Friday, July 2, 2010

Templeton and Snake In The Coop

Since the playlist is turned off for now, I thought I'd try to load the video of the snake that caught me by total surprise in the chicken coop. But first; .... meet another creepy crawly that also caught me off guard inside the tack room in the barn.

I knew a rat had been in there, because it made a nest on -of all things.. our live trap! Yep... the crazy thing carried a pile of hay and made a nest on top of a trap which wasn't set. Not seeing the rat in sight; I moved a board that was laying on the floor and....... *scream* it was right behind the board! lol Forgive the picture but it scurried up the wall so fast, I almost missed taking it's picture all together. It takes a gal at least a few seconds to stop screaming you know. Then it disappeared. Walking into the larger area of the barn; I spotted him perched behind a beam.
From this angle he's kind of cute. What do you think? Cute, or is your skin crawling?
Well, I can deal with mice and rats much better than snakes, and this year we've had more than our share of em. Because of this, I try to be mindful of them all the time. But after awhile, you kinda forget about them and just go on.... until you open your chicken coop door and find a huge one right on thee other side of the door. Replaying this video a minute ago, I just started laughing! On this day, I'd been taking macro flower pictures in the garden, and then stopped off at the coop to gather eggs. I was totally in my own little world. Until the door was opened that is! lol

You might think I'm a big chicken myself after watching this... I was out of breath from running after my hoe and then tried to be all "brave" to get it out of there. Forget that! When I turned off my camera, I ran for helppppppppppppppppppp! heeheehaahaahoohoo -- Maybe it wasn't poisonous at all. If not; maybe one of you will know what it *was.*

I know; I know... where there are mice or rats... you will find snakes. But this one, was eating our breakfast. You can only imagine how slowwwwly I open that door now after this day.



Linda Stubbs said...

I tried to watch the video and couldn't for some reason. Snakes are nasty! We had one that ate 9 chicken eggs that Little Miss Fluff was sitting on a few months ago. Not a nice snake!

Have a great 4th!

Sweet Magnolias Farm said...

Hello sweet Lea ...

Oh my what a day you had ..I had a little mouse in my work pile of wood ..and I ran screaming to ..It startled me so bad when I picked up a carry all and it popped out it's head at me ..

Oh Snakes not my thing either ..Looks like a Black Snake in the video we had those when we lived in MO ..I understand they are harmless ..But still icky !!!

Hope your having the loveliest of Lovely days...

Blessings ..Sara

Blissitydoodah said...

I'm saying LEA his head is triangular! Haha! I have not run across any that mean looking around here. I have one chicken who would probably take that head off too!
Cute little Ratatouille :)

Dee said...

Lea your much braver than me. I would have slamed that door shut and been down the road to the neighbors house. Do they have snake spray out or snything to keep it from coming back? :-) For a minute there I was ready to turn off the video in fear you were going to use the hoe to cut the snakes head off. LOL.

Dawn Dutton said...

I don't like snakes either.. You did good taking a video of it. I'd of killed it first though... You're a hoot!
Thanks for sharing the video...and the mouse photo. .They are cute but only from a photo or distance...

Cathy said...

Oh, my Lea!! can't believe you videoed all of that, I would be soooo running the other way!!! yikes!!
Hope you are having a great weekend - be safe! We are having rain and I am NOT complaining :)

Denise said...

Bless your brave warrior's heart sis, love you.

Ardith said...

Hmmm, interesting about the snake. I had my husband watch the video and said he thinks it was a bull snake - non poisonous. Did you know that they say if the snakes eyes are round its non poison and if they are slanted they are poison? Like you're going to focus on that! :) Be careful!

Yolanda said...

I have bumps, and I'm positive they are not God-skin, know what I mean. I'm glad you went for help!

Love you!

Debbie said...

Yikes!!!! Two of my worst phobias - rats and snakes!!!!! Kudos to you for taking care of your chickens and eggs :-)

Love you my friend,