Wednesday, August 5, 2020

These Simple Joys...

Hello friends,

Life's been kinda busy and a big mess but I guess that's to be expected when you 
start home projects.  For us; our little remodeling has snowballed from project to project. 
It seems with this old farmhouse once we tear into something the next layer has something
else rotted that needs  to be fixed.  Just how it goes.  
We just keep telling ourselves every day we're one day closer.  

The floor is all fixed under the bath tub now and new drywall up behind it...
Myguy is still muddin though...  Hopefully we can get  the bed and dressers etc moved out and carpet all ripped out in time for the carpet layers.
Meanwhile we've been trying to decide on big mirrors and which medicine cabinet and 
cupboards to go above our washer n dryer ...- all that jazz.  Almost forgot but we tore 
all the shelves out of  the linen closet in our bathroom too when the tub was out.  
Have I said yet that it's a fine mess around here?  ha 
Least there's a garden of flowers and flutterflys to visit 
amid the mess.  
It helps the sanity.

Hopefully it won't take too long coz I'll be having withdrawals not havin 
the babybear out for playdays.  
As it is right now her room is full of junk and it's gonna get worse by this weekend
needing a place to put the rest of our bedroom furniture.  
 A few simple joys this week ...
---fixing tabs in my Gram's bible.  
Holding this tab in my fingers I wondered:  
 Could my Grandmother 
 ever have imagined  .. one day her Leaonie
would feel propelled to hold her Catholic bible and reattach the tabs that were 
yellowed and falling apart. 
I so wonder?
I know she prayed for me alot.  
  (Don't pay no mind to my fingernails... you can probably
guess I'm not the go get a  mani-pedi  kinda gal. --Never had one and 
don't plan to start now. 

I am a tabs gal though.  :) 
And these needed some love.  
I tried different glues... but nothing I tried would stick.
So I ended up cutting small pieces of packing tape.  
Got them all fixed up and have decided to shelve the bible I've been using  awhile and camp out in Gram's here instead.  

And I finally got around to tabbing my she reads truth bible as well.  
I got these tabs off Etsy.  The shop is called farm girl journals in case anyone tries to look them up.  

And this is my August planner.  
See; I wasn't kiddin about the tabs.  

Let's see... other simple joys... 
the song by the Afters : I will fear no more
I've shared here that I've battled with not being 
able to turn my head off at night.  
My sleep gets robbed...and...
I feel like someone wrote that song just for me. 

And here is another simple joy.
A beautiful moth that I'll get to share with Blakelea
because I video'd it for her.  Another thing to add to our 
list of cool things God made.  

And one more... 
a really good movie I saw on the Formed app.. 
St. Ignatius of Loyola.  

Alright that's enough for tonight.  
Sweet dreams yall!

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Girlfriends Day, Chunky Surprise, and Scripture Picture

 Hi yall, and 
happy girlfriends day! 

Looking back; there are so many women I've met through blogger
that have touched my life in a deep way.  
I have been encouraged...
lifted up... 
cheered for.. 
prayed for...
And I just want to say thank you!  
I've met so many nice people here! 
You've made a real difference in my life.  

Today I'm celebrating 

If I could I'd  have picked these 
nasturtiums and handed them to  you... but 
since I couldn't - they went to my bunbun. 
She loved every bite. 
I don't think I shared it but..guess what... she had babies!
Two. Can you believe it? 
Usually rabbit have abunch. Sadly... 
she had a big bunny and a half a runt.  
Yeah you read right.  Half a runt.  Smallest runt I ever saw. 
Died on day two. :(    
 This is her one and only baby.  
And it's sooooooo big from getting 
all the milk.  Looks like a puppy
and don't tell myguy but I'm kind of in love.  
I wish I could bring it in the house to live foreverrrrrr.  
Myguy's nose is opposed to all that tho.   
In Winter when I've had to bring a rabbit indoors...
it doesn't take long to start smelling  like a barn ya know what I mean? 
It doesn't matter how often I clean the crate.  
Years ago we had an angora rabbit that used a litter box in the house.
It was all going so well.  I mean it was awesome.  
Until the morning we woke up and stepped out of the bed to 
Lake Huron.  We had a waterbed back then and thought it must have sprunk a leak. 
 Nope... my cute little fluffy bunny chewed through the icemaker line behind the fridge.
Her inside rabbit life ended that day.  Don't have a heart attack... I meant she got
put outdoors ... to live in a hutch forever and ever amen. 
Myguy still remembers it all 
very vividly. Every wet... very wet..., detail.  Pretty sure if I even hint at this cute chunkymonkey living indoors...
-well... it won't happen. Ha...
(that dang submissive vow) lololol  (jk)
To be honest; I can't take it much either after the first day of
them being indoors.  
Oh well... they can all come inside... just can't live inside ya know? 
We need a name for this little darlin. 
Soon we'll need goat names too coz Sky is due any day.  
Any second really.  
Hope I catch her having them so I can watch.
The miracle of new life never gets old. 

Back to girlfriends day... sorry for the squirrels...  
a sweet girlfriend sent me a birthday present early and wanted me to open it today. 
It was so much fun and she sent the coolest old bottles.
One has a cathedral window pattern to it.  Lovie!
She asked me to make a scripture picture and 
make it a friend one.  I know she would 
fully approve to use it here. 
To #sharethelove
A friend loves at all times... 
it's the first part of proverbs 17:17. 
Until we meet again,