Friday, April 4, 2014

The Dots Connecting and Scripture Picture

 Things change moment by moment
and we don't always know what
God's up to-
It's sure exciting though when something happens
right out of your ordinary- 

I'm pondering this morning a recent eagle encounter.
We don't get to see bald eagles very often at our house-
but recently one flew over me very low while I was 
standing outside of our shop.  
It came flying towards me ... and 
we looked right at eachother.
It was anything but
More like... OMG!!!
Never in my life had I made eye contact
with a bald eagle.  

 A few days later 
I was walking on our place and I can't even remember now
where I saw it but this feather was in my path.
I took a picture of it 
counting it as one of my gifts of the day.  
Realizing I had never seen one like it ... 
I asked friends on facebook if anyone knew what kind of bird it 
was from...
One friend added a photo of bald eagle feathers 
and they were identical.  
Another friend is a mountain man and he too
confirmed it.  
eagle feather.  
I wonder ...
could it be from 
"my" eagle?  
The one who flew over 
just days earlier and who
I painted into my art journal with
the EYE looking at me?
Gives me goosebumps.
-Goosebumps because that day I felt God telling me
to trust Him.  
I felt so much love that day.
Looking back through my journals 
I see so many dots connecting.
People connections.
Love connections.
 The more love
and love more
 Walking across the pastures not long ago I saw a rock
that appeared to have  a heart inside.
Carrying it home 
I took a hammer and 
started chipping the rough edges away.....
Love does  that too... doesn't it?
It even covers a multitude of sins.

My anchor verse for 2014
tells  me that God gives new hearts too. 

It really is 
all about the love.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Recording My Spring In A Garden

Good morning friends,
What a joy it's been this morning 
recording the first days of Spring inside this new 
handmade journal that was created with so much heart and
traveled all the way across the big Pond.  
Jeanie I love it so much... if you're reading here... thankyou!!!

 Each and every page inside is decorated so beautifully.
And she gave so much thought to all the things I really love...
Opening to the first page this morning... 
I begin.  
I hope to record all the beautiful things God shows me 
through nature, blooms, the weather, work, ... 
you get thee idea. 
 As our days warm, I hope to watercolor the things I see.
My friend Cor, had this garden book that is just like 
how I've been telling her I want to learn to paint and document 
my days in the garden.  She mailed it to me and it's such a delight.
I hope I can learn from it... and maybe I'll be adding 
little watercolor snippits to Jeanies journal up above.  
I hope by the end of the season my garden journal  gets fat from  Spring and
Summer around the shabby olde potting shed.
 One of the first things to record 
was today's  tomato intervention.
This flat of tomatoes has grown so tall under the grow lights 
and they're now getting unhappy not having enough dirt.
Today they were carried to the garden and even though I was gentle watering;...
they pitched a fit and threw themselves down on the floor.  
They're in the greenhouse now... to straighten up.
I need to add a little potting soil to their tops today and maybe they'll make it
to transplant date around the 10th.  Any earlier than that and I always regret it. 
I get so gungHo to plant tomatoes and yet....
they don't like it until the soil warms anyways.  
It seems that if I  plant them  too early... it's like taking  ten steps backwards
because they don't  thrive until they feel the heat.  

 The tomatoes I planted in dixie cups are doing much better than 
the other ones.  There's just not enough soil in those tiny flats...
and who wants to transplant them again in a bigger pot before
sticking them in the ground? 
 Not me.  
These are the little  things I live 
and learn.  

Last night I mowed alot.
Accidentally... ran over a couple bachelor buttons 
that reseeded from last year.  
So this morning I grabbed a bucket and started digging up
all the others to 
save their lives.  They were in the danger zone.  
Now they're moved into the garden and are next door neighbors
to Miss Daisy.  

It's soooo balmy out.  
The radar shows this ugly red band headed our way.  
We will be smack dab in the middle of it all unless
it changes course.  
The headline say severe,
and tornadoes possible.
 This too is Spring in Arkansas.
Below is my verse today.

We're trusting God to take care of us.
He IS  our refuge and fortress.

Holykisses, xoxo

Sweetness of Spring

 Hello April,
I've waited all Winter
to see you again.

Finally the jackets are shed,
and sleeves rolled.
Surely the soil is warming and 
soon it will be safe to plant peas and tomatoes, 
green beans, zucchini and flowers galore.  

This evening, after mowing the backyard, 
a few wave petunias were planted
in pots.  
Red ones!  
I had an already opened bag of potting soil on the floor in the greenhouse.
When reaching inside to  scoop out a huge handful to pour in a pot;
a billion or two  ants went running up my arm.  
That's an  unpleasant experience I'll just say.  
How fast the critters can find an opened bag of soil.
Last year; I left an opened bag on the ground outdoors and 
a month or so later it was full of night crawlers.  
That's just plain weird.

These boots are a little 
on the strange side too.
Mainly because they're concrete and appear
to be about a size 8. lol
I haven't planted them yet... 
-- only because  they should get painted first.  
and Turquoise?
 A day or two ago I was walking out back and spotted

 this feather.  
It wasn't around my chickens and I have no idea what 
kind of bird lost it.  
I've never seen one like it.  
Have you?

 When doing a bit of weeding around the Mums
I spotted this  little lady.  
Two butterflies, and a few honeybees 
buzzed happily in  purple clover. 

 This afternoon; Kayla and the  kidlets popped in.
The little ones  are growing like
 weeds aren't they?

 The tulips are all ready to open and 
praise the Lord.

This one already  is.   
I love looking in flowers....
As someone once told me, 
"Look into the flowers Lea.  They're your
glimpse of heaven."

Cleaning up around the shed tonight I noticed 
this planted chair is looking worse for wear.
If I can somehow get it  straightened out abit,
maybe it'll make it one more year.
Especially with another coat of paint.
Otherwise I'll be on the hunt for another.
A rocking chair that was my Mommas is getting  planted this year as well.
Everyone hated it because it was a fingerpincher. 
I've never planted a rocker before?
It too needs a couple coats of paint first.  

 While weeding around the olde hog water trough this evening,
I met this  handsome Prince.

 Last Fall, I planted  tulips on the edge of the woods.
Violet and Spirit haven't found them yet or surely
they would have picked them already.
Violet has a sweet tooth for flowers.
Especially Goldenrod.  
I penned everybody  up in the front after
finding this bunch so close to blooming.  

 Coming home this afternoon from a trip to Russellville,
I discovered goodies waiting  on the chair by the kitchen door.  
A turquoise dragonfly trivet and flowers to plant!
Who on earth?  
There was no note.  ??? 
Later, I found out it was my dear neighbor and friend... who left all this  love 
on the porch. 
What a joyful surprise to come home to.

Well it's after midnight and time to turn in.
Thank you for sharing Spring with me! 
Holykisses and sweet dreams.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring At The Shed

Hi friends,
It was so wonderful celebrating  the first day of Spring this week 
wasn't it?!!  
No doubt we'll have several frosty nights ahead of us still.  But seeing the grass 
begin to green, and the tulips jumping out of the ground is definitely 
a sight for sore eyes. 
 All the tomatoes, herbs and flowers are doing 
well under the grow lights.  It's been so nice just leaving them 
on these shelves and not having to move them all over from window to window 
this year.  The lights over this rack will have to be raised within the week.
 Remember I had a mistake with my strawberry order?  
Well; happily the company sent out the ones they'd forgot to add to my order, 
but yesterday....another box from them came so now I need to reimburse "them."  
I went ahead and planted them but definitely need to pay for em. 

 The first bunch I planted are looking like this already.
It's been a loooong time since we've gotten a mess of strawberries.
I want to pull some of the straw off when the weather warms and 
keep adding really good soil .
 I think I counted 47 plants. 
 This past week I planted the root crops.
Here are the baby rutabagas.  

 This olde wooden tote with the hoe handle 
got planted today with herbs.  
When they come up I'll probably have to carry it into the greenhouse 
for a week or two until the weather gets warmer at night. 
 Basil, Cilantro, thyme, parsley and sweet marjoram.  
I've never had sweet marjoram before-
at least that I know of.  
I love the name though!

Walking around the side of the shed the other day 
I scared this little thing half to death....
 Isn't she precious?  
There are large rocks off the front of the shed and one little grouping
underneath the rose of sharon has a little cave of rocks and the exit goes
right under the potting shed.  That's where this little cutie keeps hanging out.
I put a bowl of water there along with a little bowl of rabbit pellets and 
now I keep seeing her there.  
I hope she stays.  I don't mind bunnies in my garden. 
 I do think I'm gonna ask Myguy to help me set up a game camera 
aimed at this hole on the backside of the potting shed tomorrow though.
It's had something coming and going through it alot recently.
Maybe it's Momma bunny?  
I'm hoping it's not another groundhog.  
We should know in a couple days.  

I'm getting SO fond of the two Turks.  
They're kinda friendly!! 

 They love fresh grass...
 And the little guineas are getting their little
pokee dots!!

 Finding this  mound was a sweet surprise.
I "think" they're  the wild daisies I pulled and brought home in a bucket from the  mountains  last year.
Time will tell and I hope to add to it again  this year. 
The weeds are blooming beautifully right now.  
I can't even bear to mow. 
 Another sign Spring arrived was the tufts of corgi hair 
littering the house.  
They shed soooo bad!  ugggh!
Off to Sabrina they went  to get their 
Spring shave. 
They seem to LOVE the pampering and their groomer!  
We did have to get their sweaters out though. 
Francoise started to shiver  -poor thing.
They have it rough huh?
Last night as the sun was going down, the clouds parted and let 
this beautiful light through.  I had to run in and get my camera.  
As I stood at the fence, the bullfrog chorus began on the pond and it was 
a moment I wanted to hang onto awhile longer.  
I'm so thankful for changing seasons and find I always look forward to each one.  
Happy Spring dear friends,
xoxo Lea

Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Month Ago To Today

 I can't believe it's been a month ago today since
I last blogged here.  
This has been such a growing season for me even though
it's Winter still.  
I'm sorry I've seemed absent from the shed.  
Growing in the word, and in art
has really been a focus lately.  
If you ever drop in at my art blog you'll know what 
I've been up to.  

Anyways, this what it looks like at the shabby olde potting shed today.
It's chilly... has been incredibly windy 
but the grass is beginning  to green up! 
In fact; just this week; Myguy and I were walking down our long driveway
and he pointed out how tall the wild onions are getting.  You know how "they" are!*
They shoot up above the grass and are the first reason to mow.  
But I can hardly wait to mow them down and inhale their SPRINGISH 
strong scent.  It will be a delight for sure!
 Wanting to grow my own tomatoes n things from seed; I had spotted
a similar stand of growlights in a garden center catalog.
I tore it out and showed to Myguy about a month back and asked if he could make one.
The  price in the catalog was around 450.00!   He assured me that he could
most definitely make some for much less.  
Looking in his stash of pipe and stuff; he was gonna weld a stand; but worried it might  be 
too heavy for me to lug around.  And a day or two later while we were in Lowes he 
saw this set of shelves and said he could make grow lights out of it really easy.
It actually came with five shelves but we only needed two and he made it put it together so  as the 
tomato and flower plants grow taller;  I can raise the  lights to give them more room.    The lights are just chained on and 
are the cheap flourecent ones from Walmart.  Sorry I spelled flourescent wrong.. woops did it again.
I've tried to fix it and mental note to self... look it up and learn it later. 
Anyway, ... what we weren't sure of is if you could just use regular "f" lights - shortened coz I can't spell them... or if there is a different bulb needed.  We googled it a little bit and decided to give the easy to get cheap f lights a go.  
Planting all those seeds was so much fun.  I watered and plugged them in....
and waited...
and waited...
until the day Myguy heard me squeal "come look... we have one baby tomato!"  
Yeah just one was born first out of all those!  It was the prettiest little tomato seedling I ever saw.
Hope was reborn right there in a sprig of green.

As you can see in the photo above, I only had one of the black plastic containers that had a lid-
and it definitely did way better than using the dixie cups.  But... I'm pretty sure once they all get going, the dixie cups will probably be better in the long run because there is more dirt in them.  

 This is how they are doing today.  
I can hardly wait til our night time temperatures stay above freezing so I can 
lug the shelves/lights out to the greenhouse.  Then I wouldn't have to have the lights on them 
for long.  The afternoon warmth and sunshine will take over.  

Last year I ordered strawberries from a company that...
didn't deliver.  The box came in the mail and opening it, I discovered everything came
but the strawberries-  although it did say on the receipt that they were in the box but they weren't.   When I called the company who will remain nameless to tell them they forgot the 
strawberries, they then said sorry we'll get them out to you... then came 
back on the line and said, ... Sorry but guess what?... they're all gone now.
:(  I was so disappointed.  But they promised me "this" Spring they'd send them to me.

So... "this" Spring I placed another order from them and since I knew they were sending me those strawberries, I ordered yet another order of them.... totaling 2 right?  
They sent out an email thanking me for the order and they were mailed out so I finally 
figured out where to build the new strawberry bed.  Got that done, and here comes the box
of strawberries.  Opening it... there was only one order ...
it happened again!  
It even said on the receipt again two orders, but 
there was only one in the box.  
I just hated to call them again.  I even wonder if they believed me?
But I didn't lie and I really want what I paid for you know?

 This is what they looked like when I opened the box... 
Not much there... nope; just ten little berry plants.
They do have good strong little roots on them and I'm excited to get them going....
 This is the new bed looks like. 
Today it's still unfinished... but at least the berries found a new home.
In a different bed there were 17 other berries of a different kind strewn here and there so I dug those up and transplanted them all together.  Hopefully the other ten will come and we'll eventually have a real strawberry bed.  This weekend I hope to get a few bags of soil to put on the top of the weed barrier and then will add a little straw ontop.  That way the new runners will have something to grow in.  Throughout the summer I hope to build it up a little more.  
Myguy built the new bed up against this little rosebed.
  I hope the two get along okay. 
Rose meet Berry
Berry this is Rose.  
 This is a fairly current photo of the new guineas and turkeys.
Happily; all  6 made it... even through our cold snaps and another ice storm. 
The last storm I did bring them into the living room for a couple days though.
Didn't take long to smell like the barn in the house.  

The little fellers are  getting big enough now that I raised their brooder lamp again yesterday...
The guineas sure are flighty little things.  And the two turkeys ... I still can't tell if they're boy/girls?  
I sure hope at least one is a boy. 
But I'll love them no matter what.  
One day last week the weather warmed up and it was actually heating up in the greenhouse.  
I took my watercolors out there and started painting feathers.  
It was sooooooooo fun.  All the birdfeeders were full and the birds put on quite a show
outside the windows.  It really was hard to come back inside.  

I've much to learn with watercoloring but ... totally totally love it!  
Already I'm dreaming of sketching hollyhocks, cosmos, bluebirds, and dragonflies,
and sitting right out in the garden listening to the windchimes, while painting my little heart out.

The tulips are stretching to the sky now... and  calling to the buttercups 
who are already in full bloom.  
Spring is finally in the air 

Well, it's time to gather the eggs and go let Violet and Spirit out to pasture.  
I locked them in a stall because Gracie eats faster and then runs them off their feed
and hogs more than her share.  I'm sure they're standing down there wondering where I ran off to.
-- Before I go, I just want to say, ... I'm glad we connected here today.
I pray "you" have a wonderful day.
God bless you!
Love, Leaon Mary