Wednesday, September 20, 2017

September 20 2017 Memory Keeping Sacred Moments

Tonight I'm journaling 
sacred moments as gratitudes that I also want to document and  give
to my grand girl someday.  
I've written about her in other books but this one- I 
bought special for her.  
I'm starting at the beginning of her life... so I have a whole year to catch up
before keeping it current.
Just this evening, I started printing special photos.  
So many sweet memories to write to her in these pages.   
Memories of her story through my eyes.
As I share this tonight, I'm wondering:
What are sacred moments for you?  


rebecca said...

Right now, sacred moments are spent at the table for meals and games in evening with my (our) almost 91-year-old father. Sometimes I pinch myself to believe that he's really living with us and that we have the honor of sharing our lives with him.......♥

Jean said...

Sacred moments, blessed moments....memories are treasures especially of a loved one who is no longer with you....remembering their laugh, their sayings, their heart and what they held dear....knowing that you are a legacy to that person to live on and be the best you can be but it's not easy sometimes when your heart aches.

Recording memories is a beautiful thing to do.

Thank you for being a blessing each day.

Fran. said...

This is awesome Lea!! we have been writing in a notebook for our Madeline.. I have what I call Mondays with Madeline.. I have her n we just play n hang out n watch her shows!! lol that is what she calls them.. she's 3 now!! So glad you are doing this.. your jouraling is beautiful!! XOXO Love Fran.

Leaon Mary said...

Rebecca that is really really wonderful that your Dad is living with yall. What wonderful memories you are getting to share. That's how I felt with my Mom as well; even though she didn't live with us... she did live on our place. IT'S A BLESSING for sure.
Jeanie.. I know where your heart was in writing this... those memories are SO SACRED. I share your heart ache.
Frannie... Mondays with Madeline... how awesome is that! I bet she will be creating prims with you before you know it!!! xoxo