Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Thankful Thursday ~ Gifts I Take For Granted~

Thankful Thursday at Truth 4 the Journey
Greetings and Holykisses,
I'm takin a quick break from mowing, so gotta make this fasssst!
Forgive any and all errors. No time to proofread.

My Random 5!!

Thank you Abba Father for my eyes to see. Eyes to look for you everywhere I go. Eyes to read you, and focus on who you are and what you mean to me. Eyes to guide me, and give me insight and revelations. Eyes to cry when I'm sad, and even cry when I'm oh sooooo happy .... Eyes to see the joy in my husbands' smile, to see the vibrant colors of the world around me and eyes to keep me on the right path when my will tends to wander. Thank you for your amazing gift of sight! I can see You!!!

Thank you Abba Father for ear to hear! I love to hear sounds of your creation. The singing birds, and the scolding mockingbird, the caw of our country crows. I love to hear the cows moo and Violet eeeawww her morning Hello! I love to hear a buzzing bee and listen to the soothing water in the creek as it rushes over the rocks. I love to hear my kids say I love you Momma, and Myguy say "Hey Baby!" I love to hear my own voice talk to you inside my soul and feel you beating inside my heart. Thank you God for your amazing gift of hearing! I can hear you!

Thank you Abba Father for fragrance! I love to smell the wild roses bloomin in the woods. I love to smell fresh cut grass with wild onions mixed in. I love to smell the petunias on the front step, and our bed freshly made with sheets dried on the clothesline. I love to smell fried potatoes cooking , and especially the sweetness of strawberry cheesecake snowcones! I love to smell a storm brewing and love to smell the cows and donkeys in the corral. Thee intricate way you scented nature overwhelms me. Especially a fence row of honeysuckle! Thank you for your gift of smell! You're fragrance is divine!

Thank you Abba Father for giving me hands to hold onto your word. Hands to hold Myguy, and squeeze my beautiful kids! Hands to hoe, plant, and weed.Hands to drink from the waterhose and wipe sweat from my brow. Hands to pray! Hands to exaggerate a great tall tale! Hands to roll out cinnamon dough, and sprinkle extra cinnamon sugar. Hands to wave and blow holy kisses! Thank you Lord for my two hands; I can feel you!

Thank you Abba Father for feet to walk. Feet to swing out of bed in the morning and carry me to the bathroom, and shower. Feet to drive my old chevy, and stomp on a shovel to dig in your rich earth! Thank you for feet to play footsie with Myguy, for feet to happydance, and run when I'm in a hurry. Feet to skip and jump and play. Feet to take me wherever you lead! .... Wherever you lead, my feet want to follow!

Thanks God for all these incredible gifts I take soooo for granted. Thank you for using our special someone to remind me just how blessed I truly am. These gifts all come from you. And so much more. Everything I have and am is all because of you. I'll love you with my new heart-- forever!


LisaShaw said...

What a beautiful list that reflects a beautiful grateful heart. I love you.

Verlene Brooks said...

Hi Lea, I'm new to your blog and I so love your post today!!!! thank you for sharing! verlene

BECKY said...

What a delightful Thankful Thursday post. Nothing is better than a heart full of joy and praise to our Lord!! I, too, love to praise Him for those things we all take for granted.

I'm glad I stopped by and got to read this!!
Joy and hugs, friend,

Denise said...

How great it is that our senses are assaulted everyday with His beauty! To enjoy it all is an amazing experience.


Denise said...

Such a precious list my dear friend, love you.

Yolanda said...


I can so see you doing every single one of these and I wish you could SEE the huge smile across my face.

I wish my home and your home was much closer together. What an awesome Season we are in, I can tell that spring is in the air!!!

Love YOU