Thursday, February 9, 2017

Photo Challenge Day 9

New Love.
Today's share is a  basket my Dad gave me a few years back just
chockful of new seed I've gathered.  
Flowers, herbs, and veggies galore.  
Seeds I've never planted before like 
Gurney's Painted Mountain ornamental corn.
I can hardly wait!  
And just this morning I placed another order to Bakers Creek for 
still a few more packs of things I've never grown before.  
Soon it will be time to plant in little dixie cups and set under 
grow lights.  

We've been having really nice afternoons here.
Everything in me has wanted to go fire up the tiller and 
do some laps.  Afraid I'd unearth some toads though and 
I can't bear to do that to them; afterall it 
is Winter!  

What's a new love of yours?

1 comment:

Jean said...

I am glad it's warming up for you Lea and that you are enjoying thinking about planting and sowing soon.

It is still cold here with snow on the hills and to freeze tonight again so we're still in our winter woollies but it's bright and encouraging to hear the birds early in the morning. They're probably planning their nest building.

Joyful day.