Saturday, May 16, 2009

~His Banner Over Me is Love~

Greetings and Holykisses!

Is this photo a blast from the past or what?!!!
MYADHD, of Monkeys Are Funny, surprised me this week by mailing a box of my absolute favorite childhood sweets!!!!!!!!! I beebopped down the driveway to my mailbox and upon opening it, this surprise- box was just waiting in there! I hadn't ordered anything....? Then I saw thee cutest little red firetruck on the return label...... my very favorite firefighter on the planet sent me a package!????????????

Every Tuesday, at Monkeys Are Funny, Mary has a "special guest." It's always alot of fun to see who she brings back from our past! One Tuesday, I stopped by and Donny and Marie were there. I commented and I can't remember what I said but it was something to do with the fact that I used to love them I think and it brought back my chicko sticks and moonpie days.
It musta stuck in her head because thee other day she said she was standing in the candy isle and before her eyes were my favorite childhood treats. She bought them for me, and sent them all the way from VIRGINIA! How did i get so blessed? Thank you Mary with all my heart!!!!!! And please, if you haven't been by her blog go say hi! Tomorrow after church, ... that moonpie is soooo gonna be history! heehee ( I can hardly wait!) I've made a strategy to eat the chickosticks strrrrretching them out to savor them awhile!!! YeehaaaAAAA!
Then at the revival last night, my dear friend Maxi walks in bearing more gifts! She knows I love chocolate and gardening, so she blessed me with this chocolate mint herb! I had to show it to yall in case you want to make this up for a gift as well. It's soooo cute! She stuck the miniature hersheys in there like it's already bearing fruit! lololol I love it. If you rub the leaves, then smell.... mmmmmm it really does smell just like chocolate! Fat free too; which I need after eating all Mary's candy! lol

Speaking of the revival, we are on night 3.
We've been hearing about Noah, and how awful and evil the times were... that it saddened God so much that He decided to cause the great flood. Everyone but Noah and his family would be killed. Only Noah was blameless and found favor with the Lord. Why?... well the Word says that he did everything God commanded him.* That really hit home last night. That and the fact that Noah built thee ark as God told him, and it had never ever rained before. Now that's faith. Inspite of sarcasm from others, ....who thought he was nuts... a fruitloop... It took him 120 years to build thee ark and he lived on rainless ground, far away from thee ocean. He'd never seen rain! Talk about having faith, and a love for God! --- It re-affirmed to me; that in this day... when people look at me and think I'm nuts... a fruitloop because of my faith in Jesus Christ.... I'm gonna keep doing what He says, no matter what.
Speaking of rain, it's still been raining off and on here. I just walked out and took this picture of the puddleducks doing what they do best: puddleplay. Is "hairdoo" not a looker? I keep telling her it's her crown; to wear it proudly, and never mind when all thee other ducklings laugh and call her names.
This morning, I got a chance to hit a Thrift and Flea. Had a ball and found some fun things inexpensively. This plate squealed "Take me home!" Click on it and take a stroll through the park and stop and pet the horse pulling the flower cart! The back says California Poppy Trails. (Janie from Dixon will want to move into one of the Victorian houses!)
Been hunting bottles to alter for gifts and found a beautiful lot! The antique shaker will be filled with German glass glitter and the patterns cut for altered projects. Those were only .10 each. You can barely see them but two glass prisms are in front of the bottles. Somehow they'll be made into bottle stoppers. If any of you solder bottle tops, please write me!
This is a bottle I made for Phyllis of Blissitydoodah! She loves altered bottles too and this one went to live with her. I used a vintage hymnal to decoupage to the front and tied on a vintage cabinet key, and pinned some antique mother of pearl buttons to the tea stained cheesecloth.
Found the words "pearly" and "flower" and decoupaged those to the bottle neck, and then made a FLOWER out of a mother of pearl FLOWER button. You take a flower stemwire, and loop one end around the shank of the button and twist it, then use floral tape and go around all the wire, and add a couple velvet stems. Walaaa . The inside of the bottle was filled with micca flakes and vintage pearls... it's the kind of potting soil "pearlybuttons" prefer. Pearly buttons grow wild around the potting shed, and bloom by the light of the moon. -- I hope it's still blOOming for Miss Phyllis. heehee

Yesterday, we had some SUN! Could hardly wait to strip the bed and hang the sheets on the clothesline. Crawling into it last night was sheer heaven! Even Myguy noticed! There's just something about crisp sheets dried in the SONshine!!!

I'm off to start washing bottles and play in the craftroom for a little while before the revival. I can hardly wait for it to start!!!!!!!!!
~His banner over us is LOVE!~

"He has taken me to the banquet hall, and His banner over me is love." Song of Solomon 2:4
(my 10th Scripture challenge verse)



Yolanda said...


I love sheets on the line, take an extra snort of those sheets Girlfriend for me! Enjoy your play day. I thought of ya yesterday as I man let me in and out of a few Antique stores....I was a looking and hoping. I came out with a little glass bottle to store M & M's in. ;-)

Love ya like crazy!!!

LisaShaw said...

I'm so glad the revival is going well and it's so good to read and share some nuggets of your precious life with you. His banner is indeed LOVE that is over you.

You are in my heart and prayers dear sister. I love you.

From the Heart said...

Your posts always lift my spirits. You have so much energy. I use to do things like that and then a lot of things happened to my body and I just don't have the desire anymore, but I do like to see what others are doing.

Sounds like your revival is going well and your getting revived. Praise God.
From my heart to yours,

Laurie said...

Hi! What a neat gift from your friend. I love your post!
Blessings to you, Laurie

Sweet Magnolias Farm said...

Leah ...I got through part of your post ..and loved the chocolate mint package way to cute ..I gotta come back and read the rest but headed to a womens night at church ...I was reminiscing when you were talking about Noah and thats what you are being taught at the revival ..when I was a young teen at our church here in CA we had something called the Genesis Revelation can't remember exact name ..but it was all about the creation of the earth ..Noah and such ...There is alot more to take in than just the ark and 2 by 2 when you get down to the nitty gritty of what it was really all about !!! ..Our God is Awesome !!


Bliss said...

I had my hands on my bottle just today! I petted my button flower and told it it was pretty!

Well, look at all the bottles you found! Ten cents! Didn't those people know what they had???

I'm teaching about Abigail in the a.m....she sure was a brave wifey to go to King David out there in the wilderness with all that fried chicken and spaghetti and stuff. Wasn't she? Poor thing was unevenly yoked for so long. Anyway, God worked it out for her in time since she delighted herself in Him. I don't know whether she knew about David and the whole bathing on the roof episode or not...I guess she let bygones be bygones...

My daddy drank an RC with his Moonpie...

Edie said...

Looks like you hit the jackpot! Both in candy and in good friends. That ADHD-Jo is still the bomb-digity huh? I love chic-o-sticks too! They sell the bite-sized ones at Walmart and I picked some up not too long ago.

Have a wonderful SONday!

Barb said...

I like your bottle.
barbara jean

Denise said...

Thanks for making my heart smile, love you.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Lea,
Love that plate with the Victorian houses... Oh, how I would love to live in one! I also, love the puddleducks... way too cute.