Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Writing The Story

 Every day I look forward to opening my email 
to discover what the National day of  ___ is.  
For whatever reason, it's fun to me.  
I sometimes laugh, shake my head in disbelief... or nod wanting to celebrate
it for all it's worth.  
Especially the food days.  You know; pancake day etc... :)
Today among other things it is.. national write down your story day.
How can you not love that if you're a journaler?  

Even now as I stare at this screen the word journaler keeps leaping out at me.
Not only because I love the word but because it's underlined in red.
It screams red, "correct meeee!... and this  "udder" rebellion flat out refuses.  :)
It's all part of writing the story.  -- Least to me.
Sometimes there is a lot of reading between the lines... even red ones.   
And every day has something to record.
A thought... a surprise... a little thing to celebrate. 
Sometimes our story  includes someone else.  
So many...
Ordinary, extraordinary
beautiful little things.   

 They attract us... if we'll see them..
especially when they're shiny or twinkle in the Sonlight.    

 On the surface... 
life  can seem still
and plain ordinary. 
But ordinary 
is extraordinary
if only we can see it. 

is what I'm writing today.  

1 comment:

Jean said...

Lea, I can hardly believe how quickly this little one is growing, she is amazing and it fills my heart to see the pics of her outside and enjoying her days with you.

Thank you for sharing these special moments.

Sparkly blessings to you.