Friday, May 25, 2018

Spring JOYS In Full Swing...

 The garden is all in... 
and now we tend to it...and wait patiently...
The days are full.
Dreams are planted and 
work steady.
 Joy is being  found in so many  little things.
Like playing in an outdoor kitchen
and trying new recipes for  mudpies with 
beautiful botanical garnishes.  

It's been collecting little pans for little hands.

and it's tea... for two.  

 It's been found in  the pitterpatter and panting of 2 old corgis-
 It's in  the color of the jays.... 

and  this nest of  baby bleu's.  
... And was this nest of a Cardinal family right outside the door.

 It was also found in a mockingbird nest.  
.. It was   discovered in this nest of baby roadrunners
 in the heart of an old  cedar tree-
a first for me.  

It was in the first Orioles seen here.  

And their four jars of grape jelly 
and bags of oranges.  
It was our  short but sweet watching it all  from a covered porch. 

 It was  in the blooms of  peonies.  

 In droplets of rain.  
And leaving a few on Momma's grave.  
 It was in the second pull of an olde tiller,
and the footsteps left behind.  
 ... In pink grootendorst...
 and especially... here.
This "flowa" handed to me 
so sweetly.  
... It's saved in this old book... 
And in the pressing and  keeping safe. 
... and a few more... 

It was in his out of the blue
 "Hey Momma... listen to this song."  
And the speaker he brought me later 
coz he knows I like to crank it up while washing dishes
and gardening.  

It 's in her hugs and how she really listens. 

And in the very wise  friend who 
always says just the right thing
at the right time.

It's in baby bun buns.
All 7.

 And  in the scent of wild roses
growing tall as the trees.  
 And in the he loves me... he loves me not...

... right down to the last ...He loves me.  
It was in his eyes... as he tried so hard
to pull and save this calf.
And the thoughts of  his Grampa 
who surely smiled down on him. 

It's in every moment really... 
and every breath.   

... so many little things. 
And it's true.... they really are the big things.

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