Friday, September 29, 2017

September 2017 Day 29 Farm Friends

This girl is my artsy friend.
She's taken over my little studio and 
nothin makes her happier than sprawlin out on the cold
tile floor all day long with her ball.  
I took this photo of her after our trip to the vet today
and love printing photos of our animals and pets to add  in my
memory keeping books.  Plus; it's an easy way to keep up with their shots
and what days every month they need their flea pills and wormer.
I usually  write the info right on the picture.  
Besides years down the road; it's fun to look back and
remember these special "friends."  
Speaking of friends...
When the donks got their carrots tonight Miss Violet 
was being her silly self. I was so glad I had my phone along
and caught her antics.  
She became tonight's photo quote.  


1 comment:

Jean said...

Chin up buttercup!. Oh Lea, this is so special in sooo many ways, not only coz I love donkeys and this picture is just wonderful but because my angel Mum used to say to me "keep your chin up" and she'd just need to put her finger under her chin and she knew that I knew what she meant. So this is just amazing and I am writing it in my journal.

I love your artsy friend, she has thee most beautiful eyes!! She is the belle of the ball with her bandana on!!

Thank you dear friend again for sharing your special days and every day throughout this month.

What a Blessing You have been.