Monday, February 11, 2019

Day Eleven

True Love....

One trait of true love jumps to the surface for me.  
A love thing  that is  authentic and true to being who we reeeeally are. 
Being the original, one of a kind,  unique person God created us to be. 
Not striving to be like someone else.. or  what other people think we oughta be or especially look like.    
When we start walking in "that truth" 
a beautiful thing happens  that really has
nothing to do with how we  look
and more about how we love:
in truth.



Jean said...

Good day dear Lea,

True Love.....I wholeheartedly always have a beautiful way with words.

Thank you for sharing today.


Leaon Mary said...

Hi Jeanie... Thanks for popping in and for going with us antiquing ! lol That was fun!