Sunday, September 17, 2017

September 2017 Day 17 Gobsmacked

How did I not see it?  
Yesterday we dug that whole row of hydrangeas out 
in this very spot.  
I had stood here... 
--right here; so many times.  
Digging, pulling, picking up branches, wrapping the chain,
unwrapping it... back and forth... over and over.
But today;
with fresh eyes...
There she is-
that sweet little heart.
A perfect shape and 
that bit of  moss-
adds even more beauty.  
I was gobsmacked.  

What a sweet surprise for my today.  
I share this photo with you 
for today's challenge  along with the quote:
It's up to YOU to see the beauty of everyday things.  
(author unknown) 


1 comment:

Jean said...

What a great find, a heart shaped stone. Amazing. Everyday is full of everyday things to see and there is so much especially this time of year with the season changing. I watched a squirrel the other day busily gathering chestnuts and scampering off to bury them for the winter.