Saturday, October 1, 2016

Oatmeal cookies

Coffee break time... so thought I'd share a new recipe I tried this week,
----and this afternoon baked up another batch.  
Been feeling like lately I keep making the same ole things so
decided to try these.  

First batch I melted the butter in the microwave and overdid that to liquid so
the dough was really sticky and had to add more oatmeal.  They still turned out
but this afternoon- made sure to just soften the butter and not let that happen again,
I made this batch with and without raisins.  
I'm sharing it coz the kids said this week they LOVED them. 
Man does it make me happy when they rave about something
and come back for more.   
One decided they'd make a great breakfast.  
Love how that one thinks.*  

Here's the recipe:

Oatmeal cookies 
1 cup real butter- softened 
2 cups packed brown sugar
4 tsp vanilla 
2 large eggs
1 1/2 cups all purpose flour
dash salt
1/2 tsp baking soda
3 cups old fashioned oats

Mix well and divide if you want to add raisins.
I didn't measure just added a couple handfuls

Drop dollups onto cookie sheet.  
Bake about 12 minutes at 350 degrees. 
We like our cookies slightly underbaked 
so they're chewy.  These were right at 12 minutes for my oven.  

Well time to pen up dogs and start the vacuum.  
Our  pour vacuum has bite marks in it... 
I don't know why they hate it so much. 

Night all!
If you try these cookies I hope your family 
loves them.  
Leaon Mary 

October ONE

 Happy October everyone!
A brand new month... and the start of my favorite season: Autumn.  
Who is ready for hoodies, sweaters, scarves, red mittens, long johns, wool socks, plaid flannel shirts,
down vests, comforters...
frito chili pie, stew,... -- I know, ... I know- it gets me too; the very thought of it all.
 ... I've already  put flannel snowflake sheets on the bed.  
We just have to turn the ac down a little still. lol  

Well just ran down and got the mail and 
it was a happy mail day.  
If you're a fountain pen person; then seeing the sucker above probably has you 
already knowing I got an order from Goulet pens.  
They send a sucker in every order.  
A  penned by hand thankyou as well!

 Awhile back I somehow bent the nib on one of my most favorite pens.  
I wish I knew how because I don't recall at all having an accident with it.  
Anyways, I finally ordered a new nib and broke down and got the ink miser as well.
Some of my bottles of ink are getting low and are getting so hard to draw ink into 
my pens.  I can't wait to try the ink miser.  
Since I "had" to place an order anyways, I bought a new color to try of ink.
 It's called Noodler's fox.  
I've never used red before but thought it might be fun
to play around with in a sketchbook.
If I remember right it's supposed to be fairly waterproof when dry.  
 This is what it's going in.  
If you're not into fountain pens you'll just think this is the silliest post but
if you DO love fountain pens then... you'll understand- totally.  
I can't help myself... I love it so much.  :)  
It's a noodler's sea coral.  
I can't wait to fix it and draw up that foxy ink.  :)  

 On my evening walk the other night I passed one of the persimmon trees
and picked a handful to bring home to sketch.  

 My books are filling up with little bits of real life here.  

 In this one I've been filling with faces.  
In the books I've shared here lately, I've been encouraged to 
create and write every day.  Quick little sketches..
and to not be ashamed at whatever level you're at.  It's about the process
not the final result.  And... to not compare to others ... and 
never a competition.  I love that.  It's so true.  
Just practice every day.  Do something, anything every day.
As I sat a couple days ago playing in my book... this little 
sketch came to be.  It's only had a bit of watercolor added and when I set it aside
to let it dry I thought I'd work on it again later  but I'm gonna leave it alone.  
It wasn't on my mind when it started... but I know this woman.  
I had no intention to sketch this friend who went to heaven a few years ago...
but it's my friend who I used to see in the nursing home on Hospice.  I see her heart
and her soul... in those sky blue eyes of hers.  It's totally her.  
You just never know when you sit down with a sketchbook what or "who"  might come to be.

I better sign off and get busy around here.  
We're having company over the weekend and the dust bunnies have been
multiplying like crazy.  
Til we meet again,
xoxo L

Friday, September 23, 2016

A Day Scripted and Scripture Picture

Howdy friends!

-Been thinkin about how our dots all connect in one way or other.  
My friend and mentor Cora, who went to heaven a few months ago, 
used to talk to me about the "bigger picture," 
You know; like connecting the dot to dots in a coloring book, 
You're a dot... and I'm a dot... and so on... and this big  picture 
is all becoming and growing... and  ... 
what a  beautiful thing it all is.  

A few days ago, in one of the groups I'm in; a lady shared
how she distressed a  traveler's notebook using  a coffee stain stencil. 
Those circles just grabbed me and I thought of the dots.  
I wanted to try distressing one of my own 
notebooks that I'd gotten paint  on the back.  I found this stencil by 
crafters workshop and while chatting with my dot Dawn, we both
distressed a tn while private messaging pictures back and forth.  
It was so much fun and I kept thinking how our own dots had connected.
While this moment was all in art play; I know it was really God who first
connected our dots and with  purpose.  Just like so many of you who may be
reading this now.  It's overwhelming really to think on.. the big beautiful picture of it all.  
There's just so much we don't even see and again
so much we do see if we're looking.

 I love when people share things in their lives with others and that thing just 
sparks you.  Maybe it's a song, scripture or quote, 
and it sparks you  to the point that you  "get it."  Maybe it's a new hobby,
art supply, recipe, technique... 
Maybe you're sparked to try  something new... 
Or maybe pick a hobby back up that for whatever reason.. ya stopped doing.  We've all been there haven't we?   
 Dot Dawn Dutton and another dot lady recently shared with me about this book.  
I found it on Ebay and it's been absolutely challenging me to
write like crazy, and create art... and ohmygosh... the joy that is sparking!  
I've been so inspired. 
So I want to share what a blessing it's been  with you.
The copy I bought here is dated 1992 and I found a name scrawled-- 
There's a contract inside of an agreement where you write your name stating
you'll commit to the 12 week course.  A woman's name was filled in 
all the lines in pencil.  I rewrote her name at the bottom of the page then erased
her name on every blank and filled in my own.
I wonder if she completed the book... and did all the assignments?
I wonder what she learned and what kind of art she creates and
if she still writes three pages a day?
Our dots connected.  

 Between The Artists Way  and another book called 
The Creative Called- I've been writing for 20-30 minutes in this new daybook
and then three other pages that so far mostly become prayers.  
When I ordered this Outlander travelers notebook from Chic Sparrow,
I told them the more range marks, scars, brands, and blemishes the better.
Can you see what the brand/scar is?  
TWO CIRCLES connected by a line.
Like ... dot to dot.   
I'm still in awe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God things are happening...
And I hope one day to beable to see the big beautiful picture.  
 Meanwhile... I'm scripting the days... 
forward, backward; 
seeing what happens,
and enjoying the process. 
 Every day 
holds possibilities. 

 One of the assignments for today was to go to 
a dime store and spend five dollars on things.
I couldn't find the star stickers I wanted but did get these.
Index cards to doodle and write scripture memory cards to tape around the house.
A new red pencil sharpener. -It has two sizes for a dollar.  Two white erasers... coz
erasing ... well that's just a given.  Two new mechanical pencils in happy colors... turquoise and orange-.. didn't really need new pencils but ..they make me happy.  
Five bucks; nearly twenty years ago-  no doubt went further than today.  

So this was today.  
Have yet to print any photos to tip in.. but 
I think I'll just turn the page.  

 I must have been thinking of my friend and Mentor Cora a lot today because
I found myself reaching for the Lindy's sprays she gifted me.  
I can't wait to use these pages tomorrow and see what happens?
I love messy splatters and 
enjoyed how the sunlight streamed in while paint flew.
 Creativity played in the kitchen as well this week.
I made Myguy this new pumpkin hot roll recipe.  
used a recipe my Sister gave me for this bread and used 
the two bread bowls she also gifted me!  
She's told  me how good the bread is toasted and I shoulda 
 listened to her LONG ago.  I do believe I'll be making this bread weekly for awhile and steering away from the English muffins I've been so deliciously stuck on.  
This bread.. toasted kinda THICK.. is crunchy on the outside and soft n chewy on the inside.
It has honey and molasses baked inside... so it has this slight sweetness and 
slathered with real butter... well..  
I'll just have to add the recipes this weekend into the recipe box tab and maybe someone will want to try it for themselves.  
SO I sign off tonight with this scripture picture.  
It's a sunset from a couple evenings ago looking out beyond the back pasture.
The tree you see is the "sweetheart tree."  It has love carved right into it. 

Sleep well friends.  
Sweet peace,
Leaon Mary xoxo

Friday, September 16, 2016

The Art Of Giving Thanks

 While writing this week, I realized it'd been awhile since I last recorded blessings.
-- Here are a recorded few.... 
Thanks God for the loves in my life.  
For the Son who text:   I love you Mom.  
And the other one who comes up to the house for ice on his break and didn't leave 
without leaving a kiss on his Mommas graying  head.  
For a husband who listened  and holds tight.  
For a house:  comfy and dry.  
For a full tank and her invitation to "Drive over."
For the first real not gas smile from a grandgirl even if no one but me and You saw it.  

 For words of love that communicate... inspire, 
and bring Life and encouragement. 
Even in song. 

 For spaghetti and breaking bread together.
For the elephant chair and surprise email from JL
that "cozy is good, don't change a thing."  Her sharing of her own home
and that really it's the living what's important not near as much: the settings.
Good advice and kindness....  
 And for ole Dottie the granddog who's shadow to her Momma 
and Blakelea's sweet n gentle friend.  
So many gifts ... enjoyed.
I'm signing off early.  
It's storming here... but I leave with a scripture picture.
This is my African violet in natural morning light.  
In the morning, LORD, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly.  Psalm 5:3

Monday, September 12, 2016

New Elephant Rocker

This little Bloomer came to Poppa and Gram's house yesterday afternoon.
When she comes; we've been realizing our old rocking chair is useless.  
Personally I love the looks of it and I like to sit in it myself and rock but
boy does she creak and make all kinds of scary rickety noises.  Because the wood is so old
and it feels a little wobbly; we don't  trust it.  When people come over ... we steer them
away from "that" chair.  Just in case.  
But Blakelea loooooves to be rocked.  

 Poppa sat with her on the couch a spell and 
 they talked and 
 held hands.  
But when she gets fussy; ... 
 you find yourself having to use  your body as the  rocker.  
Poppa did a good job... 
So good that after Blakelea crashed..
so did he.  
I watched them snooze a little while then she got laid down to sleep in her
playpen.  I tell ya looking across the living room at that empty rocking chair we both
knew it was time for that thing to goooo.  

So today we found one we liked and brought it home.  
Not only did it barely fit through the door but 
it barely fits in the corner.  Like really barely.  
In this photo; it doesn't appear as big as it does in real life.  But she's big!  
The bear picture is huge but looks small next to the chair. 
Kinda cracks me up coz she's even the same color as an elephant.  
Have you ever brought home a piece of furniture and it didnt' fit through the door
or your first thought was: "I think I kinda liked it better in the store?"  
That was my first thought but she's stayin and I'm so thankful to send the rickety
one on to someone who will still love her.  
I had an antique trunk on the wall that the elephant rocker is on and it no longer fits 
in our living room either.
Suffice to say... I have some rearranging to do... 
If you have any good ideas on that wall where the new rocker is...
please share.  Don't really have a good little table to put between the two.  
And there's  a hole in the wall just above the baseboards
behind the basket that needs to be covered up with something. lol
(our house tells the story that we once had teenage sons) 
Bet your house has some stories too.  

Better get to rearranging.