Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Photo Challenge Share the Love day 1

 Hi friends,
Day One! 
Most days I'll probably only share the one photo but to get started
I thought I'd share how I'll be adding my pictures in my journal.
So this is a personal size traveler's notebook by Chic Sparrow.
The insert with the olde clip is where I'm saving this month's photos.
It has a gelli print glued to the cover with a little washi tape and a photo
of my blog banner.  The little picture of the challenge in the center.
 Inside the cover is the red burlap heart from my banner.
The photo is blurry... but even that spoke to me, especially
with the words God gave me back in October.  To share the love
by illumination. 
 The next pages - 
on the left I just used up the multi photo of the same things
so as not to waste what I'd printed.  It's colorful, and I will always
look back through this book and "remember."  
Then to the right I printed the prompts.
Here was the photo I snapped for day one on Instagram.
My Momma's bible where she underlined at least three times in the book of Joshua 
"but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord." 
In her own handwriting in the margins she wrote "serve the Lord whole heartedly,
and at the top, Fear the Lord, as well as "my choice Serve God.

Had a hard time getting anything to print right until I used the computer 
printer.  Then I whittled it down and glued into my book over a vintage piece
of ledger paper that was sprayed over a bricks stencil.  
The bricks remind me of my "foundation."  

day one completed.

Gotta run,
my little wren is coming over to play with her 
olde grammy.  

See yall tomorrow.


Dawn Dutton said...

Awesome. Loved the post

Jean said...

This is such an encouragement to get going with this challenge Lea. Your angel Mum's Bible...sooo encouraging too!! Love your photos and notebook. Thank you for sharing ideas dear sister.

J x

Leaon Mary said...

Thanks Dawn... now if I can keep it going for 26 more days! lol
Jeanie.. I'm glad you're going to jump in! While I looked in my Mommas bible I held your Momma's cross bookmark!