Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New Years Day Sweet Moments Captured; Even The Moon!

Hello friends,
I hope you've had a great start into 2018.
It was a gorgeous day in Arkansas. 
Cold as all get out; good snugglin weather! 

I almost feel guilty enjoying my new word so much.  
I absolutely "love" to hike, and go walking... taking strolls... 
uphill, downhill... rain, shine, and especially snow.  
Yesterday was no exception loving to walk because Myguy was home and went with me! 

One of the things for his new year is trying to be more intentional to take more time
doing the things he loves.  He works really hard and has a  demanding job.   Something unique about him  is ... he's a farmboy at heart.  
He loves his cows.  And they love him.  Feeding them  is some of his best "down time." 
When I watch him out there... I can almost see the stress melt right off him.  
Same for out on his tractor.  He is such a happy guy working on the farm.
So that's one of his goals for the year... and since it's one of his- it becomes one of mine.  -to see to it he gets more
time to de-stress.
It's not something he even asked of me, but 
for his well being I want to be more intentional to help him find more time.     
So yesterday he spent a good portion of the day out on the tractor.  
He brush hogged in the fields and also cut more firewood. 
Later I told him I was gonna head for the woods after awhile for a walk.   
He said, "When you get ready to go ... I'd like to go with you."  (my heart did a flip
flop coz going for a walk in the woods with my honey on New years day- yeah.. that's what I'm talkin bout.)  wink*
So we both had a really good start into 2018.  

So many times in the past,  I've stopped and taken photos of my boots out walking.  
What a treat yesterday to take a pic of that other pair of boots I cherish.
Well ... the heart that wears them.  

As we walked the woods he showed me areas he's  cleared here and there; and then showed me 
other sweet surprises.  Years ago our little boys used to play in those woods and they built 
tree houses and things.  He showed me trees two little boys had cut down with hack saws. 
Omg... I'd never noticed it even before but sure enough... clean cuts... well but for the different directions they sawed after getting tired I'm sure. lol  Pricesless !  He showed me different ones
he'd found that they'd sawed and ... said it just did his heart good when he discovered those were stumps  two little boys had left behind once upon a time.  
As we walked down to the far gate... I pointed to this little heart rock and told him
it was something I too had left behind.  He smiled ...
and so did I.  

After our walk I headed home to make a big kettle of 
chicken and dumplings.  
Nothin like some comfort food to ring in the new year.
Especially for Myguy after spending hours on his tractor
and splitting firewood.  

As the sun was going down... came the moon watch.
My dear friend in Scotland and I have been planning to catch the moon together..  at the same time somehow.  

I'd just put dumplins on the top of the potatoes and bubbling chicken broth when I got her text.
I ran out the kitchen door looking for the moon... but it still wasn't up high enough.  
Back in and setting the timer on the stove... I paced waiting... I kept running outside to check.
Finally it was peeking just behind the trees!  
I wrote her back and told her I was grabbing a coat and hat.
She wrote that she too was headed outside.   
Myguy helped me photograph this so I could be in the picture of memories.  
Standing at the garden fence ... the moon broke over the trees.  

 My friend and I were looking at the moon at the same time.
 Although we live 4,199 miles apart, my friend in Scotland and I 
watched the New Year Super Moon at the same time .. with a 6 hour time difference-
AND it was still her birthday!  
Is that stinkin cool or what!!!?  

 What fun... 
Something I will remember forever.
 I documented it in my fauxbonichi.
I don't care that  the sketch is wonky...
I will  look at this little sketch in the future 
and smile from ear to ear.  
Just as I am now.  
 That summed up my first Day pretty well. 
I better jump off here now and get to babyproofing. 
It's my Tuesday to play with the little flitting wren.  

I need to get my outside chores all done and
tend all the critters so my focus can be entirely on her. 
Can't wait to get some sugars! 

Have a beautiful day everyone!
Stay warm!  
Love from an olde shed.  


Jean said...

It was a super start to the new year Lea...spending time with a friend is truly a blessing!!! I love love your sketch, I will remember the day always and am still smiling. Considering all that could've gotten in the way, like weather and time differences. Yay!!! Thank you for sharing an unforgettable time. Thank you Lord for making it possible.

I love that you got time to get out for a walk with your guy and got two sets of walking boots in the pic!! Precious moments.

God Bless

Dawn Dutton said...

Awe... loved your stories. Enjoy each day!

Heaven said...

Sounds like your new year is starting out fabulous :)

Lynda said...

Precious post! Happy New Year!