Friday, September 15, 2017

September 2017 Day 15 Starting Fall CleanuP

Hi friends,
I'm trying to get a jumpstart today.  
Hadn't planned on doing anything in my garden for a couple more weeks but 
sometimes plans change.  
We're about to start a big home improvement project and will be having 
workers here tackling the backside of our house.  Before that can happen,
Myguy and I are going to cut back all the giant bushes growing up against our house
and then dig it all up with the backhoe.  So... since the garden is right there too 
I decided to get in there and begin cleanup.  
After backing my truck up there and getting out a shovel, shears 
and gloves... it was hard to know where to even start. lol  
I just grabbed some vines and started pulling.... 
Omg.  I know, I know... how could I even be surprised right?
This spring I did not do the newspaper hay mulch trick so... you can just imagine.  
But ... I got a good start.  
I kept thinking of this...
 My friend Cora and I used to say it  back and forth all the time
when either of us felt overwhelmed with something.  
And then I thought of my friend Dawn who says, 
"Just keep moving."  
Good advice.  

 Everything was going pretty good- 
I pulled and cut... and 
then grabbed the mower after I found and pulled out the  old tomato cages that were around
cantaloupe mounds.  
 But then I started running into these:  
See it?  
that would be a giant ant hill. 
I was doing a lot of stomping and that advice to keep 
moving ... oh yeah... keep moving Leaon Mary whatever you do
do not stand still for more than a split second.  
It started getting really bad so I went inside and 
put on a big kettle of boiling water.  
 At least boiled water kills the eggs too.  
I think I can get back in there now.
So... I better keep moving. 
And do the next thing.


Dawn Dutton said...

Oh my! You have to be careful with those ants! Looking my dear have a lovely place. Love your truck.
Better get moving....hugs my friend and wishes for a fantastical day.

rebecca said...

Were they red ants?!?!
And isn't it interesting that there is always a "next thing"?

Jean said...

You sure have a lot of work Lea and sometimes it is not so easy when things are overwhelming but it's good to remember some sweet advice from friends.


Leaon Mary said...

Thankyou Dawn... and for that encouragement to keep moving!
Rebecca we have several different kinds it seems? Some are those mean red ones and others are black and red and are bigger. I always thought all ants live under ground but some actually live inside the potting shed and nest in peculiar places... with no dirt at all. They are a constant battle.
Jeanie... YES was definitely overwhelming.. but feels so good to have it in more bitesized pieces now. Now it's onto flower beds. I keep thinking about colder days ahead and look forward to putting the garden to bed for the winter. Then maybe you can help me learn how to KNIT... from the across the pond!