Sunday, March 12, 2017

Random Blessings Lo and Behold

One of the reasons I enjoy  recording  all of life in journals
and taking so many photos is for sacred reflection.
To remember daily happenings and give thanks for them.  
To find simple joys and gifts in not only the easy and happy-
but also through the dark muck of things. That last part is not
 my default.  But journaling .. helps.

There, in daily pages of sacred space I  reflect and move forward .. to grow
in whatever direction the Lord guides me so long as I'm seeking His will. 
And it's there I reflect on  those scrawled gifts and give Him thanks and praise.
So here I share, a few random blessings from my journaled week:

For a "warm"  Winter? wind that blew gray frizzed strands across my face 
working garden soil in shirt sleeves. I love to be warm.

I'm thankful for protection through storms and that an insurance adjuster
said he found more damage than we even reported.  
I'm thankful that no matter the outcome...
I know God's in control of everything and He always makes a way.  

... to continue learning that  sharing the love by "illumination" doesn't mean having to go somewhere else at all
but it means sharing the love right where I am; with whoever I'm with- every ordinary extraordinary day using the gifts He planted in me.
In the epic, in the mundane, in the beautiful mess of all this.    
-Learning that He planted me right here on purpose to share love for His purposes. 
As daughter of the King.   
Simple wife, Simple Momma, Simple Grammy, and Simple friend.
Even as a simple keeper of... a shabby olde potting shed--  
Lo and Behold!
To just love those in my simple path
 ... no matter how insignificant that ever seems to anybody else. 
Thank you for this great privilege Lord.  

For the Word that draws me in and nourishes this soul like tender stewed meat.

For grace to move forward and on when regret and un-forgiveness holds me back like
an olde paint mare who chomps  at her bit and throws her head. 
For grace that lets go of the reins be turned loose; and set free to run again.
For do overs.  

For a holy hush when a fellow believer's criticism went against the grain 
of what I know to be true for my own purposed walk.  
A  hush that kept peace and did not waver; I'm thankful. 

For the lone purple hyacinth and her distinct scent of Spring; so florally sweet.

For those crazy chickens taking up residence  on our kitchen porch and gratitude that we get to live here with them.  :)

For the strength of God in that big  rough hand as it grabbed mine and prayed so hard.

For the three souls and her new, toothy smile that stumbled in and rallied with us 
through the middle of  a long dark night.  
For their always unconditional love, faithfulness and unity.

For the nurse who shook her head then walked away ...only to return later lugging  chairs
through the door.  For her compassion and how she
went the extra mile because she cared to see and feel a stranger's need.  

For her love that stayed at his side;
curled into the tightest ball sleeping  on two chairs pulled together. 
.. melted hearts.. and togetherness.  

For neck rubs, and love pats.

For blankets that comforted and fought off the chill.

For good reports and listening ears.

For protection on the interstate through bloodshot eyes.

Texted prayers and messages from even strangers reaching out.

For an amazing Sonrise that brought hope with the Light of day.

For the man who dug deep; giving coins to a beggar for the bus.

For the God  I follow who gave discernment to un-follow and not be a part
of a group of tormentors.    

For a simple bowl cornflakes and toast with real melted butter. 
Simple pleasures. 

A clerk who's uplifting singsong voice was joyful music to my ears and heart.

For amazing love that washes right through the can's and can'ts of legalism
to freedom found only in Christ.  

For this time change and the longing to walk longer in the Light.

For all these things and so much more...
Thank you God for my every thing.   




Rebecca said...

...for a wise woman who listens, sees and records all the random blessings AND passes them along, I thank you, Heavenly Father ♥

Leaon Mary said...

Thankyou Miss Rebecca... and thank you Lord for Miss Rebecca sharing Your truths Lord and pointing us always to You.

Dawn Dutton said...

Lea, What beautiful writing and observations.
What a lovely written post.
May God continue to be with your family.
hugs, Dawn

Pam said...

Lea, a beautiful post. God bless you! xoxo