Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Broken, Refilled, and Thankful

Greetings, and Holykisses on this Thankful Thursday,

Good morning!

It's been an interesting week, and I have so much for which I'm thankful.

Today's Random Blessings

1. I'm thankful for God's grace. To me; GRACE is the most beautiful word.
Without God's grace ... ---I'm doomed.
But by His grace, I'm saved.

"For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of
yourselves, it is the gift of God." Ephesians 2:8

2. I'm thankful for mercy this week, and thankfully I'm starting to get a greater
understanding of God's mercy that goes hand in hand with grace. For example, I had a situation
this week where I said something I wanted to take back afterwards.
Once you say something... it's out there and you can't turn back
the clock and make it go back in your mouth, no matter
how much you want it to. So along with His grace, I'm thankful
for His mercy.

3. I'm thankful for another beautiful word: "friend."
I Was blessed by a visit from my friend Debbie and her husband this week.
I hadn't seen her in so long, and it was so good to catch up on old times.
We shared memories of spending alot of time together at the alter.
A true friend will pray with you and for you, that's for sure.--
Circumstances, through yet another friend reminded me that even though life
gets busy and sometimes we don't get to spend the time together we'd like to,
that we're always there for each other when truly needed. She's been there
for me more times than I can count.
Blessings from above!

4. I'm thankful that the special peonies I transplanted, are growing! Even though
it froze last night, I'm believing
they're going to be alright! I'll take pictures soon- I'm so excited!

5. I'm thankful for the women inspired conference, and having the Word
poured out... and into my heart. I really needed this refreshing. I know so many people
who travel to Christian conferences and conventions.
For me; so far, it's just never seemed practical for me to leave my husband and family to
go. So being refreshed by other women through an online conference
has been incredible! I've been so blessed this week.
I hope the things I've gleaned will help me in my walk in
faith; moving forward in whatever capacity God wills.

The picture at the top of this post, is one I've shared before. I came across this jar in the woods near our old farmhouse. I knew from the moment I laid eyes on it that it was special. You can't
imagine what it means to me and how it lifts my heart.

This jar didn't start out a terrarium.
But it still has purpose.
To some it may appear that it's purpose had ended.
But look how God used this broken vessel.
Man did not recycle this jar,... but God did.
The life growing inside this vessel, is not only growing,... but thriving, and reflecting the Father's Sonshine. And that is it's greatest purpose of all.
What do you see when you look into it?

I have got to go get groceries. I am fixin my man something wonderful tonight.
I've been neglecting him a little... and we can't have that.

Yall have a great night.
does amaze me!!!

Holykisses xoxo

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