Monday, September 11, 2017

September 2017 Day 11 Squeal From The Pumpkin Patch

 Usually I forget to water,
and quit caring all together.  
Tending the garden somehow gets put on the back burner
this time of year.
Come September; I have no green expectations.
Maybe it's the lingering heat... and let's not forget the droves of grasshoppers, 
but usually everything just fades this time of year-
well that and  you know... gets choked to death by purple morning glories in
my neck of the woods here. 

Seed packs though are like... candy to me.
Come early Spring when stores start lining the isles with racks of seeds,
I turn into a crazy plant lady.
Some of you understand... I know you do!!...  
Don't deny it... your yards tell a similar story.  
Seed packets for people like us ..well;  they're  like a box of kittens to a crazy cat lady.
You can't walk away.  
Those seeds ....need me!!!!!!!  
They need to be taken care of... and I would love them,
and feed them and water them......
Well until September.  
But I plant them anyways.  Coz there's  always room for one more bulb
and one more seed.  Always.
Same is true and perhaps is harder to hide the sickness when stalking
I mean walking the half off  isle of death row at the Walmart garden center. 
Plants where ..usually the half off means half dead.
They neeeeed meeeee!
You buy a whole buggyful... and hurry home to give them a drink. 
Plant them... and love them.  

Back to seeds... and in my case "pumpkin." 
I bought several but didn't want them for a July barbecue.  
Who wants to bake pies and bread when it's a hundred degrees out?  
So this year I waited. 
Then  counted backwards.  
I really did.  And that's no small feat for someone who.. well; let's just say numbers get scrambled in her little head
and  come out on paper upside down... inside out... and backwards.
If pumpkins would actually grow they needed to ripen for Fall not Fourth of July.  
So I tilled, hoed, planted and watered... maybe even sang a little- (poor little things)
-And I've waited.  
The plants have looked pretty horrid and grasshoppers are like a plague.  
But as I walked past the patch today- pulling a hopper or two out of my hair...I finally saw it.     
That adorable lil baby punkin!!!!!!!!!!!  Yeah just one.  
Lots of blossoms though... so there's even more hope.  
It's actually possible ....that our lil babygirl punkin can pick her own pumpkin for Halloween this year.  
Thinking that very thought is prolly when I squealed a little.  
I'm so happy....... I know I know... it's just one little pumpkin but... hey...
don't go poppin punkin bubbles. I'm believing for this little pumpkin.  
You crazy plant lady and gents.. I know you are cheering for it too.  
That one little pumpkin is like a whole boxful of kittens to me.  

Well if you made it this far reading... bless your hearts.  
Thanks for sharing my simple joy too!

I leave yall with two of my favorite quotes.  
Pretty sure at least one is in the quotes tab up above but 
it needs to go here again.  

"I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself,
than be crowded on a velvet cushion."
Henry David Thoreau
(Is that cool or what?) 
I bet many of you would rather sit on a pumpkin  wouldn't you?  
Not sure but I'm guessin the velvet cushion people probably clicked off
around paragraph two. (it's okay)  

and now ... one more for the road:

Until we meet again friends,
Leaon Mary

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Jean said...

I smiled when reading your post Lea as this week I have been thinking about pumpkins and where I could get some as it's the Harvest Thanksgiving service at church this Sunday and it's always nice to have a pumpkin in among the flowers wheat and sheaves.

I can't begin to imagine living in a 100degree or having a plague of grasshoppers but I can imagine your excitement over your little pumpkin growing steadily!! Can also imagine little Blakelea's excitement!!!