Thursday, June 15, 2017

Growing Through

Hello friends,

For this evening's post, I thought I'd record a quote I love.  
There's  a tab for them up above so as time goes on I'll keep adding them 
there.   Feel free to share your favorite in a comment if you'd  like.
You never know; -- sometimes what we  share could  inspire someone else.  

Today; mine is this:

Grow through
what you go through.  
I wish I knew who said it but I don't.  
This one is meaningful to me because 
sometimes when we go through hard things it's easy to get stuck awhile.
It's easy to get down or stunted by circumstances.  
For me, my faith is like a shot of miracle gro.  

Earlier today when I was  at the postage stamp garden,
I opened the shed there and inside is another rickety olde
possum belly cabinet.  Opening one of the cupboards was this:
These scrabble tiles have been there for years now.
I'd forgotten them so it was a happy surprise.
The wasp nest ...was another   surprise.  
I snapped a picture and it  also makes me think of the quote.  
Grow through what you go through.  

Well another thing growin on, is last two days I watched the babygirl.
 We're growing  quite a bond.  
This wellspent time... I wouldn't trade for any thing.  

Well it's getting late.  
I had plans to bake up some zucchini bread still tonight.
But not gonna happen.  
Gonna have to wait til tomorrow.  
I  have bagfuls of zucchini to still pick
As you can see Henryetta has started  taste-pecking here and there - But
it'll be okay.. I can cut the ends off and there's  so much zucchini ready to harvest that 
I'll be shredding and freezing a good part throughout  the morning.  
Also checking Pinterest for more zucchini recipes.  

Alrighty friends... until we meet again,


Jean said...

Good morning Lea, what a lovely day to come visit the shed and pick some fresh courgettes. Oh how I'd love to taste your hand baked bread.

Your wee grandbaby is growing so fast and is amazing and joyful.

Thank you for sharing your days and the quote. YOU help us Grow as you inspire.


Debra said...

Love that-grow through what you go through. I've never heard that before. Thank you...