Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New Years Day Sweet Moments Captured; Even The Moon!

Hello friends,
I hope you've had a great start into 2018.
It was a gorgeous day in Arkansas. 
Cold as all get out; good snugglin weather! 

I almost feel guilty enjoying my new word so much.  
I absolutely "love" to hike, and go walking... taking strolls... 
uphill, downhill... rain, shine, and especially snow.  
Yesterday was no exception loving to walk because Myguy was home and went with me! 

One of the things for his new year is trying to be more intentional to take more time
doing the things he loves.  He works really hard and has a  demanding job.   Something unique about him  is ... he's a farmboy at heart.  
He loves his cows.  And they love him.  Feeding them  is some of his best "down time." 
When I watch him out there... I can almost see the stress melt right off him.  
Same for out on his tractor.  He is such a happy guy working on the farm.
So that's one of his goals for the year... and since it's one of his- it becomes one of mine.  -to see to it he gets more
time to de-stress.
It's not something he even asked of me, but 
for his well being I want to be more intentional to help him find more time.     
So yesterday he spent a good portion of the day out on the tractor.  
He brush hogged in the fields and also cut more firewood. 
Later I told him I was gonna head for the woods after awhile for a walk.   
He said, "When you get ready to go ... I'd like to go with you."  (my heart did a flip
flop coz going for a walk in the woods with my honey on New years day- yeah.. that's what I'm talkin bout.)  wink*
So we both had a really good start into 2018.  

So many times in the past,  I've stopped and taken photos of my boots out walking.  
What a treat yesterday to take a pic of that other pair of boots I cherish.
Well ... the heart that wears them.  

As we walked the woods he showed me areas he's  cleared here and there; and then showed me 
other sweet surprises.  Years ago our little boys used to play in those woods and they built 
tree houses and things.  He showed me trees two little boys had cut down with hack saws. 
Omg... I'd never noticed it even before but sure enough... clean cuts... well but for the different directions they sawed after getting tired I'm sure. lol  Pricesless !  He showed me different ones
he'd found that they'd sawed and ... said it just did his heart good when he discovered those were stumps  two little boys had left behind once upon a time.  
As we walked down to the far gate... I pointed to this little heart rock and told him
it was something I too had left behind.  He smiled ...
and so did I.  

After our walk I headed home to make a big kettle of 
chicken and dumplings.  
Nothin like some comfort food to ring in the new year.
Especially for Myguy after spending hours on his tractor
and splitting firewood.  

As the sun was going down... came the moon watch.
My dear friend in Scotland and I have been planning to catch the moon together..  at the same time somehow.  

I'd just put dumplins on the top of the potatoes and bubbling chicken broth when I got her text.
I ran out the kitchen door looking for the moon... but it still wasn't up high enough.  
Back in and setting the timer on the stove... I paced waiting... I kept running outside to check.
Finally it was peeking just behind the trees!  
I wrote her back and told her I was grabbing a coat and hat.
She wrote that she too was headed outside.   
Myguy helped me photograph this so I could be in the picture of memories.  
Standing at the garden fence ... the moon broke over the trees.  

 My friend and I were looking at the moon at the same time.
 Although we live 4,199 miles apart, my friend in Scotland and I 
watched the New Year Super Moon at the same time .. with a 6 hour time difference-
AND it was still her birthday!  
Is that stinkin cool or what!!!?  

 What fun... 
Something I will remember forever.
 I documented it in my fauxbonichi.
I don't care that  the sketch is wonky...
I will  look at this little sketch in the future 
and smile from ear to ear.  
Just as I am now.  
 That summed up my first Day pretty well. 
I better jump off here now and get to babyproofing. 
It's my Tuesday to play with the little flitting wren.  

I need to get my outside chores all done and
tend all the critters so my focus can be entirely on her. 
Can't wait to get some sugars! 

Have a beautiful day everyone!
Stay warm!  
Love from an olde shed.  

Sunday, December 31, 2017

So Long 2017

 Hello friends!
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas,
celebrating our Savior's birth!
We enjoyed a really nice candlelight service and Communion on 
Christmas eve; then 
Our kids all came Christmas day.
It was fun watching our little Blakelea open presents this year.
-Seeing the wonder on her face; is something I hope to always remember.

The day after Christmas my husband and I both came down with the  flu.  
That was pretty rough.
It's really going around!
Anyways; here are now.. on the eve of a brand new year!
Yesterday I got the mood to take the decorations down.
If the mood strikes; I go with it because while decorating is fun;
undecorating is not so much.   
It looks so barren without the tree now.  
I did keep a few snow themed things out- 
We've been aching for some snow; so 
I made a little winter wonderland on the olde hoosier.
 I keep finding  myself stopping in front of it and smiling. 
It reminds me so much of our week get away in Montana.
It was just the two of us and one spoiled fox that visited every night
begging for leftovers.  
We had no wifi... no tv... no phone service. 
It was like sheer heaven on earth.  

After getting all the Christmas decorations taken down-
I've been finishing up old journals and preparing for all the things starting in January.

 Today I completed this book documenting my faith. 
One whole year full of scriptures written every day and lessons learned ...
prayers written... -- this book means so much to me now.  
Thought I'd flip through and share a few favorite pages:
 This is a tip in that I'd stamped and watercolored. 
 This page was when I'd recorded Phil 4:8 and on the back of the tip in
is hidden journaling.  Those what if's that happen to me at night... get replaced 
with the whatsoevers.  
 This page reminds me to just go with it when I feel like
sketching something...    no matter what.  
 This was a scripture picture I'd made that when I printed it;
some of the words got hacked off.  Pictures like this work great in 
art journaling.  
 This was a little sketch pondering 2017's  olw
 This page was just a magazine picture journaled with a white pen.  
I so often forget to use my white signo gel pen.  
 This was a scripture picture this past year that has my new
olw in it.  
I've known for a while now that walk would be my word.  
To walk in the Spirit, in love, in truth... etc 
 This week I received my goodies from My intent with my word on them.
This little token will get strung on my planner this year.  
 This bracelet ... I can hardly wait to wear.  
I've been saving it for tomorrow.  :)
 Once again I signed up to olw at Ali Edwards OLW 2018 
Last year I didn't follow all the prompts but now I want to!
 Been getting my books ready and preparing for all the things 
I signed up for and am participating in.  
 This past year I ordered this Chic Sparrow and had 
Walk In Faith engraved on the front. 
At that time I had no idea walk would be my word.  
Funny how things "happen." 
 Usually this time of year I peruse the isles at all the stores looking for a wall calendar I love. 
It's tradition you know?  
Having a mechanics shop we get lots of car ones sent to us but ... I like a pretty one!  
So far the only pretty calendar I have is one for my Plan book.
This insert book is hand painted by Peggy at Journal Creations.  

She even did my name inside the cover in gold! 
I'll so enjoy carrying that book around all year! 

 Tonight I'm be writing down my goals 
both for January and the whole year.  
No resolutions though-- ... no no no!
Instead; ... dreams.  
I'm looking at life very different these days.  
I'll share more about it as time goes on.  
In fact; I'd like to start sharing a lot more here at the potting shed.  
Shorter posts; I promise but a lot more often.  

 One of the things I want for 2018 is to 
create every day.
Art journaling, sketching, watercoloring... anything!
No rules.  
You may be wondering why I'm sharing a diary from 2017- 
well it's one that didn't get used.  
A flow diary unused!  
So... this will be a redeemed art journal.  
I hope to share it often. 

 Some of you may remember that a few years back I was a Grama to three littles.  
Unfortunately a divorce shattered our family and we lost those kids that 
we loved with open arms.  The little girl was around 6 years old and we 
art journaled together.  We had matching pink moleskine journals and 
would cut pictures we liked from magazines and  glued  them into our little books.
It was so fun.  It was messy and I've  forgotten how much I enjoyed adding things like that 
in my art journals.    
 Myguy just happened to get me this paper lovers book for Christmas so I'll 
be using lots of pages from it.  If you've not delved into a flow book... 
I would encourage you to give them a look see.  :)  
 Aside from that... I'm jumping back into the world of 
fauxbonichi.  I didn't get a real hobonichi this year so will be 
making do with this blank book.  The idea is to takephotos on your phone through the  day.
Then  at bedtime...  pick a photo  from the day to  sketch on a page.  
This book ... all that white - goodness; I just can't wait to start the first page.   
 Along with the new year comes a new study:
Discerning the Voice of God.  
Anyone else starting?

For Christmas I was gifted this beautiful dear Diary
from my good friend and adopted sister Jean.  
This book is beautiful inside and out and through it I discovered the world 
of Wrendale Designs.  
If you've never heard of them... you are in for a treat indeed!

 New art classes are also starting.  
One I recently started taught how to make little garden prayer flags and I used the inspirations
from it to make this little banner in my art porch.  
It has all my one little words on it.  

And now "walk."  
Before finishing up this tag, I looked through a box of ephemera my 
Mentor Cora had given me before she went to heaven.  
On a book page I found these words together:  want time to walk.  
I just knew there would be something in that box.  
Cora would say, "Lea you need to put feet to your faith."  
Now faith!  
(man I miss her) 

Well in other news and 
totally off topic but what the heck; it's New Years eve afterall.  
What blogpost would be complete without sharing your  pet chicken?
I know; I know; ... welcome to my world.  
Yes it's true.  And not only is she/he (I'm believing for a she) but
she's living in our bedroom.  
This poor little frizzle chick- more of a frazzle than frizzle hatched with
about 6 others and was doing so well.  Except since she's frazzled she's missing
lots of feathers.  One day I walked to the coop and there she was covered in blood.  
I thought something got in there somehow... until I witnessed another chicklet
pecking her behind and dining on "chicken"  I scooped this poor thing up
and I know it hurt terribly just touching her at all.  But I had to get her out.  
I made a bed in a carrier for her and have kept her in our room for days now.  
This afternoon I felt so sorry for her being alone and cooped up (sorry no pun intended.)
I carried her out to the greenhouse and let her hang out in there for the afternoon.  
Next picture is pretty gross if you don't want to see... you might want to stop here.  
But if you're curious... here she is...

She's healing up... just quite naked.  
She enjoyed the  whole afternoon around flowers and succulents  and is now 
back in our bedroom in her crate.  I expect she's going to become 
quite a pet.  I hope the barn gets done soon because our bedroom is 
taking on quite a poultry parfume.  
I cropped the photo above and made this scripture picture with her unique feathers and
the pink bloom behind her.   
It's going to be my anchor verse for the year.  
Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, "This is the way; walk in it."  Isaiah 30:21
Feel free to use and share it if you like!  
If any of you choose a word or anchor verse... or have a resolution feel free to share
in the comments.  If you have any questions about any of the books I shared feel free to drop me a message.  I'll do my best to reply.  

I want to thank all of you for sharing your time with me this past year.
For your friendships and prayers and 
journeying along with me.  
I'm so grateful for YOU.   

Happy New year everyone!  
May God bless you richly in 2018.
Leaon Mary

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Remodeling Updates and Jesus Birthday Cake In Jars

 Well friend, it's almost Christmas!  
Life has been a hectic blurr for a several weeks here and remodeling right
into the holidays can get kinda  stressful.
Thankfully the hard parts are finished.

This is our little add on right after I finished painting 
and staining it.  
The color is much darker than the other trim in our house but 
we like it.  I didn't buy the stain... it was left over and found under the bathroom sink???;
saved- I assumed from our other trim only ... it's surely not.  
I tested it on a piece towards the back and was shocked how dark it was.  
I took a photo and sent it to Myguy asking him if he thought I should stop or 
keep going.  We both liked it so ..just went with it. 

 I could hardly wait for it to all dry so I could put the mattress, bedding
and books in it.  
Standing back and looking ... it didn't bother either of us 
that it doesn't match everything else in our house.  
In some ways I like that even better. 
The wall on the left has four shelves and the side to the right
is just sheet rock so you can lean against it to read, watch tv, birdwatch, 
or gaze at the garden and potting shed.  
The contractors had trouble when putting the new window in.
They decided it was made crooked. 
Anyways when they were trying to open and close it they actually even 
broke part of it so ... now we're waiting on yet another new window. 

 We babysat our grand-dog Dottie for a few days and this nook
became her favorite spot.   Since it had a white down comforter; I tossed an old 
quilt on top and she spent many hours curled up on it watching  the cats and chickens.
Now it's also become my favorite place in the  mornings to read through my Advent book.   

 This is where we're at on the barn.  The stalls inside are finished as well
as the feed/tack room.  The ladder is done as well as the staircase off the back.  
We still lack more perlins on the front to attach the wood siding and doors. 
But it's getting close now.  
As time goes on I'll show photos of the inside and what it's like in the loft.  
 We were late getting things decorated for Christmas this year and in a spurt yesterday
I got most of the baking done.  Last night I finished the little cakes in jars for Jesus' birthday.  
And today; added fabric and candles to the lids.  
I've been so rad for plaid this year and already had this  flannel buffalo check. 
The little bit of extra thickness to the fabric made it pretty difficult to get the bands
on over the fabric so it took determination.  
I'm anxious to make some special deliveries now tomorrow.  
That's the fun part; ...being an elf.  

Thank you for stopping by the shed this evening and 
journeying along  with me!  

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

In Window Limbo

Hello friends,
I'd hoped by the time I wrote here again; that we'd be finished at
least for the Winter on our house.  But things have been at a stand still.
The window we ordered is still not in, and the carpenter won't finish the nook until
they can do it all in one day.  They did fix the roof however with some new shingles to tide
us over til Spring.  

It's become  tradition to put up the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving here  but ...
I can't until this other part is done or it will all be in the way. I'm kind of chomping at the bit.  
So I did bring  out 
this nativity.  It's one of my favorite things.   
 I also ordered Blakelea a Fisher-Price Little People Nativity too.
She seems to love it.  It has batteries in the manger and when you push on the 
top where the angel sits it lights up and plays a song...- I think it's Away in a Manger.  
I had it all set up on a little table for her when she got here and she 
kept carrying  baby Jesus and would kiss him.  
It was soooo cute. (That smack still gets me.)  

 Other than that I've only put out some poinsettias 
and a jar of candycanes.  It's pretty sparse around here. 
 Meanwhile I've started gathering black frames and printing 
black and white photos to hang on the bare walls.  
Addie supervises and matches pretty well too.  
 Even my favorite wool blanket from across the Pond is waiting
for the reading nook to get done.    (Thankyou again  Jeanie!!)
If you were here I would fill that thermos up with hot chocolate for you.
 I really can't believe we're almost to the last month of the year.  
I kind of wanted to do something new for Advent this year but 
came back to this book I've went through and shared before.  
It was a challenge for me for some reason when I first went through it- 
but became ... very well loved.  
 This time around I started a new journal for it... and in the book I'll be highliting 
in green so I tell the difference what I wrote the first time around to.. now... and I think it's gonna be interesting.  
Well it already is because I've started already.  Much of it feels like I'm reading it for the first time.  
For the past two days ... in my notes I began to notice something.  
How my one little word chosen for the past four years has somehow connected 
year to year.  I don't think that must make sense to any of you.. but in 
2014 my word was heart
2015 perspective
2016 true 
2017 illuminate  
Living with those words for a year at a time.. was life changing.  
I didn't know when I started doing this  how meaningful it could all  become. 
Looking back here at the potting shed even a year before that I remembered I had three words 
I carried that year.  They were Light, Mercy, and Love.  
I want to reshare what I wrote that January day in 2013:
The end of 2013 is drawing near.  
It seems; the week of Christmas came and went so quickly.  But then;
so did the whole year.
One year ago - right about now... .. I was choosing and deciding on my new words for 2013.
They were:
and Love.    
Light became something I was drawn to and
discovered  the most beautiful things in it.  It became part of  a treasure hunt
almost when taking photos. Often I'd turn and there it'd be... streaming through
a hole in a leaf... or making sunflower and morning glory petals translucent, 
... shining all across the potters bench,...  warming the hood of a rusty olde tractor, a wooden hayfilled
manger, and even spotlighting a hen on a ladder.... - It lit up the harvest moon, and often came beaming down  right through the clouds 
 onto this little farm.  Being one of my words... I started seeing it differently.
Mercy ...and love - both are things that I think somehow  keep growing 
our hearts to become more like Christ.   Surely they keep growing us  right into forever. 
Mercy is something I realize I need on a daily basis... - and learning to give it too.
and Love... well... 
-God's love- .. so  amazing... bigger than anything comprehendable.
And somehow I've learned over the last almost 50 years that miraculously
our hearts have this gigantanormous capacity to keep growing more love.  Big big love!
Turning it into an action word can be the hard part.  I've been  challenged this year
especially with   
--last years anchor verse Luke 10:27
And he answering said, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself.
This scripture  became so special to me and is one I've struggled with.
Funny how things transpire isn't it?  
The words up above are just thoughts from one day.
Writing down the many sightings ... teachings... lessons..
Spiritual discoveries through these words has been an absolute gift to me.
And already I've been getting many glimpses of a new word for 2018.  
I'm pretty sure I already have it... but will keep it under wraps until the first
in case there is more to it that I don't know yet.   
Looking back through my journals for the past 11 months-
well; it's been quite a year.  
And I'm seeing quite a shift in my life since turning 50.  
Things that I want to start writing about and sharing.
Things that still feel uncomfortable but ... when we are real about ourselves
and share our journeys; sometimes there is someone else out there who is walking through the same things... and who ...needs to hear 
 .... they're not alone.
We all... go through things.
One of my friends not long ago... well we were actually talking about health problems
and aging.  But she said, "every one has some thing." 
I've thought of that a million times.  
Everyone has something. 
And it is so true.  
Sometimes the thing is embarrassing and you don't want another soul to ever find out. 
But often  the thing grows you in ways you'd never imagine.
And sometimes sharing it.. gives another courage or inspires someone. 
Same goes for sharing gifts and talents or just the daily grind of life.  
Don't ever think you don't have anything to offer.  
Or that you have no gifts or talents...
Because we all do.  We're created on purpose for purpose.   
Let's dig into that deeper soon.
Because I can tell you one thing.. I have been so blessed by so many people
who have shared their journeys with me.  I've learned so much from many of you.  

 I sign off with an altered book I felt inspired to create
for this ADVENT season.  I got it for 50 cents at the Mustard Seed thrift shop.  
and  pulled many pages out of it here and there and then glued others together.  
Honestly... it was not a great pick.  A lot of it tried to fall apart on me.  The binding
wasn't as strong as I thought.  But ... good old duct tape... buffalo check no less-
is my reinforcement.  Also tons of gesso on the pages.  I'm anxious to see what if anything
becomes of it.  It'll be a work in progress.  Somedays I may just watercolor...  or write scriptures or quotes
that stand out from this book I'm going through- WATCH for the Light.  
Maybe some days I'll journal my guts out and then cover it up with more gesso and plop some paint.  
We'll see. No rules. 
Alright it's after midnight.  
I'm plumb tuckered out.  
Thank God the pumpkin pie got thrown out... or I'd be wanting to get in it.  :)
SWEET dreams to all of you, 
Leaon Mary