Monday, October 9, 2017

What Are You Reading?

 Hi friends,
Thanks for your patience while the potting shed
was down a couple days so I could make some changes.
Unfortunately what I tried to do, was kind of like rearranging furniture 
in our house-
I move things around only to put them back
where they were  to start with. 
Anyone relate? 

-- Welll tonight I wanted to share a couple new books 
I've started for October.  

Rest and Release by Courtney Joseph.
This study started October 1st and so far I've really been enjoying it. 
You can find out more about it all at the Women Living Well site.
When I first started the book and learned the method of going through the scriptures;
I thought maybe in the future I might not need to get the workbooks that go with their studies.
BUT- I'm enjoying this so much... the little challenges included are really fun and I'm
 glad I went ahead and got the book.  
You know how some studies take you a lot of time to get through each day? 
This one isn't like that in my opinion.  
It's not near as time consuming and yet sticks with you... 
I find myself looking forward to the next new day.
Sometimes if they're too long and indepth; and  I miss a day or two
it can get overwhelming and eventually winds up shelved -undone.
This one won't be like that.  
Then I also started this new devotional.
It was a gift from my Mil and it too is a  good one.
I'm kind of picky about my daily devos too.   
I'd never seen this book before so I thought I'd share it here.
The next on my "to read" list is the latest by Holley Gerth: Fierce Hearted.  
It's always fun to discover new reads, devotionals and bible studies. 
So what are you reading, studying or on your wish list? 

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rebecca said...

I totally get it about rearranging blogs and furniture. I've really wanted to combine all my blogs into one...but so far, things are the same as usual.

I'm glad you found helpful devotional books. Lately, I've been reading straight Bible - trying to read more in one sitting and get the "big" picture. I have a little more time to spend, but still get distracted sometimes. I did Hebrews yesterday. My current quest is to try to put the Old and New Testaments together better and I thought Hebrews a good place to start. (It was!)