Friday, June 16, 2017

Growin Up

Walking past this rusty ole washin machine behind the house tonight;
I could relate to it.  Maybe because I'm feeling very domestic tonight and in a 
very warm and wonderful way.   

The day started in the word.  
My verse is out of Ephesians:  "but speaking the truth in love, may grow up in all things unto Him who is the head--Christ"  Ephesians 4:15
I know you have to read the verses before and after it to get the context of it all but 
15 is the verse that stood out to me and that I recorded in my documented faith journal.  
Yesterday, during morning pages, I remember writing about growing uP.
It's pretty cool how God will repeat things to us in special ways and 
continue growing us.  In my life, He's used so many unique people and things
to get my attention.  
Even the row of small bottles in the photograph that's pictured ontop of my bible.  
"Small things."  
The little things... 
And how it's  the little things that often are  the big things after all..
or becoming the big things and we just don't even know it yet.
All of this is connected for me...  
Maybe  some of you as well?  

 The rest of the morning was spent in the gardens.
Here; I drove the olde 66 Chevy up to the postage stamp garden
and picked cukes and zukes.   Oh also a few forgotten yellow squash
that grew too big.  They went to the compost bin.
They grow so fast.
Some of the zucchini were like baseball bats again.

 The compost bin grew quite a lot today as well.
It looks so colorful here.
-22 cups of grated zucchini went in the freezer, and four loaves of 
zucchini bread got  baked.  Everything discarded went here- peels,
big zuke seeds, eggshells... etc.

If we keep getting lots of cucumbers, I think I'll can a few jars of  
dill or bread n butter pickles.  That'll be next.  

The raspberry plants grew like crazy but there aren't near as many berries as last year.
But the big thornless blackberry vines are loaded.  They're next too... 
I've already seen one of our sons out there picking a few.  
He likes to go to the berry patch on his lunch break and have a couple big handfuls for dessert.
There will be plenty for several pans of  cobbler by the looks of it.   

 During evening chores;
I saw something at one of the hydrants.
Had to get my camera out to record it.  

 A button.  
Can't imagine where it might have come from?  
I'm not missing any... and where it was...???  just plain--crazy.
Some of you reading this don't get the significance but ..
it was a God thing.  

Well it was a good and productive day.  
I leave yall with the sunset I watched this evening. 

Blessings and sweet dreams,


Dawn Dutton said...

A button... how on earth did that get there? Angel momma?
I am loving your blog posts. You sure have a talent for writing and photo taking as
well as your never ending list of other talents.
I love your Prima TN. Looks like its really filled with
goodness and memories.
Blakelea is growing up so fast. It is truly a blessing to me
that you share your life with us here on blog land....
Have a SON filled day. hugs and love, Dawn

Jean said...

Good morning dear friend,

I have enjoyed my visit round the garden picking fresh veggies for cooking and how scrummy to have brambles aplenty for picking and that!! Cobbler toooooo yay!!!

I also love that you found a button and know how special it is to you.
It's been fun and what better way to finish the day but with a beautiful sunset!! Thank you kindly.

God Bless

Debbie Nolan said...

Oh what a love post friend. Sounds like your garden is producing lots of wonderful veggies. I picked black raspberries this weekend in our woods. Isn't summer in the country just the best? Have a beautiful week. Hugs!