Thursday, March 15, 2018

Itchin To Dig

 It's tshirt weather this afternoon and
feels soooo good to be really warm.  

While I did till  the garden last Fall;  it had really sprung a lot
of weeds so today; (itchin to dig).. fired up the old craftsman.   
Honestly, I didn't  do a great job because it was actually a little too wet but 
at least the grass and greens got turned under.  
 As I made the rounds; I kept thinking about the whole 
"plant less' thing so there'd be a  little more time for other activities this season.  
My little spot in front of the shed here is  small...  but actually 
larger than this photo really shows.  
 ..After finishing; I wound up doing a block behind the fence;
...muttering the whole way.  
--"Girl what are you doin?'  
--"What do you need all this for?"  
"Well... there's those baggyfuls of candylope seeds I'd forgot about and  dried n saved in our junk drawer," I reasoned.
"And Blakelea... she's gonna need pumpkins planted in mid Summer."  
"And cucumbers?.... there'd be more room for them to stretch and sprawl out a little." 
I pray someone else out there talks themselves in and out of things like this....?  - Do ya?

Will this spot out here get planted?  Heck I dunno?!!!
(Good question)..  
But if it does...  the earth got turned under and... 
 Pest control came and worked hard on the plot.  
Then they all took a good bath. 
The 48 Chevy got a bath too.  
She had green fungus growing on one side so that was scrubbed off
and the bed  hoed.  She's not rabbit proofed yet... but that'll be another day. 
While tilling, even  Larkspur got turned out to scratch in the dirt.  
He's a fine mess today isn't he?  
This is how ya look when someone slathers Vaseline on  your feet and legs for mites
and then  lets you out to play.
He's filthy.
But still loveable.   

Well I'm burnin daylight  and still have a couple things to get in the ground.  
Brought one box of  these dark purple lilacs yesterday at Sam's and 
have some onions to put in.  The onions will be fine but not sure about the lilacs?  
My other is budding but not leafed yet.  May be safer  to keep these in the greenhouse 
for another week at least.  

That's my story today.
Thanks for stopping by the olde shed.

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Rebecca said...

I love your "story"!
Don't have ANYthing turned under here.
Just. Too. Wet.
And cold...