Wednesday, September 27, 2017

September 2017 Day 27 Food Celebrations

Some of you who live in the North have probably been enjoying 
cooler temperatures for awhile now.  A friend of mine has even had to use her heater a time
or two already.  Here in our neck of the woods it's been  pretty warm until today.  
Glancing out the kitchen window while I was baking bread; I saw the tree branches
blowing and a few minutes later came a beautiful and much needed shower.  
I was busy baking pumpkin bread and a couple loaves of apple bread and doing so just
added to the whole
Autumn FEEL.  

Myguy absolutely loves pumpkin bread.  
Every time I hear the words pumpkin spice;
I think of him; and he's not even a coffee drinker.
He's a bread eater!  He likes a giant slab of it just
smmmmmothered in Cool Whip.  Not the cheapo, store brand whipped topping-
oh no... it has to be name brand Cool Whip. And not that lite weight stuff either.
Full fat please.
It just does my heart so good to bake up loaf after loaf
of punkin bread... with full fat cool whip for my honey.  
It's really amazing .. how much food is a celebration in most families.  
Since it's the first loaves I'm making Myguy  this season...
- I'm documenting it all in my journal.
It's the real stuff of life I want to remember and also 
pass down the recipes too!

I'm also recording another  food celebration:

Yesterday was National Pancake day and I got to have 
the little munchkin.  To celebrate; I made a special trip for the fixins
and it became a day of firsts for the both of us.  First time she ever had 
pantycakes in her life... and the first time I ever made them for her.  
Both of these photos will be printed and added  to my memory keeping books.  
To me; they're the beautiful moments of life. 
Oh I almost forgot.  Yesterday was another day of firsts.  It has nothing
to do with food but hey... it's not every day you get your first 
kiss ever... from your grand child.  
She smacked and everything.  :)
- Good night all,
I'm off to print photos... 

1 comment:

Jean said...

can hardly believe it's that time of year again when you make your pumpkin bread. How I would love to try some and some apple bread, oh my...

I hadn't realised that your pancake day was different from here..sounds like you had great fun with some special company!!

Lots of special times to record and special moments.

God Bless