Friday, October 8, 2010

Vintage Finds and Things

It's been a really long time since I've shared any vintage finds.
I really like old things more than new and I'm blessed to have some great places to shop in my area. My favorite stores are the Salvation Army, the Mustard Seed, Marva's, and two local antique shops!

The plates above on the right, were found one day when Myguy and I went on a get away.
I don't even remember where I was when we bought them now.* Too bad; coz the shop was so cheap. These dishes were .75 apiece and I knew right away they were going to be for my Sisterchick bible study gals. The two on the left; I found at Marva's for even less than that. I was really happy to find them in case we have more gals on some nights!

We don't have many toys at our house when little ones come to visit and play so I've been picking up some cute little animals and things like the cat on the right. I found a calico the same day but forgot to include a picture on this post. -- The basket came from the same store. It had a four dollar sticker on it, and when I went to the cashier to pay out, she looked it over and said, "Four dollars is too much for a basket. You can have that for a dollar." I nearly skipped all the way to the Xterra because it's a vintage OAK basket in excellent shape. 40 dollars would have probably been cheap. Thanks God!!!

A new second hand store opened up about two miles from me and I found this Autumn wreath. And I'm a real sucker for tea towels! Especially embroidered ones.

One day at Marva's Thrift Shop, I found my new Autumn jacket! (ThatMaude's been wearing it again; that girl won't stay out of my closet.*)
Anyhow; -- The Lord truly gave me the desires of my heart with this jacket. You see; an Eddie Bauer catalog had just come in the mail not long before this and I remembered looking at all those cute jackets. (I didn't order one though*- they're so expensive!) This particular jacket however.... was for me! ;) A gift from my heavenly Father. Eddie Bauer, New Without Tags, and just my size. Thanks God!!!
The "black thingy" hanging on the chair "was" a ladies one hundred percent wool jacket found at the salvation army. I washed it like crazy to felt n shrink it. One of these days it might turn into a crow! The embroidered towel for "guests" next to it?.... another lil find! If you visit me and you find it hanging in the guest bathroom .... you can really use it! Don't dry your hands on your pants, and think it's too pretty... it's FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This book, ... I haven't read yet but reading a few pages in the front... it looked so good! Someday I'd love to visit the Holylands, but until then....I'm hoping this "read" will teach me more about it.
It's always fun to find a few vintage relatives to bring home!
I'll try to photograph some individually for upcoming blogposts so you too can have the images for artwork.
Found this granite ware muffin tin and it will be perfect for beading and scrapbooking.
My husband's Aunt and Uncle visited and brought us this table n two wooden chairs. It had belonged to Hubby's Grandma and Grampa. They ordered it and it came by TRAIN in 1939 to their hometown. We didn't have a place for it in our kitchen, so I took the long- table out of my craft room, and put this in it's place. I added the little skirt to it, and painted the table white and left the chairs as they were. Someday, I'd love to refinish it, because it's solid oak, but for now.... it's just right.
Taking the long table out of my craft room, freed up some space. These old shelves had been out in a shed, and were given a few coats of paint to match the table. So I didn't get them at a thrift but they're still old.... and now being used and loved again. You know what had to happen next? A two day job of cleaning out my craft room and rearranging. Even windows were washed and new blinds hung! Wahooo!
Vintage pool baskets were used on the shelves. Found them at a flea market, and the pink one yard saling. Most of my fabrics have come from yard sales, and thrifts as well.
The little Longaberger basket on the middle shelf was also a recent find.
I don't think the seller had ever heard of Longaberger before. lol (happysqueal)
The white Pipberry garland was an Ebay find. It has little rusty metal "stars." The angel in the center; I made after my Momma died.
I've been finding more bottles. It's hard to see in this picture but the coolest one is on the right side. It has a CROSS on it and I think was a Catholic holy water bottle???
Now don't laugh: I paid a quarter for this REAL birdnest someone put in this basket. Look at all the SHEEP wool inside of it! It's one of my very favorite finds of all time.
So this isn't old, but this Autumn quilt was a recent walmart find.
Little by little I've been trying to add Fall things into even our bedroom. Lots of apple spice and pumpkin candles, and some wreaths n things. I've found I really like our aqua- robins egg blue color with rust.
Urinah Mariah here is modeling my new accessory finds.... sassy fun scarves!
Scarves are probably the cheapest accessory I find when out thrifting. Can't wait til it's cold enough to wear them!
This sassy red bag was a real STEAL. Not really...I think it was a dollar. I'm not sure if it's old or reproduction....... The silver kiss-lock sure looks old anyways. I usually like to carry a bigbag. But with that kisslock, I'll make an exception. ;)

Okay for the last picture, Maude was totally embarrassed. The knitted scarf had me at hello, and I just had to show it to you. Tossing it around her ahem... neck; Maude objected so loudly it was pathetic. I tried to convince her that layers are a good thing but she felt I was ruining her attire and even called my scarf "ugly." Ungrateful girl. She should know she's more to me than just a coat-rack.

So those are my latest finds.
Oh* I almost forgot, .... finally I also found a pair of men's bib overalls! I've searched everwhere because I wanted a pair to make a scarecrow. Everyplace I've been if they had a pair , they wanted 8-10 bucks for them and you can forget that! Finally, .... I found a pair!! They're kinda Casey Jones lookin but that's okay. -- Today I'm getting some bales of straw so .... we shall see what we come up with.

Hope yall have a wonderful day!
Happy thrifting!
Holykisses xoxo


Rilda Peel said...

Oh, what fun!! It makes one's heart sing to find such awesome finds. Thanks for sharing your hearts desires received. We are truly blessed! *U*

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I could live in your craft room, just feed me now and your aqua bedroom too, great minds! lol

Rebecca said...

Lea, you've hit the "mother-lode"! Congratulations! Your craft room is just precious! I know those shelves are a real blessing to have. Luv the baskets that hold your stuff! And, OH! Your bottles!

I rue the day I got rid of my "Maude"! I found her on a trash heap and sold her too soon and too cheap. Oh well. Maybe I'll get lucky again one of these days.

OK. Had so much fun over here this afternoon. Have a wonderful weekend!

Kelley said...

Wow such great finds!
I have to admit to a little bit of envy~ we don't have lots of good thrift stores and antique stores & the ones we do have charge an arm and a leg for everything!
I am so happy for you though...
Wishing you a blessed weekend!

MidniteScrapper said...

Oh, wow! Thanks for sharing all that yummy goodness with us. You sure seem to know what you're looking for when you go out. It just calls your name doesn't it? haha Loved it. I always love having a peek into your space too.

Denise said...

Such awesome finds sis, thanks for sharing.

From the Heart said...

Quiet refreshing. I love your enthusiam over the tiniest things as well as the big ones. Great finds.

Dee said...

Lea, What fun vintage treasures. You are giving me the bug to go teaking.

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Hi Lea,
Isn't fun to go thrifting with the our guys, my dh and I have so much fun when we go. You really found some great vintage finds, I adore them all.
Thanks for sharing.
Enjoy your weekend.

Jill said...

Wow! You really got some great finds! I love the plates and I love all things vintage. :-)
Have a great weekend!

Sunnyside Up said...


You always find the neatest things! And what a find when you spied that jacket! It will be adorable with your jeans AND BOOTS this fall! SO cute!
I HEART your craftyroom! Those vintage pool baskets bring back memories...Im gonna be on the lookout for some of those! <y craftroom needs some major organizing! Such a neat story about your table! That is a keeper for sure!
Show us a picture of Mr. Scarecrow when you get him made! I know he will be so handsome...maybe Maude will find herself a boyfriend! ;)hehe

Keep on 'tiqueING & sharing with us all your amazing finds!

My ADHD Me said...

I love thrift stores!
I could spend hours poking around in them.

What a cool "kisslock" on that red bag!
(I didn't know it was called a kisslock)

heidi said...

Oh Lea! You've inspired me......after reading your blog on Friday..... Over the weekend Mark & I went to a rummage sale, whoot---one dollar a bag for whatever you could fit in the bag! I got a load of stuff (frames, bowls, book, ribbons and more!). It was a blast. Then Sunday afternoon I *sweet* talked Mark into helping me bring to my craftroom (upstairs!!) a HEAVY OAK DOOR table (we made the table) to start all my NEW craft projects on! I had a table in there already, but after I saw your new table I was inspried to bring in another bigger one in addition to my small one! So...thanks for inspiring me in ways you can't even imagine! I think I'm finding my groove...

Hugs and holy kisses, dear Lea!