Saturday, December 23, 2017

Remodeling Updates and Jesus Birthday Cake In Jars

 Well friend, it's almost Christmas!  
Life has been a hectic blurr for a several weeks here and remodeling right
into the holidays can get kinda  stressful.
Thankfully the hard parts are finished.

This is our little add on right after I finished painting 
and staining it.  
The color is much darker than the other trim in our house but 
we like it.  I didn't buy the stain... it was left over and found under the bathroom sink???;
saved- I assumed from our other trim only ... it's surely not.  
I tested it on a piece towards the back and was shocked how dark it was.  
I took a photo and sent it to Myguy asking him if he thought I should stop or 
keep going.  We both liked it so ..just went with it. 

 I could hardly wait for it to all dry so I could put the mattress, bedding
and books in it.  
Standing back and looking ... it didn't bother either of us 
that it doesn't match everything else in our house.  
In some ways I like that even better. 
The wall on the left has four shelves and the side to the right
is just sheet rock so you can lean against it to read, watch tv, birdwatch, 
or gaze at the garden and potting shed.  
The contractors had trouble when putting the new window in.
They decided it was made crooked. 
Anyways when they were trying to open and close it they actually even 
broke part of it so ... now we're waiting on yet another new window. 

 We babysat our grand-dog Dottie for a few days and this nook
became her favorite spot.   Since it had a white down comforter; I tossed an old 
quilt on top and she spent many hours curled up on it watching  the cats and chickens.
Now it's also become my favorite place in the  mornings to read through my Advent book.   

 This is where we're at on the barn.  The stalls inside are finished as well
as the feed/tack room.  The ladder is done as well as the staircase off the back.  
We still lack more perlins on the front to attach the wood siding and doors. 
But it's getting close now.  
As time goes on I'll show photos of the inside and what it's like in the loft.  
 We were late getting things decorated for Christmas this year and in a spurt yesterday
I got most of the baking done.  Last night I finished the little cakes in jars for Jesus' birthday.  
And today; added fabric and candles to the lids.  
I've been so rad for plaid this year and already had this  flannel buffalo check. 
The little bit of extra thickness to the fabric made it pretty difficult to get the bands
on over the fabric so it took determination.  
I'm anxious to make some special deliveries now tomorrow.  
That's the fun part; ...being an elf.  

Thank you for stopping by the shed this evening and 
journeying along  with me!  


Dianne said...

I want to be your neighbor!

Denise said...

Oh I love your window is beautiful and so cozy looking! And the cow print loveseat is awesome! I love your home.

Jean said...

Good morning Lea,

I can't believe I am so late in visiting the shed. Oh what a surprise and to see the beautiful reading nook you have tirelessly created, it is amazing!!!! Love it to bits. What a relaxing place to spend time.

I love how Dottie is just relaxing and watching the world go by...awwww!!!

Blessings and Joy. Thank you for sharing...