Thursday, August 25, 2016

Living It Up

So while this may not be a scripture picture-
Thought I'd play around with a quote I came across the other day.  

For the past month, I've been a part of 
"project me" on Jenny Pentons Planner Perfect site.  
She makes really beautiful plan books that fit inside
traveler's notebooks.  
Going through sections of Body, Mind Soul,- I've  seen how easy it can be to go through life ... kind of existing
and just doing whatever happens next and sometimes that may not seem like
much.  As we age sometimes I know I can get a bit humdrum?  
But sometimes it just takes a little dreaming..
what would I like to do?
With God all things are possible.

I want to live like that.  

Day in Day Out

Hello friends,

First thing in the morning I do my devotional and bible studying.
Then I write out my day... how I prayerfully want to follow God and 
how to spend the hours of my day.   Things that have to get done, ... and things I want to do as well.

I can hear my Momma tell me as she entered the final days of her life.
-- I want to remember that and live that out.  

Writing in my planner insert  has become something I absolutely love 
and look forward to.  When I go to bed at night ... my 2 books go with me.
I like to do a daily examen in one and record where I saw God through the day.
Often... things happen that are so out and beyond my simple little plans... and you can just
see God's hand in things.  How He connects your  dots with people and sparks
thoughts, ideas, all kinds of things you could never come up with yourself.  
Writing them down... so I don't forget... 
-- I tell ya re reading them is so encouraging and uplifting.  

Then in my planner book I usually grab a set of watercolors off my nightstand and 
just put some color on a couple pages while we watch tv.  I doodle, and write the days 
date at the top, then let it dry overnight so it's ready the next day.  
I'll share more about that in a minute but first... 
I need to change the whole subjet coz I also want to share with yall 
that Myguy helped me last night with some of the worst ant hills.

For two days now I've not seen ANY ants on our counter. 
thank GOD... at least inside the house it's been much better. 
In the photo above I was so glad he helped spray that giant mound.  
It was nightmare material I'm telling you.  You can tell how far back I stood. 
When you stir up that pot.. I'm tellin ya... it boils over and will indeed
crawl up ya.  

 Today I went back out there and there were piles of dead ants on that hill.
I took a stick and dug in there though and there were still LOTS of the army left. 
I did pour a mess of this borax in it awhile ago like you "anonymous" said to try.  
Thank you so much for the comment and I hope it does something.  
It's pouring rain now so it's probably making ant bubbles like crazy.  
I read to mix some sugar and borax together and put it on your counters in places etc?
It said the ants will come and eat it and take it back to the colony... but heck I dont want to do that.
I don't want to LURE more in?  I've tried terro and ant baits and that was a bust.  
If the borax works I'll be going all along our fence in the dog yard where those big hills are.
I hate that I'm scared to mow.  I don't know how I have managed to get them on me like that...
but I'm telling you the bites are awful.  They last a good week before they get better.  
Okay I'll let you know on the ants if this works.  
Oh my gosh I hope it does.  They're  mean little buggers.  
-- Okay ready to change the subject again?
Back to journaling/ and planning.
 This was a my Monday.  
And I just wanted to share because I'm   loving adding photos to the  pages.  
I'm using two printers.   
One is a canon selphy and the one that made this photo is a Polaroid zip.  
I'm sharing just in case you haven't heard of them and are into journaling etc.  
The selphy makes 4x6 photos and they're very good quality.
This zip is not quite as good but the photos are small like this and have
sticker paper which I LOVE!!  
That lil grandgirl is sure fun to make into stickers!
I had to order more of the paper a couple nights ago.   

Here is another page from this week.  
I love going back and reading the WORD and seeing what happened that day.  
We all have a story to tell!    
Sometimes I've thought my life is so small.  
But it's not ... not really.  Because God's in it and love... and so much love and joy
and friendship and real life is unfolding beautifully.  
Just thought I'd share.  
Last of all .... 
 Is this new Midori!!!! 
So okay; I do have several traveler's notebooks but "this" is 
my first ever real midori.  
Myguy gave him to me for my birthday so he's extra special to me. 
I haven't written in him yet but I think I'll start Sept 1. 
He'll be the one who travelers with me everywhere I go.  
I hope for him to live to the hilt... because every day is a gift right?  
Okay I gotta get off here and get my rear end in the kitchen! 

Share your story!  
Leaon Mary xoxo 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Ants in Your Pants

 Got ants? 

Last year the biggest insect problem we had was red wasps.  This season.. 
it's ants.   
After getting attacked twice when I mowed our dog yard; I started reading about them.
Not only have we been finding huge hills in our pasture and yard, but  armies
covering our house... - at times  invading  our counters as well.  
We've been buying everything we can get our hands on to try and get 
rid of them!  The little red ones and the carpenter ants.  

Can't wear sandals anymore or if you stand in one spot for a moment
you'll regret it.  It's that bad.
When I mowed my walking paths in the back pasture I came across
the little town being built in the photo above.  
Looks like little skyscrapers.  

 This is what most of them look like in our yard.  
Step in that and stand for two seconds... and you're in big trouble.  
 This is the biggest one I've found so far.  
It covers the entire span between an H post. 
Not sure what kind of ants these are.  
It's scary to mow because on the rider even when you hit one
sometimes ants go flying out the side of the mower and if the wind is right and 
anything blows back on you; it's katybarthedoor.  

If any of you knows of anything that seriously kills them let me know.
If we could buy a herd of ant eaters we would. 
Least when I walked out back to take the photos I found another  new 
Jay feather for my collection.  Isn't it beautiful?  

Time to rustle up some supper.  
Leaon Mary xoxo

Monday, August 22, 2016

A Good Day

 Another fresh start today.  
 -Only 60 degrees when I glanced at the thermometer.  
60 cool -sweet degrees!  
What a treat 
and sweet reprieve. 

I hope everyone had a good weekend. 
Yesterday when I went into the greenhouse 
I found another butterfly caught inside.
It became a new scripture picture so help yourself to it if you like it.  

After my devotional today and morning chores  I drove to see
the girls for awhile.  It'd been a long week since I'd held this little
wildflower and we rocked right into the afternoon.  
She held my finger awhile and I told her how much her Grama loves her
and we sang this little light of mine a few times. 
I think she liked it.  

A dear friend sent me this beautiful bouquet of flowers this week.  
See the back of the pink daisy behind the yellow rose?
 -Well, I  kept looking at all those beautiful pink petals and finally got up and 
pulled it from the vase.  Looking at all those ruffles; I  set it on my lap-  (the fabric is my nightgown)  The photo has so many patterns in it and reminded me how 
different and unique God made us all.  

Well it's gettin late- about time  to go find that nightgown again.  
Sweet dreams yall,
Leaon Mary 

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Seed To Save, and Scripture Picture

The garden is a hot mess these days.  
By early August I all but stop  weeding.  
The flowers and weeds mingle together and are given free rein.  
The hardest part of all is letting the flowers die.  
But dying is part of living and 
the circle of life goes on.  

I wish I could remember what the flower above is called?  It's camelia something?
Maybe one of you remembers.  I grew them in my very first real garden in Northwest Arkansas.
Finding the seed again was thrilling and I've saved it and
the plant is wonderful for reseeding itself as well.  

I'm pretty sure these are new babies right here.  
They may actually have time to grow and bloom before first frost.   
That is if the roots have found soil since I did lay cardboard down for mulch.  
Time will tell. 

I'll  let these pods dry out abit and will save some even though 
they pop up all over the garden anyways.  I think I'd like to start some up at my Mommas 
olde homeplace.   
 My dear olde friend Gardenerwoman got me completely hooked on basil.  
I will absolutely enjoy gathering seed from this bunch.
The heavy scent... is intoxicating!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
I will never forget Gardenerwoman  handing me a dixie cup of basil that she'd planted herself.
"Thankyou," I replied for the thoughtful gift.
"Don't thank me," she scolded.  
"You must never thank someone for a plant."  
I smile just now thinking of her.  
Gardenerwoman  taught me so many things about life as I followed her around.  
We talked about God alot and she often scolded me with great love.  
My favorite scolding was her saying, 
"That's not for you to worry about... THAT'S God's business."  
(she was so right)

I saw much of her today as I walked around my own garden.
She saved and shared her seed with me in more ways than one.  
Notice the trumpet vine growing up the front of the greenhouse here?
Yep; that was her seed too.  

 Soon as it dries up around here I'll be spending hours saving seed. 
Here's a mess of  fennel- one of my most favorite of all time plants to grow.
The swallowtail caterpillars love it and it's so feathery and flowy ... I really
can't get enough of it.  And who doesn't love the scent of black licorice?  
Okay maybe alot of you don't... but I could nearly roll in it like an olde calico in  catnip.  

The zinnia are also another yearly gathering.  
Most are  left to bloom their heads off in the garden but I do love jarfuls of cut flowers as well.
The more you cut the more they bloom it seems.  
But then it all winds down eventually ... to this.   
Lately I'm becoming more selective and tend to save
these giant cactus zinnias the most.  
The apricot pink, and salmon colored ones are my very favorite!  
That shade of pink against the blue 48 chevy is a color combo I'm smitten with.  
 I noticed today that there are a few new buds on this bunch over here.  
They will likely be the last bouquet of the year.  
 The little campfire did so well and was a blast to watch grow.
After the petunias withered up in the pot that hung over the "fire,"
I took it down and hung a hummingbird feeder until the marigolds
are all spent.  I've been hoping they  hurry on up because I think I could
pull those out and replant and maybe they'd be blooming right on time for Fall.  
The seed I'll save though.  There's gonna be a lot!  

 Part of me loves the wildness and letting go of it all right now...
And my extra time can be spent painting and art journaling instead.  

Well, I need to start some supper for my sweetheart.
So I sign off with a scripture picture.  

I looked up the meaning of water lilies and read several 
different things.  My favorite was "pure in heart."  
So this scripture seemed fitting.  
Enjoy and 
have a wonderful weekend,
Leaon Mary xoxo