Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fourth Of July Eve

Just a quick note to say "Heyyyyy!"

I just finished boiling potatoes and eggs, to whip up a bowl of potato salad.
I'm sure many of you are probably doing the same thing! It's a 4th of July staple isn't it? That and watermelon. I'm never sure how to find a really ripe one. We did pick one up at the grocery store today. Nope, I didn't thump it. But, the underside was a creamy yellow and it smelled good! Must say, I do have high hopes!!!!

While I've been preparing for tomorrow's bbq, my mind went back to my past 4th's celebrations. I have so many good memories! It's funny the things that "stand out," isn't it?
These are things that I've been remembering from my childhood:

My Grampa and Grandma Vickers
The pink cabin at Clear Lake.
Bottles of Crush soda pop
Vintage metal lawn chairs
~Thee AMERICAN flag~
The old speed boat
orange life jackets
The bay
Mom and Dad
My brothers and sister
The picnic table
Shep and Sparky
yellow n white minnow buckets
Grampas Chevy (just like mine)
cut off shorts with lots of fringe
halter tops
Dr Schols in red and navy blue
the honeymoon cottage
the big anchor out in the yard
army blankets
aluminum drinking glasses
the metal taste: drinking out of aluminum drinking glasses!
cheese puffs
sunflower seeds
Uncle Leon and Aunt Ginger
Going "whoooooOooOoOo!" when the fireworks would bang!

And these are things I remember from raising our own family:

Holding hands watching fireworks
Hovering over the kids while they ran around with punks and lit firecrackers by themselves.
The conversations of punks being made from camels poop? (I'm not googling that.)
Friends over for BBQ's
boys riding their gocart with a flag waving on the back
matching fourth of july t shirts
trying to not be sick that we were basically lighting a match to our money by buying
lots of laughter
Hiding dogs- afraid of fireworks
My Mommas potato salad
water balloons
our American flag
cheese burgers
a whole mess of firecrackers going off at one time
coolers full of Mt Dew
red white n blue banner tied to the fence
watching teenage boys make bombs out of firecrackers
I think I'll stop there. lol

ahhhhhh memories!
Tomorrow; God willing we will make more!
Yall stay safe.
Have fun
Until we meet again
Holykisses xoxo!!

Happy Birthday America!
If you leave a comment will you please share at least one of "your" favorite memories? I'd love to hear!


Ms. Fiddlesticks said...

Loved those aluminum tumblers, silver, purple, green, blue. Everything stayed so cold in them.
Happy 4th of July.

Denise said...

I really enjoyed this post sis. Such great memories. I remember loving our family picnics, and going to the lake, and of course fireworks. Woo Hoo.

KathyH said...

I STILL think of burning up money when I see fireworks!li

Blissitydoodah said...

Wow you have a sharp memory! How about putting daisies or queen anne's lace into food coloring dyed water (in Ball jars :) where they'd turn those colors :)
I love to carve a watermelon basket and fill it with my fruit, then poke two flags in for potlucks.

Sit A Spell said...

What a fun post. Many of the things you mentioned are memories of mine as well. (I almost bought one of those old metal chairs this weekend!) I had forgotten about those scratchy army blankets. Why did we have them? Firecrackers under a tin can was a fav of mine...yep, country kid. I loved dancing around with a sparkler and singing whatever came to mind at that moment.

The parade has to be an all time favorite. I love the music, the fan fair and all the smiling people who are proud to be Americans.

Ok, watched your snake video. OH. MY. WORD. You were too close for comfort darlin. Yes, his head looked like a triangle. I loved your last made me giggle, you cut that camera off right fast!
The best sound like a dear friend of mine. How nice to put a voice to your beautiful face...even if you did have the dickens scared out of you. ; )

Love the pic of you on the tractor. We had a very old tractor when I was a kid...sure wish I had a pic of it, surely my mama does. Funny thing, we always called it bush hogging. Well, maybe that's what my little ears heard.

Have a wonderful 4th. Oh, yes potato salad is a must. I miss my little town up north; it was very festive this time of yr. (not so much down here and I missed the parade in Mt Dora cause of the rain) If the weather is ok, we might go to St Augustine tomorrow.

MidniteScrapper said...

What great memories you were able to list. Wonderful! We are having a big BBQ at the church after our worship service. I really miss being able to shoot our own firworks here. Too dry.
=( Have a blessed 4th!

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

My sister is here and she's making the pot salad so all is saved here! lol We have a Aldi's here, got watermelons for 99 cents, so I got 2! Have a blessed day, can you feel this special hug just for you!

Anonymous said...

OMG, I remember all those things! How fun.... Miss those old days! Papa and my brother would always help me with the fireworks but I loved the sparklers and snakes. Loved pink lemonade, too. My favorite was all the family getting together for a big bbq. Hope you had a wonderful 4th, Lea.
Love, Janie
I can't get over Sue saying she bought watermelon for .99 cents...we paid $7.00 in CA :( and it wasn't very sweet. :((

Paula said...

Your post really brought back fond childhood memories for me.
I grew up in the beautiful pacific Northwest, and July was always a celebration not only because we were honoring and celebrating our freedom, it also meant COMING OUT OF THE COLD, Wet DREARIES. Some favorites were

writing our names with sparklers
the smell of black snakes (the firework kind you light;-)
Mommas potatoe salad
knee high corn in the garden
we had the aluminum glasses as well!
homemade popsicles
watching fireworks on our backs at the old soldiers home.
Seeing the pride in the eyes of those old soldiers as they brought the American flag out and placed it in the place of honor.
The sight of the old soldiers home grave yard. Each grave had a little american flag placed on it. Even as a child I honor the sacrifice each one of those men and woman made for our freedom and will never never forget to honor them.
Chocolate Cream & Banana Cream pies
Our dogs being freaked out from all the fireworks.

Good times