Monday, July 17, 2017


 Hi friends,

A few snippets of the past days  have looked like this.
Spending mornings on the back porch.
Coffee and Jesus.
Well; til I start to melt that is...
Really getting hot here!

 --Also reading back  through a Summer study that I've done before
but since it's an online group this time I've been enjoying
it... all over again.  Even actually did the collage I'd put off, and glued  it inside my 
traveler's notebook.

It's kind of crazy the things on our journeys that on a given day;
something clicks anew and we can get  new perspective.
Things that maybe we feel like we're going through the motions and yet
the living of it out... is bigger than we know.

After a morning devotional,  I started ripping off pieces of washi tape
and sticking them onto a journal page.
Funny how we humans so often compare ourselves to others- but I'm  glad....  we're are not all the same.
That God gives each one  unique gifts and created us
for special purposes.
While thumbing through my old notebook, I came across a list.
It was my fifty things list that I wrote out around my 50th birthday.
It was kind of  like a bucket list only... things I would have loved to have done
before the very "next birthday."  It was written  almost three years ago now.  
Reading back through my list; there were so many  things I didn't do.   
Really cool stuff too; that I would still love to do.
Like learning more about photography for one!
After seeing that on my list; I got my camera out and
charged the batteries.  She's going with me more often.

Growing new things is also on my list.  
This season has had a lot of trial and error of that.  
But you don't know if you don't try right?  
Like trying new corn seed... some worked and some not so much.

I learned pollination and privacy fences are not a very good match.  
So adding to my new 50 things  list is finding and creating a  new site for a corn patch.  

Shucking and blanching corn sure didn't take long this year.
Least myguy will have a few meals to enjoy into cold weather.
I'm not a big corn eater like he is... so
those frozen bags are all for him.   

Some of you know; we've been working on old fences a lot.  
  We got a little start back into cattle and it's been time for a bull. 
When we went to pick one out Myguy tried to get one that he thought would be 
about the right size.  -- Happily; he seems about right.  He's young
and not crazy either so that helps.  Hope he stays home! 
As soon as he finished his grain he walked off checking out his new boundaries,
and had a new girlfriend.  They are all doing so well and so far he hasn't 
chased me or anything when I've been out walking.  We've had mean bulls before that
would chase you right up a tree.  We do have a heifer that I don't trust at all.  
She's usually fine; and won't go out of her way to get me but once in a while if she's feelin froggy; she'll start chasing 
our corgis and then when she gets in that mood; she throws her head down at me
too like ... "old lady... let's see you run."  
One day I was near the woods and she started with that and I had to get a big 
branch off a tree.  lol  When she came trotting at me... I smacked her in the head 
and yelled at her and that really made her mad.  lol  
Now when I'm out walking if I see her... I turn around and just go the other way.  
I wonder what she'll be like when she has a calf one day.  

They've all warmed up to eachother now- forgot to mention,
We brought this cow/calf pair home as  well. 
I absolutely love the Momma cow.  
I'm so glad Myguy loves cows so much!  

Well, I was just in for a break from mowing,
but better get back to it.  
I leave yall with a scripture picture.

This beautiful bunch of peaches was a gift from our son's future Mother in law.  
I'm saving the pits and will plant them in the hopes they grow!  
Have a wonderful day,


rebecca said...

I never thought to try to plant the pits! (My sister stayed here with Daddy while hubby and I went to short convention in Lancaster PA. When I returned home, it was to PEACHES. Yum! We'll have more tonight over ice cream....)

Love reading your thoughts; hearing your "heart"; seeing your latest farming ventures, etc. Keep those "snippets" comin', Lea ♥

Jean said...

Another wonder full day Lea, thank you for sharing your blessings. I love how the donkeys are so curious about that corn!!
It's been hot here in Scotland too...well hot for us!!. Staying in the shade of the trees when out walking. Sunsets are glorious. Praise to our heavenly Father and His beautiful Creation.

YOU are Already Amazing and an inspiration to all. Love ya