Wednesday, September 6, 2017

September 2017 Day 6 Starting Something New

I'm starting a new thing today.
Something I hope I get to continue for years and years to come.
A memory keeping book for my grandgirl.

The other day I was listening to a song by MercyMe
called Dear Younger Me.  I'm adding it first up to the playlist here
so you can listen to the words if you'd like.  
But it got me thinking about all the things I know now... that I 
wish I could've  learned a whole lot earlier in life.  Things no one
ever told me, ... things I often learned the hard way,... and even 
... things it takes growing right into an olde lady to start grasping.
Sometimes I still wish I had my Momma to ask questions that rattle in my head.
Things she would've learned ... things...  I still wonder about.  
If only.  

That brings me to my sweet grandgirl.
So I'm starting this book to record her life
-through her Grandmother's eyes.  
I want to tell her everything.  
How from the moment we found out about her she was
loved fiercely.  How incredible it was hearing her first cry.
How unique her voice was... and how love
bloomed right outta my chest.  

There is so much to record.  
Stories she has to know.
I want her to learn about her  Great Grama Colleen.
And she has to love dragonflies and know she has a guardian
angel surely watching over her.  
So today... I began  this new thing.
I pray to share with her how awesome our great God is.  
How he knit her in her Momma's womb... 
and how unique she is... wonderfully made.  
Created for purpose, and 
how blessed I am to get to be her olde Grammy.  
I love her so.


Jean said...

What a precious treasured idea Lea for your grand-daughter to grow up with memories recorded and hearing of God's love from her Grand-mother. Sharing special times with each other truly is a blessing and I know you are thee sweetest grand-mother.

I too, wish I still had my Mum to share my days and ask things but the times we had were treasures.

Blessings and Joy

Leaon Mary said...

Thankyou for your sweet comment Jeanie... 
Have you ever sat down and wrote out the things you wish you could ask her?
One of the biggys for me... is I would ask my Momma about getting old.  No one teaches us that really... instead society tells us we gotta try to stay young.  AND that's faking it.  I wish I could talk to my Mom about how she felt when she started feeling and seeing herself age?  

I hope Blakelea will like this book I'm starting for her.  I do hope to share with her some of those things... she might wish she could ask someday.  
I wish I had my Grama to ask a lot of religious questions I have about the catholic church.  Theres so much I want to understand.
Blessings and joy to you too!!  xoxo