Thursday, July 3, 2014

Counting My Blessings 7-3-14

A few random blessings:

--Reading through Zechariah and Malachi yesterday and having gotten through the whole old testament twice now moving into Matthew- thank You Lord for your awesome WORD... I 
LOVE it.  

-- For overall a strong body and good health.  

--For water right out of the tap.  Hot showers, flushing commode, clean clothes,  sparkling dishes,
and even water that gushes from the hose and sprinklers... thank you Lord.  

--For how Myguy calls me Dollface and says he loves 
my soul -

-For the love of grown sons... and that I get to see them both almost every day.  

-For the help from Tony and Michelle last night putting the 
pickets on the porch.  

For finishing a little porch 

-Chatting with Kayla when she stopped in 
to see her sweetheart.

--For how Trent grabbed my post hole diggers and dug through rock
to set the cedar post I was working on.  

--For this Scottish gnome
Humpty dumpty
and especially my sweet friend  who 
sent him!

--For three to four inches of rain in one night and a good garden soaking.

--For protection from the lightning and seeing 
more heart.  

--For the first black Krim tomato
right off the vine.

--For corn that stood tall and strong
growing big ears of sweet Kandy.

--For  donkey brays
and Gracie neighs.

--For loads of zucchini, summer squash and 
cucumbers ripe.  

--For new music that makes my feet tap and 
a whistle in this heart. 

--Witnessing a stranger help another in Walmart-
This aged woman riding a cart had trouble reaching something from the freezer section and 
a woman  behind her went out of her way, helped and put it in her basket.
I was blessed by this interaction and inspired 
by an act of  LOVE. It was the way she helped that struck me...
so ... seeing a need and jumping on it with JOY. 
The seeing  ... was a true gift.

--for feeling 60 degrees this morning... in July! 

--For the good old USA
land that I love.  

Thank you Lord for all these things and so much more...
Thank you for my every thing.

And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. Amen.
John 21:25

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Little By Little With A Side Of Thunderstorms

 -- Lately I keep finding myself stopping for a moment and 
cloud gazing.  Moments like this one; often have me reaching into my 
bib overalls to pull out my phone to capture the  moment.  
I know it's good to look uP- to just push a pause button and 
say thanks God. 
Thank you Lord for all this awesomeness
 you're letting me see 
right now.  
After taking this photo yesterday evening I went about my chores 
with my earbuds in... listening to my favorite JJ Heller music.  
The old step that used to be in front of our kitchen and that had the rotted
boards in it?-  Well Myguy nailed boards back in it for me and I moved it out 
to the garden for a riser.  -- Just something with a little more height to put flower pots on.
Rinsing one of my refrigerated brushes from the day before, with the waterhose,
I started painting it the same "greenhouse desk" green that I like.  
While drying- I jumped in my truck to run up to the happy place to check the garden there.
I left the truck running and barely made it to the garden when lightning struck so close!!!  The thunder just clapped and I RAN to my truck.  A girl can miss some things when her ears are 
stopped up with earbuds and loud music-  egads!!  I wondered how much it had been rumblin and I just hadn't heard?  
I drove back home and pulled up next to the potting shed- it was starting to rain huge drops.
Then the bottom just fell out.  Talk about a gully washer!  Lightning... ohmygosh!  I sat there watching it all in the greenhouse (full of windows)  and knew it was time to make a run for it.  
 Moving the heart rock that holds the door open... this was under it. 
Yeah I really did stop long enough to take a picture.   
It's a heart thing.
Inside the house the poor dogs were freakin smooth out.  
Why do I always  wait til the thunderstorm to tell Addie... we need to get you a thundershirt.  
Then the sun shines the next day and we forget about it. 
She gets so scared!!  
As dark approached I knew if I didn't get to the barn to close the pen doors on the guineas and bantys
that Wylie or Foxie would have a massacre.  But the lightning... it  was still dangerous.  
Finally ran to my Jeep which was the closest to the house and drove inside the barn to put everyone to bed.  The little chickys and guineas were already waiting to get tucked in.:)

It stormed like that until I nodded off.  
My neighbor text this morning and said her rain gauge said 4"!!  
I haven't checked ours yet.  First thing I did was run to the cornpatch to see how the corn
faired.  I do believe it grew four inches of rain!  Bigger and stronger. 
 This afternoon Myguy is gonna  try to get the rails up on the porch.
Thank you dear friends who wrote and encouraged me on the latest DIY project.  
Here's mid stream picture of the little bench turning red.
The color was just some old paint I had and it's called 
"red delicious" like the apple.  
Opening the can it seriously looked PINK.  
See the inside of the lid below the bench?  
OHMYGOSH! Almost fuschia!??  
Even still, you know how when they mix it for you they dab a little on the top of the lid and dry it 
to see if it's a match?  Well their first dab was pinker... but with thicker paint over it... it looked more red.
So gritting my teeth I went with it anyhow and decided next trip to Ft Smith I'd get a can of 
Granny Traces' colonial red I love.  Probably still going to do that but the second coat on this 
little bench definitely got redder so it's gonna have to do  for now... 
 The screen door got painted a dark green matching the other door and shutters.
and hopefully this afternoon everything else will start falling into place.
Oh I hope so.  

 Yesterday afternoon I washed windows and along the front of the house were two big wasp nests
in the rafters.  I guess I ticked one wasp off and he did this kamikaze act, bombing  my forehead.
Thought he got stuck in my hair... and my windex and papertowel dance was probably quite a sight.
Rubbing my forehead and trying not to cry I went to the shop and told Myguy what happened.  
He went straight to a new can of brake cleaner; and attaching the red straw; my man  took revenge. 
:)  Must admit... I did feel some pleasure.  
Okay... maybe alot.
Definitely alot.
.... yeah.
 Before I sign off, I  leave yall with my little chickys having a Summer treat.
Oh and ... gotta share a new find with you:

Have you seen these waterbottles?  
I've seen pitchers like this but not the waterbottles.
Found this at Walmart.  See the little green screen thing inside?
You put whatever fruit you like inside and fill it up and refrigerate it and 
wala... fruity water!  In this photo it has blueberries and strawberries in it.
Today... I'm doing fuji apple!  It's so refreshing on a hot day!

Okay I better go fire up the lawn mower.
Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Heap Of A Mess- Porch Lift

Upon waking; the first thing that entered my mind was:
Egads: the porch!! 
While the Keurig made that first cup of Black Silk,
I couldn't help but open the kitchen door and step onto the freshly painted
porch floor barefoot.  Its still a little tacky feeling.  
Looking around panic sets in because there's still alot left  to do and 
we have friends coming out for the Fourth of July.  
I'll admit it  was hard to close the door and take my cup of coffee to the table
and do my Children of the day study this morning.  
My mind kept trying to have a run away 
adding more things on a growing  to do list.  
Thankfully; ... the stickynotes were pushed aside, and 
first things were made first.  
Loving that study by the way- !!  

Back to the porch thing:
So this end of our farmhouse has lots of olde rotted boards.
We wish we could fix everything... but you gotta draw a line... and just do what you can.
So for another little fix up... Myguy ripped out the worst of the boards on the porch floor
and tore out the bottom step.  
While he did that I started scraping the old gummy paint.  It wasn't even cool like
chippy painty peely that I love?  Nope; most of it was more like ..fruit rollups.
A couple of boards -still in bad shape had to get left but sometimes ... you just gotta do  what you can do right?

I have a picture of inspiration that I printed and was going to show here but 
decided against it.  I don't  want to steal someones photo and not give credit.
The photo was a share on facebook but it's a picture of a porch with colors that just 
make me ooh and ahh all over the place.  One of the colors I loved was of their floor and it is in the same color
family as a greenish turquoise desk I have out in the greenhouse.   Our trip to Lowes' 
Sunday afternoon, was a haul of new boards, pickets, and paint.  Oh Myguy also bought
deck screws and drill bits and when we got home they weren't in our truck.  We forgot the
bag at the checkout and calling up there, ... they checked and couldn't find them.  Uggggh.  
Lowes is a long ways from us so then we had to drive the opposite way and go to Atwoods and
prayed they'd have what we needed.  They did but "kaching$$$$" - you really hate to buy supplies twice.  :(   Anyways, Myguy got busy cutting new boards and the next day I started painting.   

This is how it looks so far, except... I also painted the screen door the same dark green color as the shutters.
Myguy built a step there in front of the door coz it was a BIG step otherwise to get in our house and several  people have had trouble pulling themselves in.  
-- So we still lack the railing which is going to be "picket fencing" and I also painted the  little bench in the top photo... a deep red that will set on the left side of the door. (Thanks Char for trying to help me long distance!)
  -At the moment ...I just don't know yet... We'll see if we can get it to all come together...and  if it doesn't ... I guess I'll just keep painting!  (big eyeballs here) 
Guess I better get busy for now.  
We're  burnin daylight!

Stay tuned for part two or three or four...

P.S.  Oh I have one more thing to share:
Finally... finally... finished the "Redeemed" wall
ADDING a black n white photo of my Dad and I...
and the dragonfly Tony made for me!  
Each member of our family is right there.  


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Weeding Things Out and Hope

 Yesterday at the Post office; the clerk
and I talked about the date and we wondered together just how in the world
June is almost gone
Time has this way of slipping by 
so quickly.  
I can see it when a week or two  passes
without seeing the little ones and 
how much they've grown.  
I see it in 
all my weeds too.  
Just stand a rake up against a fence here;
and see what I mean.
My blogging is like that too.  
Time between blogposts - 
...A day gone by... grows right into weeks 
Because of it all I know
some things need 
weeded out to make space for things important to me; 
like writing and sharing life  here at the shed.

I didn't know it at the time but
Myguy took this picture of me on his phone
when we went up to Mt Nebo recently.
I remember thinking .. how cool it would be to
fly right off of here.  
Just run and ...
Open up my wings.. open up my heart ..and
soar on wings like eagles.
... I keep thinkin of that moment there. 
Mountain top ledges; --they do thrill me.
My question in my journal today is this:...
While on the  ledge of life ... will and do I trust Him?
How often do I let go... and let God?

Trusting is hard for me. 
I know we're not to worry about the future... 
but sometimes I  
Soon I'll be doing something that in some ways
feels a little bit like  jumpin right off this ledge. 
Trusting God is all I know I can  do.  
I don't know the outcome but 
I know the One who does.
And the word says He's not only with me
but goes before me.  
... In Him I have hope.    
"but those who HOPE in the Lord
    will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
    they will run and not grow weary,
    they will walk and not be faint."
Isaiah 40:31

Some  of you know we live in Arkansas.
Right here in tornado alley.

This Spring and early Summer has been
no exception.
It's rained more than usual
and with that...
 June 6th I had an appt in Little Rock and while we were gone,
a storm went through.  
My neighbor text me and said the winds were
really strong!  
She wasn't kidding.  
When we got home... all our sweet corn was laying down.
Oh I know that aint nothing when you're talkin storms coz
what matters most is your people's safety and your homes etc. 
Thankfully everyone  was fine... but the gardens were a wreck.
The one at my Mommas olde homeplace
it really took a hit.  
What got me most was  our cornpatch;  looked like a goner.
I'll admit... I had tears.  All that hard work.. and tending.  
Hauling manure, working it in with my olde tiller 
pass after pass... all the back breaking hoeing, 
putting layers of newspaper down on all of it and then straw on top?
all that  growing?? 
And there it laid 
right on the ground.

I put on work clothes and started trying to stand it back up 
tamping the soil back down around it but it was all just too wet.
Three whole rows I did this with... but turning around ... they were falling
like dominoes... all back over.  Myguy came up there and patted me and said he thought I  needed to  stop trying.... just walk away.
Let it go... and pray.  
And so I did.   

 Three days later look what started happening!  
 Today the corn towers over me. 
I did not stake it, or tie it or do any thing.  
God picked it back up.  
It's all tasseled out and would ya just  look at all the
cute lil redheads.  
I vividly remember my friend asking me  on that day that  it  all got blown over...
She said, 
"We have HOPE right?"
"HOPE we have!!" 
(Thankyou dear friend)  xoxo
This photo was taken  today on Instagram.
See how tall the stalks are behind the olde 48?!!!  
This my friends is a
corn miracle! 
I share it with you "now." 
-because maybe one of you feels  down by some storm in your life.  
May I encourage you to not give up hope; no matter what it is.
God can pick up the pieces of any thing.  
In any one.  
-- and work it out for good.  

 I know... coz 
He's picked me back up over n over  again 
and sets me... on a rock.

 Well... as Summer rolls on "now"... 
I know it's time  to weed out some areas of my life to make
more space for growin. 
For growing not just in a garden, but this heart and soul too.
 Too often I let things important to me
get crowded out.  It's easy to get over run with stuff huh? 

So I hope  to see ya back here again  soon,
Love and friendship,   Lea

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Scripture Pictures

From my garden to yours a couple scripture pictures this evening.
As always; feel free to share them.