Wednesday, November 29, 2017

In Window Limbo

Hello friends,
I'd hoped by the time I wrote here again; that we'd be finished at
least for the Winter on our house.  But things have been at a stand still.
The window we ordered is still not in, and the carpenter won't finish the nook until
they can do it all in one day.  They did fix the roof however with some new shingles to tide
us over til Spring.  

It's become  tradition to put up the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving here  but ...
I can't until this other part is done or it will all be in the way. I'm kind of chomping at the bit.  
So I did bring  out 
this nativity.  It's one of my favorite things.   
 I also ordered Blakelea a Fisher-Price Little People Nativity too.
She seems to love it.  It has batteries in the manger and when you push on the 
top where the angel sits it lights up and plays a song...- I think it's Away in a Manger.  
I had it all set up on a little table for her when she got here and she 
kept carrying  baby Jesus and would kiss him.  
It was soooo cute. (That smack still gets me.)  

 Other than that I've only put out some poinsettias 
and a jar of candycanes.  It's pretty sparse around here. 
 Meanwhile I've started gathering black frames and printing 
black and white photos to hang on the bare walls.  
Addie supervises and matches pretty well too.  
 Even my favorite wool blanket from across the Pond is waiting
for the reading nook to get done.    (Thankyou again  Jeanie!!)
If you were here I would fill that thermos up with hot chocolate for you.
 I really can't believe we're almost to the last month of the year.  
I kind of wanted to do something new for Advent this year but 
came back to this book I've went through and shared before.  
It was a challenge for me for some reason when I first went through it- 
but became ... very well loved.  
 This time around I started a new journal for it... and in the book I'll be highliting 
in green so I tell the difference what I wrote the first time around to.. now... and I think it's gonna be interesting.  
Well it already is because I've started already.  Much of it feels like I'm reading it for the first time.  
For the past two days ... in my notes I began to notice something.  
How my one little word chosen for the past four years has somehow connected 
year to year.  I don't think that must make sense to any of you.. but in 
2014 my word was heart
2015 perspective
2016 true 
2017 illuminate  
Living with those words for a year at a time.. was life changing.  
I didn't know when I started doing this  how meaningful it could all  become. 
Looking back here at the potting shed even a year before that I remembered I had three words 
I carried that year.  They were Light, Mercy, and Love.  
I want to reshare what I wrote that January day in 2013:
The end of 2013 is drawing near.  
It seems; the week of Christmas came and went so quickly.  But then;
so did the whole year.
One year ago - right about now... .. I was choosing and deciding on my new words for 2013.
They were:
and Love.    
Light became something I was drawn to and
discovered  the most beautiful things in it.  It became part of  a treasure hunt
almost when taking photos. Often I'd turn and there it'd be... streaming through
a hole in a leaf... or making sunflower and morning glory petals translucent, 
... shining all across the potters bench,...  warming the hood of a rusty olde tractor, a wooden hayfilled
manger, and even spotlighting a hen on a ladder.... - It lit up the harvest moon, and often came beaming down  right through the clouds 
 onto this little farm.  Being one of my words... I started seeing it differently.
Mercy ...and love - both are things that I think somehow  keep growing 
our hearts to become more like Christ.   Surely they keep growing us  right into forever. 
Mercy is something I realize I need on a daily basis... - and learning to give it too.
and Love... well... 
-God's love- .. so  amazing... bigger than anything comprehendable.
And somehow I've learned over the last almost 50 years that miraculously
our hearts have this gigantanormous capacity to keep growing more love.  Big big love!
Turning it into an action word can be the hard part.  I've been  challenged this year
especially with   
--last years anchor verse Luke 10:27
And he answering said, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself.
This scripture  became so special to me and is one I've struggled with.
Funny how things transpire isn't it?  
The words up above are just thoughts from one day.
Writing down the many sightings ... teachings... lessons..
Spiritual discoveries through these words has been an absolute gift to me.
And already I've been getting many glimpses of a new word for 2018.  
I'm pretty sure I already have it... but will keep it under wraps until the first
in case there is more to it that I don't know yet.   
Looking back through my journals for the past 11 months-
well; it's been quite a year.  
And I'm seeing quite a shift in my life since turning 50.  
Things that I want to start writing about and sharing.
Things that still feel uncomfortable but ... when we are real about ourselves
and share our journeys; sometimes there is someone else out there who is walking through the same things... and who ...needs to hear 
 .... they're not alone.
We all... go through things.
One of my friends not long ago... well we were actually talking about health problems
and aging.  But she said, "every one has some thing." 
I've thought of that a million times.  
Everyone has something. 
And it is so true.  
Sometimes the thing is embarrassing and you don't want another soul to ever find out. 
But often  the thing grows you in ways you'd never imagine.
And sometimes sharing it.. gives another courage or inspires someone. 
Same goes for sharing gifts and talents or just the daily grind of life.  
Don't ever think you don't have anything to offer.  
Or that you have no gifts or talents...
Because we all do.  We're created on purpose for purpose.   
Let's dig into that deeper soon.
Because I can tell you one thing.. I have been so blessed by so many people
who have shared their journeys with me.  I've learned so much from many of you.  

 I sign off with an altered book I felt inspired to create
for this ADVENT season.  I got it for 50 cents at the Mustard Seed thrift shop.  
and  pulled many pages out of it here and there and then glued others together.  
Honestly... it was not a great pick.  A lot of it tried to fall apart on me.  The binding
wasn't as strong as I thought.  But ... good old duct tape... buffalo check no less-
is my reinforcement.  Also tons of gesso on the pages.  I'm anxious to see what if anything
becomes of it.  It'll be a work in progress.  Somedays I may just watercolor...  or write scriptures or quotes
that stand out from this book I'm going through- WATCH for the Light.  
Maybe some days I'll journal my guts out and then cover it up with more gesso and plop some paint.  
We'll see. No rules. 
Alright it's after midnight.  
I'm plumb tuckered out.  
Thank God the pumpkin pie got thrown out... or I'd be wanting to get in it.  :)
SWEET dreams to all of you, 
Leaon Mary

Monday, November 20, 2017

Joyfilled Gratitudes

Hello friends!
It's Thanksgiving week!  
I'm so excited; are you?  
For the month of November I've been faithfully counting my blessings every day
and thought I'd share a few here.  

 Many of you know our house has been a wreck while we've been working on it.
That's meant not getting to have our  grandgirly over.  It's been thee
worst part of it all.  -- So being invited to play at their house just filled
me up to bubblin over.  Thankyou Lord for this gift of time spent well.    
 I'm also thankful for this gift of pumpkin spice my dearheart brought me.
-For  her love and friendship.  I'm so blessed.  
 I'm thankful for this sweet lil lump of pure sugar and 
that little Momma captured this  moment  for me to remember forever.  
 I'm thankful I witnessed  our Bull grooming Spirit the donkey.
I've never seen such a thing before??
 I'm thankful to hear love and laughter within these olde walls again.  
 For magic carpet rides. 

 For new stovepipe and this  olde farmhouse 
 we call home sweet home.  
 For walks in moonlight, beneath cedars dangled with gourds and 
billowing chrysanthemum cotton.  
For this pot of cooked cabbage 
on a bird feeding stove.  
For all these simple little things that make me 
so happy.  
For a few blooms to 
nourish the last fuzzy bumblebees.  
 .... and...Tiny kitten mews... and him sayin   
even though he's not a cat person- this is one of the reasons he loves me.

So many gifts... to count every 
single day.  
(Thank you Lord.)

(this photo was updated because I didn't realize I had previously
used the live version.- my oversight.)  

I'm also thankful to get  a cavity filled this morning. 
My dentists and their staff are all  so good to me.  
The tech gave me my bib and said  Doc would be in a minute to get me numbed up.
That's when my heart started poundin like crazy and I could feel my breathin getting 
all goofy.  I just can't help it.  They always say, "After all the surgeries you've been through..
this will be easy."  I know they're right but it's the shot thing!   
Anyways... she walked out and I started thinking about my Immanuel being WITH me.
Immanuel- God with us.  
"So do not fear for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with My righteous right hand."  
Isaiah 41:10  
As always with scripture pictures; 
feel free to use and share it.

Have a great day,

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Progress and The P Word

 Hi friends,

Thought I'd snap a quick shot of my morning devo....
I got that special P word again!
Man I just love when this sort of thing happens don't you?  
 I have to leave in a few minutes, but wanted to share how fast the barn is 
coming along.  To see the walls happening now is so exciting. 
 Our son came over after work last night and we climbed the ladder into the loft.  
Soon a wall will enclose the back side here; with a door going 
down a staircase.  It all seems to change so much every day.

Tony and his Dad discussed how to build stalls and rustic siding and
doors.  It was exciting listening to the plans for the days ahead.  
Especially when they were talking ponies.  
I can't wait to smell horses again and Miss Violet and Spirit and Ruthie
will have a warm place to be during Winter storms again.  

After supper; Myguy worked on wiring again and had to crawl under the house.
Poor guy; I know he absolutely hates that; especially in the dark.  
Anyways he got some of it done and started putting up shiplap to see how it's gonna look.
I can't get over how the color of the walls and it match.  I think it'll brighten the room up quite a lot.  

While he did that; I started going through books and began 
putting things back inside the old hoosier.  I keep all my finished and personal bible studies,
commentaries, bibles and Christian books in here.
I've gotta figure some sort of lock for the bottom cabinet to keep Blakelea out.
Remember how I had it duct taped before? lol  
I'm not putting dishes back in the bottom just in case.  But still need a way
to lock it.  Any ideas?  
Well time to head out.  
I'm off to go play with my grandgirl today.
I can't wait to get some sweet sugar! 

Have a wonderful day,

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Even Though... JOY

Another day... and here we are.
It was such a beautiful early morning when we did chores.
It looked and felt like Fall!! 
Our sky kept getting darker and darker and then
the bottom fell out and it rained cats n dogs.

I had noticed a teeny surprise chicklet with a Momma hen when I fed..
and they were in a bad spot.  Although cuddled up under it's Mama
a little river was streaming in their direction.  
So I grabbed a carrier with a little straw and found a
small chick waterer then caught them up.
They're now all by themselves inside the greenhouse.

 Aren't they cute?

I just love baby chicks.  
Especially bantys.

My hoodie was getting soaked through but I stayed out and about
catching up on bunnychores and watering in the greenhouse.
When I went in, I heard something but nothing clicked in my mind.
I changed and kept busy til it dawned on me... that sound is a steady DRIPPPPPPP.
It was the nook where it attaches to the house.  
Last night, Myguy had started changing up some wiring because we're moving 
our television to hang on a different wall.  He planned to crawl under the house tonight
to start moving wires.  The flatscreen tv got set in the nook face up to be safe and out of the way.
You should have seen the puddle of water on the tv!!!!!!!!  I grabbed a towel and moved it trying to 
dry it off without pushing water to the edges but... it was sopped.  The floor... yeah- 
water had run into the living room and laminate was aready buckling.  I'm sorry Blakelea 
but I used your fluffy hot pink bath towels because they were the closest.  Then grabbed two pots
to catch the drips coming from the ceiling.   Then called Myguy.  
He came home to check it out.  
We both just shrugged our shoulders and called 
the Carpenter who is building the nook.    :)  
No tizzy... no freak out... no crabby... thank God I think we done learned that lesson
a couple weeks ago after the episode of HOME on the open range living room. lol   What's getting all crabby really gonna do?  It don't do diddly.  
So... I just sopped  up the mess and press on.

The carpenter came out... 
scratched his head... and grabbed a ladder to head around back.  
He found the problem... tried to fix it best as he could for now but you know it's hard 
on account of your rotten roof.  He put a tarp over the leaky area for good measure.
Then said he'd like for them to come back and shingle that side so we know that part 
will be good til Spring when we can manage to raise the roof and put tin on...  
Anyways so we have another  new plan.
Which probably is a good plan  
I asked him if he thought I could put everything back in the living room now.
He said yes and when they return they'll cut all the boards outside for the nook
so they don't cover everything with sawdust.  Hotdiggitydawg.  
I'm so anxious to get life back to normal.
Normal ... heehehahahahooooo  
Normal- what a funny little word. 

Looking back on the past few weeks... I've learned some things through the muck.
Like I know we're not supposed to worry but ... often I still do.
For all the good it does...?? 

And I'm learning I care too much what things look like.  
It IS what it IS.  

And ...learning more patience...
That little word Mama told me to learn not long before she went to heaven.  
I'm starting to think Patience is a lot like love... it can grow and grow and grow.
Soooo... not gonna worry.
The laminate may buckle but I choose Joy.
The tv may have drowned.... but I choose Joy. 
The roof may leak... but I choose Joy.  

This was slathered into my Documented faith journal.
While it's not a scripture picture... if it speaks to you
feel free to use it.
Leaon Mary

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Under Construction Be Warned....LONG POST

Hi friends,
Well... it started.
I haven't forgotten about writing here; it's just been
a little cray cray to say the very least.  

Some of may remember the post where I shared the fact that our house
was rotting away?  
Thought I'd share the nitty gritty truth of it all and our progress. 

So... remember we dug all the big hydrangeas up that were planted up against the back
wall of our house?  Then started taking the OLD rock off to reveal the damage.
We were so close to falling right through our living room floor it wasn't even funny.  

A year or so ago, Myguy bought a whole bunch of bottle jacks and crawled under the house
and started trying to jack the floor back up to the falling away wall.  It was a temporary
fix but we had to wait until we could afford to do something to really fix it.  
We were held together with bottle jacks, spray foam and angel wings; I'm sure of it.  

Anyways... if you want to see what's been going on... keep reading.
Our chimney was also messed up... and to do things in proper order we 
needed to have it redone first so the day came to empty the living room and
be ready for the rock guys.  

Myguy took the little mantle off the wall for safe keeping.
I'll share more about it later.  
The rock guys came and it wasn't long and they had the floor cut out.  
The floor was so gross.  
They strengthened things around their area and set about to 
start pouring a concrete slab for the new hearth.
You can see one of the mannnny bottle jacks under there. 

 At the end of the days when the rock guys  finished working; they were
always so good
to cover things up really well.  
 They were really nice guys and worked so hard.  
Remember I have a heart rock collection?
I asked if they could put one of our hearts in the hearth and 
they said sure! 
See the heart? 
They also made us two little shelves out of rock for 
a mantle since we will be using a woodstove and didn't want
anything wooden  around our stove pipe.
We really like how it turned out. 

 When the inside was done, they started outside.
It really didn't take them that long at all.  
I'm still amazed.
A couple two - three years ago we put tin on half of our roof. Only
half because the chimney needed to happen.
This coming Spring the plan is to finish the other half
now that it's all done.  
This is Myguy up there patching with tar and sealing things to hopefully get us by 
til Spring.  
 Here's our finished rockwork before the next phase. 
Funny how good the floor looks in appearance but really 
the support underneath was a wreck.

 Back outside-- what a dang disaster. 
You can see the pretty chimney... next to  our decrepit wall.  
We had a good weekend... started cleaning up all the leftover rock.. which was ALOT... 
and got ready for phase two.  
(Notice the new cat?)
 Then came the carpenters ... who bless their hearts... bravely jumped in the middle of our mess.  
They took our laminate floor out and tried to save it all and did a really good job at that. 
 We're so glad the new rock hearth is all on a strong foundation.
See all that white gunk on the boards... there was this thick mildew and mold all over.
They said they were really surprised we'd not gotten sick.  
They told us they'd seen things this bad before but... It was reallllllllly bad.  
They made huge piles of debris out in the yard where they cut and hauled rotten gunk out.  
Our son Trent said, "Momma, they should be hauling old boards out not sawdust." And really
much of it was just that; almost more like a mildewed mulch? 
 After they left the first day I was pretty well  mortified.  
I walked in and the floor was cut out to the dirt under the house and there was
only... only... did I say only  a tarp tossed over it... that didn't even fit.
And Anything... could have gotten in.  
 See that hole in the wall... the daylight?  Holes like that were just left wide open.
Really freaked me out and at dusk I was out there trying to cover areas with boards, 
and rocks and anything I could find.  
When Muyguy got home and saw how exposed things were;   he went to the shop and got
plywood and began covering things up better.
Still; that night... I could barely sleep.  
I kept wondering if a snake or snakes  got in the house.  Holes were so big that  a possum ... skunk..
anything my imagination could conjure up.. could get in.
Oh- speaking of anything... that same week... THREE cats showed up together at our house.
Drop offs I guess.  
Mike walked into the living room at one point and kept seeing a cat head pop up under the tarp.  
(see what I mean)  annnnything. could. fit. if. a. cat. could. fit.  
I was mostly worried about snakes.  We have poisonous snakes here and I once
opened a kitchen cabinet to find a huge snake in it.  
--Still not over it.  

 The end of the next day it looked like this... with holes covered up... 
I know I know... it's all hideous.  
Tell me something I don't know! Don't click off... 
 ... I wasn't barking at any of you... I'm 
sorry if  that sounded  sarcastic but ... I put it out there -- that
snappy tone is right where we were at the time.  
(okay me more than Myguy but... he held his own pretty good)
As I sit staring at this photo  right now remembering these days- 
I remember how I fought  the desire to run and get a bucket of hot soapy bleach
water to scrub the outside of our house where those hydrangea bushes had grown 
  These stains bothered me so much. 
Oh what a blind Pharisee I was... worrying so much  about the outside of my cup.
Funny how verses come to us isn't it?  And it was so true.  
Even now I'm ashamed for anyone to even see all this mess.  
But it's truth right here.  
So help me God.  
This place was a mess..
and so was I.
Much as I hated all those ugly boards
If you only knew how good it actually felt to have those bandaid boards 
covering up our gaping holes.
It was all  a mess yes... but  day after day 
things were and are still  getting better.
Mildew and rot were being removed and 
new treated joists were put in... --new floorboards and 
mildew was carried out to be burned and everything under our house
got sprayed and a new moisture barrier put down. 
Thank you sweet Jesus.  
The carpenters helped us so much and even managed to save our laminate flooring
and they  put that all back in.  The trim boards too.  
Things were definitely lookin up.  
 When they finished all of that ... 
we then started to tackle this.  
This wall would get cut out and a reading nook added with a bigger new window
that faces the garden and shabby olde potting shed.  
The pinterest inspiration photo was  printed and hung on a nail.
Don't you just love Pinterest?
Thank you Pinterest and people who will share your stories and photos to inspire others!
Back to a nook.
 First a foundation was poured.
Yep... right out in the mud and muck. We still
have to get the air conditioner slab moved a little and more concrete poured in one 
spot but... that'll be  another story and different day.  

There was a chance of rain later and they covered up the concrete with this
little rain guard.  I could just picture one of the new cats or all three jumping into the concrete.    So then I set about trying to catch them all and kept
them in carriers until it set up.  
Can you believe three cats at one time showed up?
 I've said it before and it's true- 
it's a crazy cat lady starter kit right here.  
Don't judge me for giving them warm milk. 
It just felt like the right thing to do. 
Naming them might have been wrong but
that sorta  happened too.  
Let's just  worry about all of this later.  

After the concrete set up next day, the workers built the walls and boxed it in.  
The roof of it is shingled because after Spring, like I said;
on that whole side of the house; the roof will get raised and new tin will go on
to match the other side.  Then new rustic siding will be after that.  
Baby steps... 
one step at a time...
God willing.
The new nook is in the dry... - the wall cut out and a new outlet put inside where the shelves will go.  
The holdup now is the window.  It had to be custom ordered and takes two weeks
to be ready.  Two lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng 
weeks with life amuck.  Since we had to wait on the window;  the Carpenters left to go do work for another customer 
until it comes in.  Then hopefully in one day they will come back... put the window in,
and the rest of the temporary siding.    Then build a bench
in this nook with four shelves all on one side and trim it out in very rustic rough cut wood.  
That's the plan. 
One week from today the window should be here.  
That's two days before Thanksgiving.  
So I'm not holding my breath.  
-- learning Patience.
:)   And happily I can report we've not seen even one little critter in our house.  
I do still turn the lights on though if I have to run to the bathroom after dark;
just in case.  

 Meanwhile... out back yet another project has been happening.  
Remember a storm came and blew half our old barn down last Summer?
Over Summer; Myguy cleaned  up the entire pile of our old barn  and we set up a new coop; then   
began dreaming what kind of barn to rebuild.  
He started bringing dump truck loads of dirt home from our other shop 
and planned out where he wanted to build up a pad to rebuild.  

 He's hauled so many loads in and our son Tony has put 
countless hours in helping to make it all a reality.  
So amid workers in and out of the inside of our house;
all of this was also going on out behind our house.
We knew the new barn  would be made out of metal since that's the business they're in;
but we also want it to be rustic too. 
It would have a small hay loft and  two side sheds-
One side for the tractor and feed room and the other side for stalls.

Day after day... it came to be.   

Tony made a ladder to go up into the loft but thought it would be a good 
idea to also have stairs off the back.  Our new chicken coop building was right in the
way of everything.  
So that all had to be moved again as well.  
First the outside "Fort Knox" pen came down.
 Then the coop building relocated....  

to here.
I don't know why we didn't think of this to start with?
It's close to the rabbit pen and now all the feed for the small animals 
is in one place.  It's also around the gardens where I spend so much time in Summer.  
We still lack building a new Fort Knox outdoor pen for them but for now
they're all safe and happy.  
 Over the weekend while the guys had a different welding job to do,
I started cleaning up all the debris piles from the house.  
We have a very large burn pile out in the back pasture so ...
I had a lot of time to get better at using the front end loader.  
Must say I really enjoyed not having people in the house working...
and just being alone... going trip after trip across the pasture. 
 As time has permitted, 
the welding crew has continued our barn raisin.  
Myguy has kept hauling dirt and 
Tony got things leveled up to pour concrete.  
 We're so  grateful for the help our son Tony  has given.
 He's worked so hard.

 It doesn't seem that long ago that I took photos of our old barn
getting leveled.  
And now this ... well it's  almost surreal.   
 I just love walking out on the back porch at dusk and seeing 
the silhouette of a barn once again.  

In the  old barn we only had concrete inside the feed room.
We wanted to keep  that so we just made it a little bigger. 

 On the other side of the barn; a concrete pad was poured for two stalls.  
We also needed wiring and lights. 
Last night Myguy and I got home really late and turned all the lights on 
in the barn to see what it looked like in the dark.  We even climbed the ladder
and went up into the loft.  There are two nice lights up there as well.  It was
so bright and illuminated.  
(illuminated)- my one  word for 2017
Things are coming together! 
Soon tin will go up on the sides and rustic wood siding 
on the front.  
As time goes on I'll share the progress.  

Back inside; once
the living room floor was sound again; I started  cleaning. 
I washed all the walls with vinegar.  I did that for 
any mildew mold stuff still lurking. Then I 
scrubbed baseboards.  We were glad they were reused but 
definitely needed paint again.  Have you ever tried to match white paint?
We had one old can of paint leftover from our coffee colored walls.  
I shook the tar out of it and although it kind of stunk,
I touched up around the rockwork where mud was slung.  
Then touched up all the other places that needed it.  

We'd been looking for a new stove and finally got time to run to Fort Smith.
We found this stove at Southerlands and loved it but it was really expensive.  
Went to some other places and then Home Depot and they had the exact stove we loved 
and it was the last one and way cheaper!  Myguy discovered that it was missing the ash 
drawer and asked if they would knock more money off because of it and they did!  Another
hundred bucks!  He knew they could build one that would fit perfectly at the fab shop so 
it was a huge blessing.  We drove back to Southerlands and measured the ash drawer.  
Myguy bought stove pipe there and we ran into a lady who was also buying stove pipe.
Her husband had died just four months earlier.  We ended up talking a long time, and when we 
parted ways; I hugged her and told her I would be praying for her.  
I will never forget her or how our paths crossed that day.  
You just never know yall.  
While in Fort Smith we also found two small loveseats that we brought
home.  Our other old couch is out  on the burn pile.  
It was fake leather and had started peeling like a dang orange.
I fell in love with the udder madness settee.  
And Myguy was sure he would be very happy plopped in the 
brown double recliner couch.  We got two matching cow pillows
to tie things together.  They're goose down and  at least one will likely line a nest inside the book nook in time to come.  
 At five bells last night Myguy called me to be ready-
he was coming to get me and  make a flyin trip to Missouri.
He'd already called Menards where he just happened to see the very shiplap
I'd been dreaming of. We don't have a Menards by us but when he was
working up in Hollister he saw distressed white shiplap like I showed him in a picture.  
I'd never been to a Menards before... oh my wow.  
We had such a fun trip up there and back.
And seriously ... this is LOVE yall.
This is more romantic than any pile of diamonds or bushel of roses.  
Thank you Lord for my hunk of husband.  

And this is today. 
Things are falling into place.  
There's still much to do... but -
The shiplap is all carried in and waiting near the wall that it will go on.
First wiring needs to happen for the tv to go on that wall.  
Everything just takes time.  
Knowing our floor is safe again and is no longer held
together with bottle jacks, and  spray foam is such a relief.  
I believe it's still held together with angel wings though.   
I'm so thankful for God's provision.  
And I  thank you friends for being patient with my absence.
Now you know what's been going on.  

Thank you for sharing in life
here at the shabby olde potting shed.