Monday, August 28, 2017

Sharing A Few Gratitudes

I'm thankful today for 
this simple, ordinary,
extraordinary,  beautiful, messy life.  
 For the silly olde hen  who squats like a toad
and  trots behind me begging for bread.
She makes me smile.    
For her very blue eggs she lays in an antique hutch right on the back porch.   
And for oatmeal raisin cookies and blonde brownies baked with Gladys blue eggs.

 For precious time I'm gifted to spend with my granddaughter.
--Teaching her to find simple things at a very young age.  
 --For the love n  grace giving friendship I get to share with her tender Momma.
I love them both so much.    

I'm thankful to be asked to come along for baby shots... 
...and - to get to share the storms of life along with the sweet.

-- For Momma's  example  to love.. more.
And to pass the baton....
especially in the form of a feather.  
or zinnia... 
And all the things you learn along the way.  

 I'm thankful for another year growing older. 
--For her gift of birthday carrot cake...
... her smile... and 
for  Myguy taking  a whole day off work to surprise n spend with me.  

 How he loved me even still when we got home and discovered
Old Addie chewed up all the cords in the dog room; 
mad we left her.  (eeek)
....and Myguy's   crazy smirk when I took his photo,
"Can you fix it?"
.... and how he did!   

For a niece celebrating her own birthday today- 
 And this  little box of candy she sent to Arkansas from Japan!

I'm thankful my sister's dreams are coming true...

-- and that I  had a good checkup at my doctor's and...
for a mixup that happened  for my good.
(I call it God's favor.)   
A medicine they've tried to get me on; my insurance kept denying.
Out of the blue.. it just went through??!!!  The  nurse explained the insurance company
accidentally made an error and okayed one of the forms and it got sent to the nurse by mistake.  
She wouldn't let them back out of it and told them she had a copy in black and white with the approval!  -- so they okay'd it  for two years!

I'm thankful I got to witness the Eclipse and 
getting to see  through Dave's glasses.  
I will never forget!

-- For  a new friend from Texas ... and 
that my roses got to meet her too!!! 

 For the wafty scent of Autumn Clematis... 
mornings full of purple glory,
and nights blooming Angel Trumpets.  
 For the National soft ice cream day!
Go vanilla!
For the woman at the well... 
and the Word that lifts  and encourages me and 
speaks to this heart.  
Thank you God.  
Thank you Lord for all these things and soooo much more.
Thank you for my every thing.  

I sign off today... with the above scripture picture.  
Feel free to use and share it.  
Leaon Mary xoxo


Dawn Dutton said...

I love reading about your lovely life. It's a beautiful blessing to those you share it with.

Jean said...

Thee most beautiful pics Lea and a Happy Birthday girl blowing out her candles!!!
Thank you for sharing your special day and all your precious gratitudes.

Sending Big hugs from Scotland.