Sunday, September 10, 2017

September 2017 Day 10 Gift Under The Pine

When I go walking,  my eyes are always on a  treasure hunt.  
I look for things to photograph- like interesting clouds, colorful sunsets, 
wildflowers, insects, deer, squirrels, woodpeckers, wrens,
owls; anything... and everything I can soak in.  
And I also look for things to add to my collections:
Feathers, heart rocks, bark, driftwood, pretty grasses, leaves, ...
nests,.. you get the idea.  
I hardly ever find nests but once in awhile one will have blown out of a tree
and this one had done just that.  
Spotted it mowing today.  
Made sure I got off the mower and set it up against a tree trunk for safe keeping
so I wouldn't accidentally run over it.  See all the donkey hair collected and woven inside?
One little piece of confetti like plastic too.   
To me it's a sweet little treasure that tells a story.

 It's now behind the antique glass of this nature cabinet.
Along with grasses, dried flowers, herbs, lots of feathers, antlers,
drift wood, shells, wasp nests, pine cones, and rocks.  
As you can see I have some antique bottles on the bottom right too.  
They don't really fit in too well but I like really old glass too.  
Mostly aqua, amber and purple.  
 Anyways; here are a few more  I've collected over  years.
Some of the eggs are real.
Many are broken on the backsides.
 I usually find around 3 every year just out in the grass.
Some have washed out of the  gutters of  our shop as well. 
That seems to happen every Spring. So I just save them!
It's my share of the day- The little things.  
What are little things you look for? 


rebecca said...

Oh, Lea! Similar things - although I don't have such a sweet place in which to collect/display them! Yours is a virtual nature museum...

And the glass DOES fit somehow in my opinion.

These particular colors of nature are the finest - browns and blues.

Jean said...

I think nests are little miracles and the work that goes into making them and how they use everything that lying around A little luxury in that one with the donkey hair!!. I love your collection Lea.

Thank you for sharing.

Leaon Mary said...

Thank you Rebecca,
I bet you have a lot of botanicals from your yard to display!!!
I love the earthy colors too. Like a ...quail egg!

Thank you Jeanie.. I knew you'd get a kick out of Violet and Spirit and Ruthies hair in that nest!