Thursday, November 16, 2017

Progress and The P Word

 Hi friends,

Thought I'd snap a quick shot of my morning devo....
I got that special P word again!
Man I just love when this sort of thing happens don't you?  
 I have to leave in a few minutes, but wanted to share how fast the barn is 
coming along.  To see the walls happening now is so exciting. 
 Our son came over after work last night and we climbed the ladder into the loft.  
Soon a wall will enclose the back side here; with a door going 
down a staircase.  It all seems to change so much every day.

Tony and his Dad discussed how to build stalls and rustic siding and
doors.  It was exciting listening to the plans for the days ahead.  
Especially when they were talking ponies.  
I can't wait to smell horses again and Miss Violet and Spirit and Ruthie
will have a warm place to be during Winter storms again.  

After supper; Myguy worked on wiring again and had to crawl under the house.
Poor guy; I know he absolutely hates that; especially in the dark.  
Anyways he got some of it done and started putting up shiplap to see how it's gonna look.
I can't get over how the color of the walls and it match.  I think it'll brighten the room up quite a lot.  

While he did that; I started going through books and began 
putting things back inside the old hoosier.  I keep all my finished and personal bible studies,
commentaries, bibles and Christian books in here.
I've gotta figure some sort of lock for the bottom cabinet to keep Blakelea out.
Remember how I had it duct taped before? lol  
I'm not putting dishes back in the bottom just in case.  But still need a way
to lock it.  Any ideas?  
Well time to head out.  
I'm off to go play with my grandgirl today.
I can't wait to get some sweet sugar! 

Have a wonderful day,


Jean said...

A barn it is.....I couldn't visualise how it would look before but it is amazing. Great too, to have family to help and encourage. "All hands on deck" yay!!

Thank you for taking time out from a hectic, busy, crazy time to share and be a blessing as always.


Leaon Mary said...

Jeanie... I love that; "all hands on deck"
We haven't gotten much done past few days out there... the guys had other jobs to do but a couple are back today. Can't wait til the donks can get into a stall again.
Thank you for stopping by .... and your texts mean the world to me. ff