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Rest and Release,
and also All
Things New By Kelly Minter

Newest Devotional: Good Morning God 
David Cook

 I  love Our Daily Bread.
The other devo I have is by Charles Stanley and I know I got in the mail and started it and 
for the life of me I cannot find it.  It's gotta be here... somewhere?  Thankfully I get them in my email inbox as well so I can still read them but having one in my hands ... makes me happier.  

 This is a current study.  I really really look forward to this every day.
This was the last one I did and I do think she has others as well.  
However there are like four other studies on my list get ahold of.  
I miss having a bible study to do with an actual person.  
But I really have no one to get together with- 
I miss my Cora (friend and mentor) who even though miles apart we would share in the word and she always would write me and ask me what I thought of this or that.  She'd tell me things to go look up and to get back with her about it later.  She stretched me... encouraged me and I will never forget that.
-- I've many times went through online studies.  No matter how much they say community and we're doing this together; the end of it... you're still a lone ranger flying solo.  

I just wanna say shame on me for not updating long ago but...
no shaming right?  Suffice to say the studies below are long over. 
AND ... I can happily report I finished the JAMES study by Beth Moore finally! 
I had a hard time getting into it but once I did... - didn't want it to end.  
Today is7-30-15 and I've not purchased a new study in quite some time.  
Actually I've not been involved in any women's bible studies in a group in ages and 
man I miss that.  
Please inbox me if you've discovered something 
 As of Feb 26th... still working through this study and following with the facebook group.

Also as of February 26th... enjoying this Lent study so much.  I believe we're on day 9.  

Jan 11,
almost finished with What your Heart Needs for the hard days by Holley Gerth
and just getting into the Inseparable study by Ashley Linne.-- along with the book
is a facebook group.  This study moves through the book of Romans.
  I haven't been in a study with a group in a very long time.  
Also on my own, I'm going through Kelly Minters study through the letters of 1,2, and 3 John called
"What Love Is."  
Through Christmas 2014, I went through the Greatest Gift for the second time.
Current bible study: As of Sept. 25...
At the moment I'm feelin stuck.  
Having a hard time finding my next study.
Meanwhile still in the word but... really needing a  good study.
If you have a suggestion please email me!

Finished Beth Moore's study: Children of the Day,- what I loved most was
hand writing out the entire books of 1 and 2 Thessalonians.  
also finished  Dee Brestin's book Idol Lies.

Finished the book Stronger by Angela Thomas.  
I'm going slower than usual... 
savoring some.  Hope she keeps writing more.   

Renewing your Heart study is one I pick up not every day...
but it seems the  lessons are always perfect for the days I do.

This is a new one from my friend Jeanie.
It's waiting for the right day... 

Myguy bought me a new one the other day.
I'd heard a podcast all about it and we walked into Hastings and there it was.
The book is called Becoming Myself by Stasi Eldredge.  
I'll share more about it when Stronger ends.

Over the weekend I made a trip to Lifeway and got my copy
of Stronger by Angela Thomas.  A friend and I have been waiting and waiting for it to come out and finally this month it did!  I promised it to my friend for her birthday so I picked up more than one copy and while there; the Holy Spirit kept bringing another friend to mind... so I got her one too.  I'm finally getting to that point when God lays it on my heart to do something... don't question it... just do it.  So... soon
I'll be starting this new study and I hope these two friends do as well.  I'm really hoping to complete the Loving God with all your mind study  before we start the new one though.  And the Renewing your Heart one;... because it's kinda deep ... it seems to be one that is the gravy on my mashed potatoes.  If anyone else is starting the Stronger study too please email me if you'd like to discuss any of it.  After the little bible study ended that we used to have in my house; well... I really don't have anyone to share with anymore.  I miss that.  

  Renewing the Heart for Women- by Barbara Henry (I'm still in this one... it's long and kinda deep and challenging for me.  In a great way.   AND
also started Loving God with all your MIND by Elizabeth George-  getting close to finishing that one and it has been LIFE for me.  Thank you Miss Elizabeth!   
Finished Ann Voscamp's 1000 Gifts bible study and dvd.  It was my favorite to date!
Did NOT want it to end.... 
Finished The Frazzled Female by Cindi Wood.
Just finished "Desperate" Seeking Simplicity
Finding the Cross study by Cindi Wood.
There were times I kinda struggled through it but....
it was so timely... and I'm really glad I stuck with it.  Thumbing back through the pages this evening...I can see some growth which is encouraging.  The author gives alot of room to journal in this workbook and with the thought provoking questions; I needed the room to write. 
Don't know what study to do next... but Cindi's Frazzled Female.  If any of you reading this has went through either, please message me!   

Current study:  Desperate. 
This study, I'm doing by myself. 
Must have walked the isles of Lifeway ten times trying to find something that I could relate to or with???  Last week during study time, I felt like I took more steps backward than forward.  For some reason I just keep ... striving.  There was a verse from the book quoted on James 1:25.  This translation goes, "If you look carefully into the perfect law that sets you free, and if you do what it says and don't forget what you heard, then God will bless you for doing it."    NLT 
Seriously reading it that way... I felt torn down somehow?    The KJV says that verse like this:  "But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therein, he being not a forgetful hearer but a doer of the work,this man shall be blessed in his deed."  -- maybe it's just me but when I read that outloud... in as much as it may sound the same... it just doesn't feel that way to me?  The whole weeks lesson... most of it anyways... I can't even describe it.  If any of you have done this study... write me.  I think it's one that I'd have done better with it in a group?  However, after a rough day of striving which I know we're not to "do" ... brought GRACE and literally set legalism on my kitchen table where I was studying.  :)    So I guess all in all it's been a bumpy studying the word these days. 
I think it was rebellion.  Because like chpt 3 states; it's His blood and my transfusion. 

 I'm sitting here this morning squinting at this blank screen with hair color on my head and the timer set with 14 minutes before I need to run to the bathroom and rinse.  --Lately I've been slack in my bible study time.  The James study sits unused on my table.  I've opened it and ... for whatever reason it's been hard for me to get into.  Is the timing just wrong right now... or am I rebellious Lord?  Those are my words.  So much of the time I have is spent in the garden.  My early morning time and evening time... is watering because we've had no rain.  In some ways I've felt as dry as the soil

Yesterday afternoon, I opened the barn red paint can and began my summer task of painting our old barn, and after that, I'll start the old red shed behind the house and after that... the old shop building.  When those are finished, ... the pipe corral willl get a fresh whitewash.

As I stood on the ladder yesterday I listened to the book of John on my ipod.  As the woman at the well conversed with Jesus, I found myself asking Him outloud  to give me this living water so that I too will never thirst again.  I've been missing the word of God.  Other things have becoming idols in my life.  They've been slipping in masked as chores.

Later on, I sat down on the couch to rest and turned on the television to view the James R. show I'd set on the DVR.  To my surprise the Stuck bible study was being discussed with Jennie Allen.  The day before, a friend of mine had asked me to think about doing it with her and we'd emailed back and forth about it.  I told her I'd pray about it and I did... and low and behold there it was "again."  I knew I'd been given my answer, and later in the day ordered the study.  It will be my next bible study and I also ordered the book "Anything."
It's time to Rinse!!!
Holykisses this beautiful day!  xoxo

 Started new devotionals at the beginning of the year:
Choosing Joy by Angela Thomas- and I'm LOVING it!!
Received:  More Than Conquerors for a Christmas present and it is a wonderful companion devotional to Choosing Joy.  Then last week, we stopped at Lifeway and I picked up a copy of GRACE For The Moment by Max Lucado and just started it January 7th!  -- These are all fairly short devos and I'm really enjoying them. 

Current studies: I just started the Nehemiah study today by Kelly Minter.  Before beginning,  I re-read the book Nehemiah out of the Old Testament to brush up on all the happenings.  So much jumped out at me that I'd forgotten.  I even had a weird dream the night before as well and I journaled about it all.  I'm so glad I wrote it all down... -- So far what I've learned from Nehemiah is... he had a real heart for others.  Enough to cry for them... FAST.. and pray.  I'm asking tonight, what brings me to tears for others?  -- Asking the hard questions tonight.  Prayerfully.  Honestly... and journaling my answers.  Looking forward to learning more...
and remembering that The JOY of the LORD is my strength.

A friend invited me to read "You're Already Amazing" by Holley Gerth with her.  I'll be going through this book with her and following along at  Incourage.

For Christmas I was also given the book of James bible study and got the dvds as well.
I haven't started yet.  Timing is not right.  I'm anxious but... waiting.
We haven't started our small bible study up at our  house again yet.  
I've had two of the sisterchicks ask me about it... so I think they're missing it maybe too.
Still praying where to go from here.
What now Lord?
You lead,
 I'll follow.

Living Your Life As A Beautiful Offering- by Angela Thomas.... (finished)  What a blessing in my life. Loved it so much!! 
When Wallflowers Dance By Angela Thomas-- -- (finished)
Reading Chapter 12:  The Fitting Room by Kelly Minter  (finished)
Current devotional I use:  Tending The Soul written by many cool sisterchicks through Midday Connection!
I am loving this devo... check it out at Midday Connection!

Some of you already know that we hold  a small group bible study at my house.
But I've been going through others as well.

My Sisterchicks and I have went through the study: Ruth by Kelly Minter and I did No Other gods on my own by Kelly Minter. T
Finished Brave- By Angela Thomas- MY ABSOLUTE favorite so far!!
Finished Believing God by Beth Moore.
Duty or Delight by Tammie Head

Our next Sisterchick  meeting will be discussing:  Jael and Hannah

Actively the Sisterchicks are  in the book:  Women Of The Bible by Jean E. Syswerda.  To date, we have studied these women:  (We are taking a break from this book for the summer and may pick this book back up in the Fall.) 
Lot's wife
Tamar daughter in law of Judah
Potiphars wife
Jochebed and Pharaoh's daughter
The Queen of Sheba
The Proverbs 31 woman
Mary the Mother of Jesus
The woman who lived a sinful life.
The woman with the issue of blood.
The Syrophoenician woman
Salome Mother of the Zebedees