Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Happy TT,

Counting my blessings today...
Here are my random 5:

I'm thankful every day for our kids.  A friend of ours had a baby in the last 24 hours and it reminded me of those two special days our boys were born.  I'm so thankful for the men they've become.  Love being their Mom and love our time together.  I'm  blessed.

I'm thankful for Myguy... and I know I put these guys on my list but I dont' want to take em for granted. I'm so thankful.

I'm thankful that of all things.. this evening before dark, I went out to do evening chores and heard the strangest... sound??  Quacking... very happy quacking; ecstatic quacking... off in the distance??  Lo and behold... the puddleducks HAD WENT TO THE BIG POND all on their own.  I'm such a proud mother hen.*  

I'm thankful thee Xterra is almost done.  Been a big project.. but it's almost  finished.  Myguy's  putting the new seatbelts in tonight and maybe tomorrow; get the new airbags in.

Very thankful a loved one got through surgery okay, and so did a friend!  Waiting and praying for good results now.

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