Monday, June 12, 2017

One Step Forward

"Begin with one step," she said.  
So that's what I'm trying to do today.  
June 1, came 
and went.  
Then a couple more days passed after that and so  ..
I tried to push blogging out of my mind.  
Stuck it on the back burner next to a pot of beans 
to let simmer til you know- 
someday something would get ready or done enough.  
Anyone else have a habit of good intentions gone
amuck?  Please at least raise your hand.  
And with that said... alls I know to say is...
Hello again.  
How are ya?  

 Life here has  been really  good.
-I'm in for the moment cooling off from mowing and weedeating.  
It's over 90 and super humid.  
Still have a lot to mow but after this break I think I'll get er done.  
The thing I'm looking forward to after I finish  is going up to 
the little postage stamp garden on my Mommas homeplace and picking
the very first cucumbers!!! I saw them just awhile ago and pretty sure I saw one cow
pick her head up wondering what the fuss was  when I let out a squeal.  
It's been a week of first fruits.  Got to have fresh shucked raw peas for breakfast 
standing in the garden, and also have picked zucchini, summer squash and green beans!
All of those things made me oober happy but 
..but those cucumbers and tomatoes... yall that's worth squealin over.  
I know surely someone is nodding their head in agreement?

I'm hoping we can pick up where we left off like
old friends.  
I don't know who  else will be here tomorrow but 
I plan to show up and share a scripture picture.  
Hope someone in this big beautiful world  will join me.  
Love from the shed,


Jean said...

Good morning Lea,
(well it's morning here!) I am enjoying my visit to the shed and wish I could join you in picking some cucumbers, we could have cucumber sandwiches!! I just checked the temperature here and it's 57 (that's warm for us) ....quite a difference from 90, whew!! I have just been out for a walk and saw the swallows/swifts flying low so probably means we will have some rain later.

Thank You for sharing your beautiful day.

Blessings from Scotland.

Dawn Dutton said...

Ahhhhh, fresh produce from your own garden. How sweet is that! Enjoy your hard work. It's worth it when you take your first bite.