Wednesday, February 24, 2010

God Seekers, and Thrift Finds

Happy Word Filled Wednesday Yall!

This morning I finished Luke and started in John.
I learned so many new things in Luke!!!... -- and this verse is one of many to engrave on my heart. God first!!!

Some of you wanted to know what I found yesterday.
First, I found another divine appointment! I met someone out of the blue, and the meeting was another God thing. You can't know how badly I want to share what happened but... all I can say is I know God crossed this path with purpose and I give Him the glory for it. It's amazing, if you pray for His leading in your life... cool stuff happens! I've been learning to pray a simple prayer like: "Lord, lead me wherever you will today... place people across my path that you want me to meet... and THY WILL BE DONE."

To share what I've found thrifting: ... the vintage book above was one of my finds. Not sure what it was for but it appears unused and has quite a few empty pages inside. I really liked the vibrant pattern of the inside covers. I don't know what it will become just yet.. maybe an Artsy book to record those "divine encounters?!!"

I also bought 4 sheets of new patterned papers to use inside of it that mismatch really well.
I know some of you are paper hounds like me, and will ask who the maker is? They're all from Graphic 45. The one above is Happy Homemaker. I got this at a scrapbook store.
The ones down here are from the same line, except the book cover on the left is from 7 gypsies.
The blue paper is Yours Truly, and the next one is the backside of the paper up above. They are all double sided papers. The one on the far right, is the backside of the blue one. I've never seen this line before ...but I like it! They are heavy papers too and remind me of the quality of Basic Grey.

I found a few other things thrifting, but I didn't take any other pics. Of all things, I found a 7 gypsies artist trading card holder at the thrift shop. At the counter, the clerk asked me what it was? When I explained it, she still stared at me with a puzzled look. lol I also found a shirt that makes me so happy! Most people would call it UGLY. ~But Ohwell... I happen ta like it! It's actually a tank top and usually I'm not crazy about wearing them coz my upper arms have seen a few better days. lol But this one I actually liked and figured I could wear it mowing at least. I looked at the tag and it said XL and I thought "Well...crud." :( I bought it anyhow thinking I could wear it over a long sleeve top. I took it out of the dryer today and it fits perfect. My wonderfully ugly tanktop fits me perfectly ... no matter what the tag says. Thanks God! Let's see... also found a pink leather Tiganello backpack for 1.50, and a couple vintage dessert dishes for ice cream and what not. I think they were .35cents. ~This evening I'm making Myguy, one of his very favorite meals: pork chops, mashed potatoes, gravy and corn. ;) I plan to use the purdy new dessert dishes for warm brownies and ice cream. It's good to make your man fall in love with you all over again...-every day... if ya know what I mean? lol Somehow? pork chops have this wonderful way of doing stuff to Myguy. ;) Speaking of which... I have a pan of brownies to bake without nuts! ;)
Much love...
Have a word filled Wednesday!


Jackie said...
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Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I love that vintage looking book, and would make a great journal for all your angel work! lol I'm needing a Hobby Lobby fix real bad, you had me at scrapbook paper! Hugs!!

Blissitydoodah said...

Oh could you produce some fabric out of that book lining??? Please?
Those scrapbook papers too...I'll do a whole house if you do...curtains and all.
Happy about your divine meeting :) and to think! You will meet again :) and I'll get introduced ...only...if your house and mine are in the same neighborhood...

From the Heart said...

Sounds like you had a great day shopping.

Denise said...

Nice finds.



Paula said...

ALoha Lea! Thank you for sharing your prayer of asking the Lord to make each day his day. It encourages me to do the same. I must confess that I get all caught up in my todo list, that I do take for granted he will do all this marvelous things. Still need to get my prayer shawl on DAILY!! Boy I am with Sue, you had me at scrapbook paper, hobby lobby and thrifting. Love the old red book, and your idea of it becoming a "Jesus encounter book" is a great idea. What makes me think so as well as it is red, as in the blood of Jesus makes all those encounters so meaningful. Yesterday was a "town day" for me,which are all dayers for me. I stopped at a thrift store that I have TRYING to get into since I moved here. The door was OPEN. PTL let the thrifting begin :-) I found a red shirt that fits just right. My grandmother turns 99 MArch 2nd. There will be a suprise party and all in attendance will be in red. Since I have no red shirt decided to join in with red. Also found an old china retangle plate from Ireland. So simple and sweet, and vintage silver (outside) red (inside)glass dish, and a vintage print of Lumahai beach. My guy's favorite beach here, so will send that to him. Little things, but I was so thankful that the Lord blessed me like he did!!! Sorry for such a long comment ;-)