Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Photo Challenge Day 8

Old love...
This was a hard one.
My mind and heart went all over the place.  
There were so many people I could have shared here but
walking through the house this caught my eye.  
It's a plaque I've carted around through so many moves and across
the span of about  4 decades.  
(Did I just say almost four decades?  Geez Louise)
I wish I knew how old I was when Father Geditz gave this plaque  to me;
I believe it was when I was confirmed but ... since I haven't went to
a Catholic church in so long... I'm not sure if it was called that.
The only two people I would know to ask are already in  heaven. 
As you probably read; the plaque says  
My Jesus 
my love
stay always 
in my 
I can see now that so much of my life back then planted seeds
for my today. 
I sure didn't realize that at the time though.   
In the photo; is another old love. 
 -A  rosary  that my Momma gave me. 
I think my Grandmother  made it ... but once again- I'm not sure. 
 Soon it will be the ten year anniversary of my Momma's  death.  
So often now I'm finding questions that really.. she is  the only
one who would know the answers.  
Anyone else would be just guessing. 
That's just  an observation while doing this challenge today.
- So... who or what is an old love of yours?  


Jean said...

I can relate to what you are saying Lea...I too have been thinking a lot lately about different things and my Mum would have known the answers and I feel lost I cannot ask. Thank you for sharing your photos...such precious memories.

J x

Leaon Mary said...

Jeanie, I think you hit the nail on the head.... it's a Lost feeling not having them there to ask. Like we'll not ever know... until we see them again. I know it might seem weird but on those missing days I still once in awhile talk outloud to my Mom. It just helps somehow.