Tuesday, September 5, 2017

September Day 5 Documenting Faith, Life, and Goals

 Jumping on earlier today since it's "Tuesday with Blake" day!
The first thing of the morning - after making the bed,
letting dogs out, and making coffee of course;
is devotionals and documenting the word I get.
I also print out any photos that stick to my heart and 
add them as tip ins.  

  During my lessons for the day;
I felt like journaling what was going on inside my heart and mind
and added them on the page to the right.  
I also had some convictions that I wrote about on the flip side of 
the sunflower photo.  Tip ins work so well for hidden journaling.

A picture of this will be going in one of my journals.
I've been on a peanut butter and banana on toast kick lately.
Might seem a weird thing to journal about but it's 
real life!  A unique thing that I just happen to like
a lot! haha  
Pretty vintage dishes too!

 In  my little art journal, I painted this girl,
and added the stamp to "choose happy"  
I'm finding I love sketching faces and characters.  
Just quick little no fuss and very messy yet colorful 
And last, this picture of my hair to add in my goal section.
It's been two years and four months since I've had a professional haircut
and two years and one month since I stopped coloring and 
let my hair go gray.  
My inspiration photo; well, one of them is of a lady with a long gray braid.  
I found it on Pinterest I think and added it to my black Mr. DARCY travelers notebook
to look at when I hated my own hair and needed encouragement to keep going.
I'm so glad I gutted through the harsh line of demarcation, and any criticism 
and comments to reach my goals.  I'm not there yet... because I want it a lot longer
but ... getting there!  Every day I'm one day closer.
So... that's about it for today.
Time to get my mess cleaned up and get ready for babygirl.
Guess what... we have a walker!  
Oh my stars and garters... 
Granny is gonna need to start taking vitamins to keep
up with her now.

Thanks for the comments and texts checkin on me 
after I crashed yesterday.  haha 
I'm totally fine; a little sore but only if you push on it- 
so please don't!  lol  
Hardest part of all was I told Myguy last night; what really bothers me is 
I think back in my younger days I'd never have really gotten sacked like that.
Was more steady on my feet.  Hard to admit but... sigh... 
it is what it is right?
Pullin up my big girl panties... 
Have a great day,
Leaon Mary


rebecca said...

I wish, I wish, I wish I had even 1/100th of your creativity, Lea!
I DO share your "faith, life and goals"...
Thankful for the family of bloggers and YOU who keep me inspired and determined and growing! ♥

Jean said...

love the painting Lea, you are good at drawing faces and expressions...your beautiful braid is amazing!!!

It is great that you share your journal thoughts and pics and I am thankful that you are okay.

Have a great day with the wee one!!!