?
Just wanted to come by and wish you a very blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving! ♥♥♥

Sunnyside Up said...

Distraught!!! Absolutely DISTRAUGHT over your guineas...I LOVED them...I hope the one makes it and was not hurt! Makes me sick...just cant imagine finding a pile of feathers...I know you were heartbroke! :(

Cant wait till spring so we can see your apricot tulips! I know they are going to be just beauuutiful!!! I think you planted them in a PERFECT spot!

Love your new porch! I am SO very happy for you girl and for all ya need is a couple of rocking chairs!!! I can just see the two of you sitting out there rocking away...enjoying each others company! :D

Hope you have an WONDERFUL Thanksgiving Lea!

I count YOU as one of my HUGE blessing and Thank God for sending YOU into my life!!! BE VERY BLESSED my friend! Hugs & Kisses!


Dee said...

I am so sorry to hear about the poor guinea hens. :( Your wrap around porch is looking good...I personally would stain it. They have a lot of beautiful wood stains to choose from. Have a Happy Thanksgiving filled with family, hugs and lot's of pie. Dee

Michele Katherine said...

I wanted to wish you and your family a wonderful, blessed, and very happy Thanksgiving Day.

Michele Katherine

P.S. your sign-in book is a fun

Anonymous said...

I love you new porch! Your Guy did a wonderful job and I am sure you will enjoy it for many, many, many years to come!!!
I am sad about ther birds..... that guy better keep them dogs away from those puddleducks or I am flying out there to set him straight!