Friday, March 16, 2018

Garden Temptation

Gardening is like an addiction.  
Once you start  you want more, more, and more.
Like my tilling yesterday.  One garden wasn't enough-
thought I had to have a little more room.  Geez.  
Even though I was tempted yesterday and kept on tilling the second plot;
opening this journal helped.  I found the list of things I had to have, and didn't want to live without.  
Those candylope seeds ... aren't on there.  But it's okay... -I'll most likely still live without planting them.

- The extra plowed up plot has other possibilities.  
Things that are on a wishlist.
A swing
An area for a big stump to build a gnome house
A small fairy garden, a bug hotel,
or  aviary...
Time will tell.

One more story 
to share for the day:
About an hour ago I heard the chickens sound an alarm.  
I figured it was just  buzzards coming to dine on a dead possum in the pasture. 
I walked out ...and a bald eagle was on the bank of the pond! 
I took a photo but had the wrong lens on my camera... 
They're switched out now just in case I get another try.  
If the right lens was on it might have been a good pic!
Bummer.  Oh well you can at least tell it's an eagle.  

Have a great day everyone!

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