Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Every Lil Bit

The other day, someone told me that 
this photo of our Old rooster is  frame-able.  
I've found myself thinking about that statement alot.  The "How we "see" things," of it.   
What do we each perceive to be worthy of framing? 
What do "I" perceive worthy of framing?
People, places, things.. animals.....colors...
Beautiful Imperfection?
No doubt some of all those things... 
But after thinking about it... I bought a brand new frame:
This is what I framed.  
This beautiful work of art.  
I see the moment of the memory the very most when I see it.
I recall her sitting on my lap... 
The smell of something coconut on  her neck.
I remember those chubby fists wanting to hold every crayon out of the box 
all at the same time.  
I remember her dropping them one or two on the floor and 
how I tried to hold her steady on my  lap while I reached down 
trying to reach those capsized crayons.  
I remember how she scribbled on the table a little
missing the paper- and how I didn't wash it off..
and don't ever want to.  
I remember drawing the heart myself while 
encouraging her to "help." Grammy color.  
I remember it all.  
It's all frameable.  
Every tiny little scribbled bit.  


Dawn Dutton said...

Lea.. Love the frame and especially the art work inside.. A masterpiece..

Jean said...

Framing a moment in our day! I think is such a wonderful thing to do. Something to look at each day and remember that special moment.

I framed the picture of Violet with her beautiful heart on her leg. That is special for me and worthy to be framed. Makes me smile.

Blessings and Joy.

Leaon Mary said...

Thanks Dawn! By the way I love your new profile pic... YOU are a masterpiece!!

Jean I am delighted you framed Violet's heart! You are framed too in our house!