Saturday, September 23, 2017

September 2016 Day 23 Wishes

On my walk, I found this dandelion for today's 
photo share.  
I added the  heart because at first glance; it's all I could see.
--Like seeing animals in clouds... this wish flower had a heart.   
I love how simple, little things can be  inspiring. 
Not only will I add this photo to my journal,  but also want to sketch it tonight 
along with a list of wishes.  

What are you wishing for?  



Jean said...

When you look at a closeup pic of a dandelion they are like lots of tiny parasols and they look so delicate and amazing and it is a shame that they are called weeds.

I am wishing/hoping for inspiration so that I can settle into this new season of the year with a new vision and something creative to work on to get through the darker days which I don't like.

Pumpkin love dear friend!!!

Leaon Mary said...

They really ARE like little parasols. Never thought of it like that... We too are starting to see the days shorten... I always look forward to the changes... in Fall I love it getting dark sooner and Spring... love the longer daylight. Mike absolutely HATES the shorter days and that it gets dark so early. Course he wants the daylight so he can get more work done. SO... let me know what creative things you are wanting to jump into... I'm anxious to hear!