Wednesday, November 29, 2017

In Window Limbo

Hello friends,
I'd hoped by the time I wrote here again; that we'd be finished at
least for the Winter on our house.  But things have been at a stand still.
The window we ordered is still not in, and the carpenter won't finish the nook until
they can do it all in one day.  They did fix the roof however with some new shingles to tide
us over til Spring.  

It's become  tradition to put up the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving here  but ...
I can't until this other part is done or it will all be in the way. I'm kind of chomping at the bit.  
So I did bring  out 
this nativity.  It's one of my favorite things.   
 I also ordered Blakelea a Fisher-Price Little People Nativity too.
She seems to love it.  It has batteries in the manger and when you push on the 
top where the angel sits it lights up and plays a song...- I think it's Away in a Manger.  
I had it all set up on a little table for her when she got here and she 
kept carrying  baby Jesus and would kiss him.  
It was soooo cute. (That smack still gets me.)  

 Other than that I've only put out some poinsettias 
and a jar of candycanes.  It's pretty sparse around here. 
 Meanwhile I've started gathering black frames and printing 
black and white photos to hang on the bare walls.  
Addie supervises and matches pretty well too.  
 Even my favorite wool blanket from across the Pond is waiting
for the reading nook to get done.    (Thankyou again  Jeanie!!)
If you were here I would fill that thermos up with hot chocolate for you.
 I really can't believe we're almost to the last month of the year.  
I kind of wanted to do something new for Advent this year but 
came back to this book I've went through and shared before.  
It was a challenge for me for some reason when I first went through it- 
but became ... very well loved.  
 This time around I started a new journal for it... and in the book I'll be highliting 
in green so I tell the difference what I wrote the first time around to.. now... and I think it's gonna be interesting.  
Well it already is because I've started already.  Much of it feels like I'm reading it for the first time.  
For the past two days ... in my notes I began to notice something.  
How my one little word chosen for the past four years has somehow connected 
year to year.  I don't think that must make sense to any of you.. but in 
2014 my word was heart
2015 perspective
2016 true 
2017 illuminate  
Living with those words for a year at a time.. was life changing.  
I didn't know when I started doing this  how meaningful it could all  become. 
Looking back here at the potting shed even a year before that I remembered I had three words 
I carried that year.  They were Light, Mercy, and Love.  
I want to reshare what I wrote that January day in 2013:
The end of 2013 is drawing near.  
It seems; the week of Christmas came and went so quickly.  But then;
so did the whole year.
One year ago - right about now... .. I was choosing and deciding on my new words for 2013.
They were:
and Love.    
Light became something I was drawn to and
discovered  the most beautiful things in it.  It became part of  a treasure hunt
almost when taking photos. Often I'd turn and there it'd be... streaming through
a hole in a leaf... or making sunflower and morning glory petals translucent, 
... shining all across the potters bench,...  warming the hood of a rusty olde tractor, a wooden hayfilled
manger, and even spotlighting a hen on a ladder.... - It lit up the harvest moon, and often came beaming down  right through the clouds 
 onto this little farm.  Being one of my words... I started seeing it differently.
Mercy ...and love - both are things that I think somehow  keep growing 
our hearts to become more like Christ.   Surely they keep growing us  right into forever. 
Mercy is something I realize I need on a daily basis... - and learning to give it too.
and Love... well... 
-God's love- .. so  amazing... bigger than anything comprehendable.
And somehow I've learned over the last almost 50 years that miraculously
our hearts have this gigantanormous capacity to keep growing more love.  Big big love!
Turning it into an action word can be the hard part.  I've been  challenged this year
especially with   
--last years anchor verse Luke 10:27
And he answering said, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself.
This scripture  became so special to me and is one I've struggled with.
Funny how things transpire isn't it?  
The words up above are just thoughts from one day.
Writing down the many sightings ... teachings... lessons..
Spiritual discoveries through these words has been an absolute gift to me.
And already I've been getting many glimpses of a new word for 2018.  
I'm pretty sure I already have it... but will keep it under wraps until the first
in case there is more to it that I don't know yet.   
Looking back through my journals for the past 11 months-
well; it's been quite a year.  
And I'm seeing quite a shift in my life since turning 50.  
Things that I want to start writing about and sharing.
Things that still feel uncomfortable but ... when we are real about ourselves
and share our journeys; sometimes there is someone else out there who is walking through the same things... and who ...needs to hear 
 .... they're not alone.
We all... go through things.
One of my friends not long ago... well we were actually talking about health problems
and aging.  But she said, "every one has some thing." 
I've thought of that a million times.  
Everyone has something. 
And it is so true.  
Sometimes the thing is embarrassing and you don't want another soul to ever find out. 
But often  the thing grows you in ways you'd never imagine.
And sometimes sharing it.. gives another courage or inspires someone. 
Same goes for sharing gifts and talents or just the daily grind of life.  
Don't ever think you don't have anything to offer.  
Or that you have no gifts or talents...
Because we all do.  We're created on purpose for purpose.   
Let's dig into that deeper soon.
Because I can tell you one thing.. I have been so blessed by so many people
who have shared their journeys with me.  I've learned so much from many of you.  

 I sign off with an altered book I felt inspired to create
for this ADVENT season.  I got it for 50 cents at the Mustard Seed thrift shop.  
and  pulled many pages out of it here and there and then glued others together.  
Honestly... it was not a great pick.  A lot of it tried to fall apart on me.  The binding
wasn't as strong as I thought.  But ... good old duct tape... buffalo check no less-
is my reinforcement.  Also tons of gesso on the pages.  I'm anxious to see what if anything
becomes of it.  It'll be a work in progress.  Somedays I may just watercolor...  or write scriptures or quotes
that stand out from this book I'm going through- WATCH for the Light.  
Maybe some days I'll journal my guts out and then cover it up with more gesso and plop some paint.  
We'll see. No rules. 
Alright it's after midnight.  
I'm plumb tuckered out.  
Thank God the pumpkin pie got thrown out... or I'd be wanting to get in it.  :)
SWEET dreams to all of you, 
Leaon Mary


rebecca said...

I love you, Lea!
And yes - everyone DOES have something ♥
Thinking how like your altered book I am..."not a great pick, falling apart...not as strong as I thought...a work in progress..."
May your Advent Season be FULL of light, mercy and love ALL for the love of The One Who came full of them Himself.
You are one amazing lady and I'm so glad our blogging paths continue to cross.

Jean said...

Well Good Day dear friend, I have enjoyed visiting the shed today and catching up with your days. Thank you for sharing. I love that the thrift shop is called Mustard Seed!! I still think it's the best thing ever to be able to write as we see things and learn things and then look back, we are so blessed aren't we.

Little Blakelea with her First Nativity....awwww cute or what... and I am so glad you got the pictures, more treasures to store.

I can't believe it's nearly the beginning of Advent again, it doesn't seem anything like a year since deciding which Advent study to go through, and I hope you will be blessed in the study again.

It is St Andrew's Day tomorrow 30th here in Scotland (our Patron Saint) and it will be a cold one, it is to freeze again tonight so I wish I could have some hot chocolate straight from that beautiful thermos.

Oh and I love your little vignette of the JOY cushion and photos and off course Addie sets it all off!! Just like a magazine shoot.


Sweet Magnolias Farm said...

Hi Lea... It's been so very very very long since I have blogged or visited blogs .. I saw your new post up on my feed and I wanted to stop by and say hello .. thank you for the inspiring words you shared about your words for each year and how they transformed you .. Merry Christmas ..

Sweet Blessings