Thursday, August 10, 2017

More Love

Howdy friends,
I'm fixin to go journal in the olde porch swing;
but first wanted to jump on here and share some encouragement.    

I've decided to start adding  inspirational
and encouraging quotes here at the shed
along with the scripture pictures.  
Feel free to share.  

This feather was on my path near our pond.  
Could be it was found just for you.  

Out of the blue this week; a friend texted 
me a flower that she made with a face. I told her  I'd make one to send her
as well. 
And this is it.  
I share it with all of you.  
I also cropped it for a scripture picture.
This verse came to me  when someone asked what my special scripture is.  
Once again it's all about the love isn't it?

Have a beautiful day,
Love, me.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Documenting Faith, Memory Keeping and Sonshine

 Hello from the Shed!
It feels so good to be plopped in this olde wooden chair
and sharing bits of life with you today. 

I've had interest in the past of how I document my faith and also art journaling,
so today's post will be another  peek into my faith journal and July's memory keeping.
Honestly, art journaling has taken a back seat with all the mowing and gardening I do.
But ... I miss it and in trying to be more intentional with my life; art journaling needs more

This book pictured; is my 2017 faith Journal.
I have another like it from two years ago but last year I didn't do it this way and missed it so much.

I take no credit and did not come up with any of this on my own.  I learned this through  Documented Life and Art to the 5TH.  I can't thank them enough
because I love these books sooooo much.
So this is a soft, dated,  Moleskine planner.  The paper is awesome... takes a fountain pen really
well, and they just feel good in your hands.  Especially after you washi tape all the edges of the pages.  There is one extra blank page for every week and that's what I totally love!  Because that
is the page you can add to... and paint, glue, add photos, tipins, ... and record your life, or
in this case; my faith!  

One thing I have to share in case you create one yourself is something I wish I'd have done
differently.  I added all my monthly tabs on the top.  I don't know what I was thinking?
The elastic band goes across the top... ?   The last one I made, I did tabs on the side and it
worked out a lot better.  So far the elastic isn't messing up my tabs but she's getting really chunky...
Before long they will start dog earring.  
Anyways, this is my week so far.  
During my time with God;  whatever verse stands out to me; I write it on that day.
Sometimes, it comes through a devotional, or ... through a friend, or sermon, ..
you just never know.  

The verse of the week through the group Documented faith, is the one I wrote on the photo
of the nasturtiums.  I wrote it in my own bible's translation and used a white signo gel pen with a broad tip.  It kinda messed up writing ... and is almost used up so I ordered more - a set of three on Amazon for little over six dollars with prime shipping.  One of my favorite pens for journaling!
The photo I attached to a piece of scrapbook paper, and taped with washi as a "tip in" so it can be flipped to the other side.  If you've never tipped something in before and want to- I would suggest
also adding another piece of washi to the other side for stability.   
Flipping that tip in I glued my handwritten verses from
Documented faith's weekly print out.  
I don't think it's ever too late to sign up there so check it out if you're interested.
I enjoy it and look forward to every week.  

As you can see in the page above, I added another two more tip ins  below the print out.  
One is clipped in... the other on the bottom flips up.  
On the back side is hidden and sacred journaling that  I can't share ... 
But, I also shared a memory of my mentor when she asked me what I thought of 
following my heart.  Everyone always says: follow your heart.  
Do you think that's really right? she asked one day. 
I had an answer on the spot  but found myself thinking on it all day.  
Because as the day wore on I started thinking about the so many things I put before God.  
It came back to me all over again when  writing Monday's verse "But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you."  
Seek first... 
Back to the heart thing... 
Yeah I do think it's right to follow your heart-
So long as my  whole heart is following Jesus.
seek first--
and follow Him--

Next, is a  peek into my little personal sized traveler's notebook.
This tn is the my favorite leather ... ever: Kodiak. 
It's rugged and thick yet supple and feels so good to hold.  The maker is 
Speckled Fawns on Etsy.  
It's a book I enjoy so much that I look forward to using it.  
When I order there, I  always leave a message that I love range marks and brands.
Also I asked for the moon shaped peep hole.  I still need to find something tiny to slip in there
to show through. Anyways; ... 
I like picking it up... squeezing it... it smells awesome and is a fun size to keep memories. 

So cracking her open, 
here are a couple pages of  "memory keeping."  
Throughout the day, I grab my camera or phone and snap lots of photos of things
that jump out at me.  Here I was riding with Myguy in the olde 66 Chevy he brought home
for me several years ago.  I love taking photos of our vehicles to document because
they're always something we look back on and say remember when we had that olde
 Chevy or Ford... etc etc.  Cars and trucks are fun things to remember! Especially for
guys like mine; they're all motorheads.  Some day... they will open these books
and remember how much their folks loved eachother.  They'll remember
this olde Chevy truck... and all the good times we've had in it.  They might
recognize what road we're on ... remember the rose I keep on my dash... the turquoise
handkerchief and dream catcher... and how I liked holey jeans. There's just a whole lot of story in
a simple photo like this.  

I know in memory keeping; getting photos printed can be a total pain.  
Having your own photo lab is so much easier and enjoyable I think and
that way you can just print what you want ever day.  I have a canon sephy that prints 4x6 photos.
Also a Polaroid Zip.  The zip usually sets on my nightstand so I can add photos and jot down a memory every night.  Otherwise I use the selphy if I want something better quality and bigger.  The zip is handy though because it has sticker paper so you don't even need glue.  The photo's are just  not as clear though so if it's
something I really want to capture ... I go with the 4x6 and cut it down to size.   
Here is another page I thought I'd share.  
We were in a flea market type place and if we'd have had a place for it..
this chair woulda come home with us.  We both sat in it and loved the look.
It's an antique rocker that looked tiger oak... and had a cowhide seat and back.  
So often antique rockers are kinda rickety... but this one was solid.  
Geez... -- I took a photo and walked away... fast.  If we would have 
brought it home... something else had to go. With this photo.. the lesson I learned
that day... is what I really hope to remember?  You can have too much stuff!
And if something new comes in... something else has to go.   
Now this was from yesterday.  
I had our grandgirl all afternoon and she's 
 into evvvvverything now.  Ohmygoodness! 
 She has a lot of toys here but now loves
my plastic baking things... measure cups... metal measuring spoons and tubs... I think she's gonna love baking!  I can feel it!

--Here; later in the  afternoon, she started getting so sleepy.  I was holding her and we were listening to 
the message music channel on tv.  It plays all my favorite praise and worship music.  A song came on I knew well, and I turned her around in my arms lengthwise like when she was a tiny baby.  She reached up and yanked on one of my hoop earrings and I smiled and went "ahhhhHHHH!" she giggled that glorious giggle and I swear it was mischief... she yanked my earring again.  I went AHHHHH! and she giggled smiling so big...  Then the chorus of my song came on... and I started singing with all my heart... and swaying in the living room with babygirl... her eyes drifting.. and then she fell  dancing in the living room.  It was  this ... "moment."  The ordinary... extraordinary... beautiful thing happening.  As I sat down on the couch with her... I closed my eyes and prayed... thanking God for her... and then prayed for her...Afterward, I grabbed my phone and snapped a pic -- It didn't turn out too great but the moment was captured and that's the important thing to me.  So this verse with a thankful heart... went on the photo:
"For this child I have prayed and the Lord has granted the desires of my heart."
1 Samuel 1:27 

Alright...before I sign off for today... 
I leave you with a new scripture picture.
Feel free to use and share it.
Thankyou for visiting me here at the potting shed!

Til we meet again, 
Leaon Mary

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Missing and Dragonfly Kisses

 Missing someone can put an awful ache in a body.  
Probably most of us have known that ache in one way or another. 
This week; I was just feelin it.
-- That loneliness ya know?  
This bible was a gift from Mentor who went home to Jesus  and the verse  highlited in purple;
that was her verse.  
"Thus says the Lord,
Stand in the ways and see, And ask for the old paths, where the good way is, And walk in it; Then you will find rest for your souls.
But they said, 'We will not walk in it."

There's this worn path I walk almost every day....  
It's hard... and  usually this piece of my trail always gets me thinkin of  "the good way."

Out there walking; I think of my friend and mentor Cora a lot.
Mostly because all the things I wonder about in the bible ... I could ask her.
I wonder a lot and have so many questions....
Cora didn't mind all my wondering ....
She was trust worthy and really really really liked digging deep in the Word.
Man I miss her.
Been missin my Momma too.
Last night on my walk I kept seeing dragonflies.
They were everywhere!
 I wrote a journal entry  from that walk.  
The  dragonfly was on a  gate in the back pasture.   
At one point I realized I even had my Life is Good "dragonfly" shirt on. 
"Dragonfly kisses, Momma."  
With brave wings I fly.  

Alright friends,
Time to sign off.  
Myguy should be home soon.  
Until we meet again, 
Leaon Mary

Monday, July 17, 2017


 Hi friends,

A few snippets of the past days  have looked like this.
Spending mornings on the back porch.
Coffee and Jesus.
Well; til I start to melt that is...
Really getting hot here!

 --Also reading back  through a Summer study that I've done before
but since it's an online group this time I've been enjoying
it... all over again.  Even actually did the collage I'd put off, and glued  it inside my 
traveler's notebook.

It's kind of crazy the things on our journeys that on a given day;
something clicks anew and we can get  new perspective.
Things that maybe we feel like we're going through the motions and yet
the living of it out... is bigger than we know.

After a morning devotional,  I started ripping off pieces of washi tape
and sticking them onto a journal page.
Funny how we humans so often compare ourselves to others- but I'm  glad....  we're are not all the same.
That God gives each one  unique gifts and created us
for special purposes.
While thumbing through my old notebook, I came across a list.
It was my fifty things list that I wrote out around my 50th birthday.
It was kind of  like a bucket list only... things I would have loved to have done
before the very "next birthday."  It was written  almost three years ago now.  
Reading back through my list; there were so many  things I didn't do.   
Really cool stuff too; that I would still love to do.
Like learning more about photography for one!
After seeing that on my list; I got my camera out and
charged the batteries.  She's going with me more often.

Growing new things is also on my list.  
This season has had a lot of trial and error of that.  
But you don't know if you don't try right?  
Like trying new corn seed... some worked and some not so much.

I learned pollination and privacy fences are not a very good match.  
So adding to my new 50 things  list is finding and creating a  new site for a corn patch.  

Shucking and blanching corn sure didn't take long this year.
Least myguy will have a few meals to enjoy into cold weather.
I'm not a big corn eater like he is... so
those frozen bags are all for him.   

Some of you know; we've been working on old fences a lot.  
  We got a little start back into cattle and it's been time for a bull. 
When we went to pick one out Myguy tried to get one that he thought would be 
about the right size.  -- Happily; he seems about right.  He's young
and not crazy either so that helps.  Hope he stays home! 
As soon as he finished his grain he walked off checking out his new boundaries,
and had a new girlfriend.  They are all doing so well and so far he hasn't 
chased me or anything when I've been out walking.  We've had mean bulls before that
would chase you right up a tree.  We do have a heifer that I don't trust at all.  
She's usually fine; and won't go out of her way to get me but once in a while if she's feelin froggy; she'll start chasing 
our corgis and then when she gets in that mood; she throws her head down at me
too like ... "old lady... let's see you run."  
One day I was near the woods and she started with that and I had to get a big 
branch off a tree.  lol  When she came trotting at me... I smacked her in the head 
and yelled at her and that really made her mad.  lol  
Now when I'm out walking if I see her... I turn around and just go the other way.  
I wonder what she'll be like when she has a calf one day.  

They've all warmed up to eachother now- forgot to mention,
We brought this cow/calf pair home as  well. 
I absolutely love the Momma cow.  
I'm so glad Myguy loves cows so much!  

Well, I was just in for a break from mowing,
but better get back to it.  
I leave yall with a scripture picture.

This beautiful bunch of peaches was a gift from our son's future Mother in law.  
I'm saving the pits and will plant them in the hopes they grow!  
Have a wonderful day,

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Savoring The Sweet

 Hi friends,

Hope yall have had a great week ... 
Those of you who have shared with me that you too are trying to set goals and make
healthier habits; I hope it's been a good start!  
If you've struggled at all yet... 
give yourself some grace and keep trying! 
I'm cheering you on!  

So far, so good; getting back in a  walking routine for me.   
My new hikers are making my feet happy and that 
means a whole lot to me.  
I wouldn't recommend wearing your seemingly  comfy cowgirl boots every day
all day; like I have in the past few years. 
I'm just sayin, coz could be you hit 50 something and your feet might
start griping about it like mine.  
Alright... movin on, thought 
I'd share some of life since I last wrote.

 I know many of you are my garden buddies.  
Well here; I picked the first corn that was ready.  
This was  Myguy's supper one night.  Well... that
and some sloppy Joes.  
This corn looks pretty in the picture but honestly the 
patch is a big disappointment.  
I'm not sure if it's because I changed corn seed or..
if it's because of the privacy fence we put up near the patch but it's really
not doing so hot.  Maybe too shaded?  
Next year I'm moving it all.  
And... unless things change and the ears start growing better on the rest of the stalks,
I may change back to my preferred seed.  This is kandycorn but my old faithful seed
is from Gurneys.  
Time will tell .... 
I've learned to not give up on corn.  
A storm can come through and lay it all down and
three days later it can start standing back up again.
I've seen it happen.

After checking  sweet corn,
I ran up to the postage stamp garden and checked Indian corn.
Opening the first ear... this was what I found!
The seed is called Painted Mountain and I got it from Bakers creek.  
Who knew all that was going on inside those covered cobs.  
I opened a few to see inside....
The donks were in the front pasture and came to beg
at the fence.  I give them sweet corn but this corn
is for keeping til Autumn.  'Sorry Spirit.. not this time ole boy."

 I didn't open very many but the colors... 
are so vibrant and pretty!

 Would you not wear these as beads around your neck and wrist?
I sure would.  
Since it was all ready and starting to dry at the bases I plucked them up;
rebuking chiggers and copperheads the whole time
The grass had gotten quite tall in there and I couldn't see what I was stepping into.  
It was kinda scarey.  Who am I kidding.... there was no kinda... - it was flat out scary.
Especially since I've killed a copperhead at the wellhouse,  and found snakeskin at the edge of the garden there.  (man I hate snakes; chiggers too)  Soon as I got home I got in the shower and
scrubbed with a loofah and tossed clothes straight in the wash.  
If any of you have ever been "ate-up" by chiggers before;... you understand.  If you haven't...
well, I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.   
 Before we wind up the garden things; here  is yet another favorite of mine.
It's called Moon and Stars watermelon.  
The little yellow speckles (moons and stars)
makes me so happy.    
I have hopes for  this  little baby to ripen and 
grace a pioneer woman bowl.
 The  roses from David Austens are still doing faaabulous!
Look at these ruffles yall.  
I've not cut any to bring inside and probably won't this year. 
But next year after they're better established; I hope an antique 
Cross Jar will be  spilling over with them on our table.  
Every time I walk by these, they say, "Come smell me."    
 This rose- AspenRose; was happy to ride shotgun 
in the olde 66 chevy to get her hair done.  
Funny; I haven't spent a nickel on my  own hair at a salon in almost two years,
but our dogs... get the royal treatment.  
Poor Aspen was about to roast in her wooly coat of many colors.  
It's gotten sooo hot down here and she just gets miserable.  
She has her own fan in my art porch and keeps 
 herself plopped right in front of it.  
Now that she's shaved I aim to take her walking with me a lot more.  
She's such a chunk ... and you know what they say...
 we start resembling our pets.  
Oh Aspen Rose... let's go hikin.  

 Our fourth of July was fairly quiet.  
Myguy was off work, and got to be home for the whole day and that alone made mine.
We'd gotten matching patriotic tshirts at Cabelas last trip we were there 
and I love being his twinkie.  

 One set of our kids came over for awhile.
It was a fun and  relaxing afternoon.
It  was also our little firecracker's first fourth of July ..ever!  

Grampaw tried pullin us together in the wagon, but ole
Granny was a load.  
It was a good day.
So much to savor. 
That word "savor" has been on my mind so much lately.
I'm trying to be more mindful to savor the sweet moments
in even my ordinary.  
A nibble of something....
A cowkiss....
A smile....
A giggle....
A breeze.... 
So much of life gets ...rushed right through.
Time is so fleeting and .. mysterious, isn't it?
The older I get the more I think of it.  

Well I sign off with a new scripture picture. ...     

Until we meet again,