Saturday, December 10, 2016

Day 10 So Long Myrtle...

She was worn out.
Overworked; used and abused.
Rode hard and put up wet.  
But we loved her.  

 An 8 N Ford tractor called:
 One eyed Myrtle.  
She was held together by angels
and baling wire.  
And I do mean that.  
 This was a few short months ago ...on her last
run.  She could barely move today... when we loaded her up on a trailer and 
 said our goodbyes.  
So long Myrtle... 
We'll remember you forever.  
I watched as Myguy drove her to her new home
and she layed down right there. 
(yes really) 
 Then moments later; Myguy came around the corner guiding a forklift 
with a new brush hog to load on our trailer. 
It is such a blessing to get some modern equipment on our place.  

Hopefully they'll run a good long time.
They sure don't make them like they used to that's for sure.  
It's rather strange having something with paint 
and shiny?
Myrtle didn't even have brakes anymore.  

I found this picture today that I took of Myguy in the last couple years.  
We'd been; I think riding motorcycle  and he was wearing this  tshirt that one of our sons had given him. When we got home he'd decided to brush hog my walking trails and didn't take the time to go change clothes.  When I went out there and 
saw him drive by; well,  it was truly a Kodak moment.  Those wings.  See: angels really did hold Myrtle together a long time.  <3 nbsp="" p="">
So Long Olde Myrtle.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Day 9 When It's a Win Win

 Last night was to be our coldest night of this season so far.  
At bedtime; Myguy and I made a little bet of what we thought the low 
would be.  I said 18 and he said 21.  
"Okay... If I win.. we go to Starbucks for gingerbread latte's and go look at Christmas lights," I said. 
"If you win...what do you want to do?" I asked.
He said, "If I win... we go to Starbucks and get you that  gingerbread latte, then go to Mcdonalds and get me a diet Coke.  Then we'll  go look at Christmas lights." 
Ha!  I love Myguy!   

 Today I baked M&M cookies,
white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies,
and peanut butter M& M cookies and took them to him at the welding shop today
to set on the break room table.  
Peanut clusters and reindeer food too.
Only just a little while ago I found the peanut clusters in bags still in our refrigerator.
I forgot to put them in the bag with everything else! lol
How in the world did I forget peanut clusters?  That's just WRONG.
Oh well... tomorrow's another day; God willing and the creek don't rise. 

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Day 8... Be Loved and New Recipe Book

Last night I was trying to  finish some things up before bed when my phone dinged a text.  I picked it up and it was from our son Tony.   All it said was, 
"I love you Mom."  
Those 4 beautiful words. 
I just thanked God for that-
then sent love back to him.  

Lately; I've been getting alot of texts from our boys that go like this:
"Hey Momma... how do you make your pumpkin bread?" 
"How do you make those peanut clusters?" 
"How do you make that gravy?" 
"How do you make goulash?"
"How do you make pizza casserole?"
-- It's not just been one son; but both with food questions.
It warms my heart every time.  
Since they've been asking;
I decided to start writing my recipes in a book,
that way if something happens to me ... they can still have 
these foods that they were raised on. 
On the cover I painted one of the little jars that I bake Jesus' birthday cakes in
to give as gifts.   
That recipe will go inside as well.   

-Speaking of recipes; hamburger meat for tater tot hot dish  is frying on the stove.
I'd better get back to it.  

Beloved,   (thankyou JL)


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Day 7 Scripture Picture

 At 5:30 a.m-"ish" ...the day gets started when
 Mr. Coffee finally squirts out enough Black Silk coffee to fill my oversized
mug.  One shake of the powdered creamer and two large tablespoons of Stevia are stirred in
using a red-handled Pioneer woman spoon.  Sometimes ...a third 
spoonful of sweetener is needed.
to take the bite out  of this welcomed,
 dark brewed jolt of morning goodness.  

This early morning ritual is one of my favorite times of the whole day.  
Especially settling in at the table here;
snuggled under a fluffy, Berkshire blankie and 
tootsies warmed by smart-wool socks and two pembroke corgies.  
As I shared yesterday; my new books have been...challenging.
But the one I struggled with; may now be my favorite.  
I'm glad I didn't wimp out.  

In the photo above is the Advent Illustrated book.  
If you read the whole cover you'll see we are back to the word Light again.  
Coincidence?  Hardly!  As the new year approaches I'll share more about it; but I'm 
hoping to discover even more in the days to come?  

Through today's lessons I learned about "time," 
That in Greek there are two words for time-
kairos and chronos.  
From what I understand kairos is not something we measure by the calendar but more like
God's timing.  And the other: chronos is measurable and how we set our watches. 
(This part of my devotional was through the book Come Lord Jesus.)
As I wrote the two Greek words for time and their meanings in my traveler's notebook;
I thought of this ornament on our tree. 
It became today's scripture picture.  After clicking publish, I'll print it out and add it to my notes.

You're welcome to it as well. 
Leaon Mary

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Day 6 When Keeping It Simple Snowballs

It all started out with good intentions.  
Let's simplify things this year.
Let's really focus on the true meaning of Christmas.  
Less chaos,
less hustle and bustle, 
and less stress.
Sounds good doesn't it?  

For "me" that also meant choosing  new books I was interested in 
 to read through Advent.  
I decided to once again go through Ann Voscamp's book
The Greatest Gift.  
Then I chose two other new Advent books
as well as Advent Illustrated so I could also bible journal
my way through Advent as well.  
Thing is;'s been annnnnnnnything but simple.  
Mainly because of the book above.  
The title is very significant for me.... and maybe in time I'll share why-- 
But as you can see by the cover; there are several authors for each day.  
Some; I'd never heard of... and some of the day's readings are really long.  
Normally that would still be fine but truth is..
I've had a really hard time grasping some of these devotions  
I read... stop... shake my head... start over... stop...
pray... " and continue on.... 
There was a point I just wanted to say enough already- and 
admit defeat with this one.  But I press on and then something clicks and 
before I know it my nose is pressed to the page and I'm dog earring and underlining...
and shaking my head again- only as a "yes I get it"  nod instead of a wag... 
I really thought I bit off more than I can possibly chew.  Yet,  I want more... and look forward to tomorrow. 
If anyone reading here has read through this book or is in it currently; 
please let me know.  

Until tomorrow....